Zig Ziglar’s wisdom … SOOOO true in Internet Marketing

“being your own boss” is one of the reasons why “setting up a business online” appeals to so many people.

The reality however is that most people create a rather badly paid job and long hours for themselves.

Well, consider the following Zig Ziglar wisdom:

“give enough people what they want, and you’ll get what you want”.

Most people who get into IM do the exact opposite:

“*I* want to make some money online. (and I don’t care how)”

And as a result rarely get what they want.

Now, the next step in the evolution is to consider the prospect:

what could they really want, because if we truly solve THEIR problem, we’re giving THEM what THEY want. (and we’ll get what we want)

So, you may be thinking: “sure, I do care about my prospects, and I really want them to succeed.”

Let me ask you this:

have you REALLY done the market research, have you REALLY gone out and created an avatar – ideally by TALKING
to prospects on the phone (or skype)?

do you REALLY know what THEY WANT?

Most people haven’t done this … and aren’t getting what they want.

Let’s take it to the next step then:


Have you ever bothered to find out what they really want? I mean *really* want.

You may think: “of course, they want money”.

And yes, having a high-converting, evergreen sales-funnel that converts their traffic into a big fat cheque certainly goes a long way.

But, it’s nowhere near what most big affiliates REALLY want.

And if you haven’t figured out what to give masses of affiliates, well, it’s a whole lot harder to really get what you want.

Final step:

your “business”.

It’s probably fair to say that most people who start a “business” online, are solo-preneurs.

(and that’s ok, because one of the prime motivators is freedom and not having a boss)

But, once again: give enough people what they want, and you’ll get what you want.

Give others a great job, and you’ll reach your goals much much quicker than you’ll ever do so alone.

it wasn’t Rockefeller, but the other dude (yeah, I’ll fix that reference once someone reminds me;-), the one who was into steel I believe who was basically saying exactly the same thing as Ziglar:

who couldn’t have become the richest man on the planet without the help of thousands of highly motivated people. He simply gave them what they wanted.

You can pretty much look at any aspect of your online “business” – and whatever you’re doing ask yourself:

“am I giving others what they want … or am I looking at what I want first”.

I’m willing to bet, if you look at giving others what they want first, you’ll get to what you want a whole lot quicker.

Your take?




  1. Great post, Veit… obviously I am still doing things wrong, but I am sure that with your original insights (really looked forward to and consumed with interest) I will soon get myself onto the right track

    And was Carnegie the steel man you couldn’t quite remember??

    • Yup, Andrew Carnegie it is … it was driving me nuts, I had the “C” at the tip of my tongue, but just couldn’t get it out;-)

  2. It’s Andrew Carnegie (The Steel Guy). Great advice….THANKS!

  3. or was it Charles Schwab?

  4. Veit, I really enjoyed this post. So many Internet Marketers have forgotten about this principle, and if you are on some of their lists, you can easily see this. Unfortunately, most Internet Marketers don’t build relationships with their lists anymore by sending them quality content. It’s basically just promo after promo after promo. Too many marketers have adopted the “churn & burn” method of Internet Marketing, and it’s begun to give the industry a bad name!

  5. Veit, I would conservatively estimate that I get links to 10 or 20 blog posts a day from marketers. Of those, I read practically none. Yours are an exception. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t check out a post you have told me about by email.
    What makes your posts so different?
    As you have once again proven, you really do get it. And even better, you don’t pump out BS products. Everything I have ever purchased from you has filled a need in my business.
    So thanks once again for showing everyone the true path to success. BTW, the site linked to in this comment is my humble attempt to embrace this philosophy. Let me know what you think if you have a chance.

  6. Giorgio Cupertino says:

    My take?

    Well… I have a slight different version of the main principle:

    Instead of “Give them what they want…”
    I rather prefer:
    “Help them to get what they want!”

    Unfortunately, 99% of Internet Marketers give them just and only the illusion that “They’ll get what they want…”
    (not to mention the almost total lack of help)

    Giorgio Cupertino
    (aka Dom Parker)
    circa 2013 a.d.

    Smile, according to my own judgement you belong to the other 1%

    • Hey Giorgio,

      here’s the beauty of it all: you can be totally ‘selfish’ and really only help
      people because you want to help yourself … the moment you help people get results,
      they’ll come back for more and more.

      I first ‘consciously’ heard this a few years back, I think it was Jimmy D. Brown who said
      something along the lines “it’s my mission to help people”.

      First my defences went up “sure you’d say that, you’re a marketer”, but the more you think
      about it, the more you realize that it’s probably THE best way of building a business:

      help people get to the next stage, and then the next, then the next …


      • By your words it seems that you appreciated my point of view.
        (or my philosophy if you prefer)
        By the way going deeper into the concept (and practice) of helping others is beyond the scope of this post.
        Another time, another place!
        (That was the title of a great hit of Engelbert Humperdinck)
        (well, it was several years ago…)

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