Your One And Only Job As An Online Marketer … Part 2

ah, if you need a reminder that life is good:

spent the morning dancing to the tune with my 6 and 7 year old daughters, surround-sound system cranked to “shaking the neighbours out of their beds” levels … nice;-)

Anyhoo, so the other day we talked about your one and only job as an Internet Marketer, and today, well, again about your one and only job as an Internet Marketer, except it’s something totally different.

Have I lost my mind?

That is a possibility of course, but, here’s what this is really about:

In the previous post, the focus was on YOU, as in: how you take care of yourself, build yourself a nice, profitable business.

Today, we’re focusing on ‘them’, your prospects, and what your one and only job is when it comes to ‘them’.

Well, it’s super-simple, it’s been said 13.774.438 times already, and it’ still worth repeating:

ice-cream-188337_640Find out what people want, then give it to them.

Slightly different way of looking at it:

find out what problems people are facing, then solve those for them.

Why am I even beginning to state something so obvious?

Well, because

  • there are far too many people who do ‘SEO’ for keywords that have ‘lots of search volume’ … without ever testing whether there really is a real problem behind (‘real’ in the sense: it’s so big that people are willing to pay for the solution)
  • there is still far too much of the good ol’ “inventing the better mouse-trap”, then looking for a market that might be interested.
  • far too many people falling for the myth that there are “untapped niches”, “hidden opportunities” and “low competition golden rules” nonsense.

All of which ignore the fundamental issue:

starting with a problem people are having, then figuring out a solution to that very problem, and delivering it.

The strange thing is:

when you use e.g. surveys to ask people what it is they’re struggling with, quite often it’s viewed as something ‘sneaky’ … “ha, he’s just trying to find out what problems I have, so he can then sell me a product that, er, solves that problem”. Double-doh?

So, full disclosure:

I have something coming up.

Yes, a product, and yes, paid.

And yes: constructed to deliver massive ROI.

Roughly what it is:

live case-studies of stuff that really works.

everything included. Yes, warts ‘n all.

Think: watch what it means to actually develop a real sales-funnel that turns a real profit.

or, see a real ‘avatar’ being developed. (no, not just “hey, list all the fears, frustrations, desires your prospects have, then describe that person”)

or, enter a ‘real’ niche where you sell a real product (not the usual: hey, I’m selling you the method for selling the method I’m selling you right here…. freakin’ incest circular mindbender oh-so-common in the IM community)

in other words:

what I’m thinking of actually shows you in real life the stuff where most people ask themselves “now what?” (or: WTF?)

Anyway, in a very non-sneaky, non-underhand way, I’d love to hear from you:

What would be THE most important thing with such a product?

What would ABSOLUTELY have to be in it to deliver a massive ROI for you?

And then I’ll very non-sneakily and non-underhand-wayily simply put what’s feasible in the product.

So it’s guaranteed to deliver a massive ROI for you.

Let me know!

Leave a comment below, or, if you prefer a little bit more privacy, just type it into the survey!

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And, above all, make sure you enjoy life!



  1. Can we use any techniques that will help find the best way to ask the question that gets the answer that allows us to offer the solution.

    In other words can we split test some questions BEFORE sending them to our target audience?

    The other thing that I believe always improves sales is having a relationship built on giving heaps of value BEFORE asking for money. To really cement that home it also helps to continue the value after making each sale.

  2. You echoed a pet peeve of mine when you talked about how some people want to make money on the Internet by teaching others how to make money on the Internet.
    I always thought of the same term that you described, too — that it seemed rather “incestuous”!
    There is no substance in that method, no matter how glittery the plan. Like the emperor’s clothes, it’s built on wishful thinking, and a campaign of stilted perception.
    So what would it take to give me a massive ROI from a useful product?
    If I have trouble answering the question, it’s not the question’s fault. It means that there is an ambiguity in me that is hindering me from finding my own answer, as well as hindering my progress in life.
    So I would want something that helps me build the Jedi (and the JFDI) IM mindset to be successful. (Sure, maybe I could just listen to Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Les Brown or Zig Ziglar, but they’re not in the IM sphere.)
    I want something and somebody who has been in the IM trenches, and knows the pain of what it’s like to load at a new WP theme for a new niche on a new domain, and create a new first post and then look at that empty text area and say “WTF?”
    A product that combines the external “what and how” (a product with a Profitable Marketing System) with the internal “why and when” (the Jedi and JFDI mindset).
    Oh, and I would like world peace to come with that product, please. 🙂

  3. “find out what problems people are facing”

    Perhaps you might have also included marketers who focus their efforts by first seeking a high CB “Gravity” number to indicate the best item for them to promote?? Do such trend seeking people seem to care about problem solving? Well, after all, they are called “Marketers”! Not “Solvers”, “Solution Providers”, or “People Helpers”. Yet maybe some could be helping? But who can tell which CB stuff has been proven effective in solving problems??

    [from your text:] “looking for a market that might be interested”

    So for the question about your coming product, will we find it most instructive to start with People’s Problems, to then be in the best mindset, and make our efforts most efficient, generally most beneficial, and most profitable? And not consider a backwards way? Or would your course deliver more ROI by later also mentioning that when there is a mousetrap that works (an established product, or new tested and proven invention), determine if there are people who have a problem that could be solved easily if only we could show them this solution?

    Aren’t we going to be doing it both ways, in the end?? That is to say, isn’t our Profitable Marketing System set up to deliver a solution to particular people, such that it could have been viewed as either:

    A. “starting with a problem people are having, then figuring out a solution to that very problem, and delivering it.”
    – or / also –
    B. starting with a solution to a problem people are having, then figuring out how to find those people, and delivering it.

    Does A. suggest our skills need to be best at determining problems and then creating or finding solutions; while B. equips us with people gathering experience? Yet actually all of those are required for our success either way?

    The “and then what next?” would have us either (for B. ) continuing with the same solution/product and seeking new people with the problem this would solve, even a different problem; or (for A. ) “helping” the same people again, now= our list. Those same people might quite often view this as something ‘sneaky’, when you consider that either you are sending more suggestions to solve the same problem (did the first solution not solve it?); or you will be trying to solve other problems they may not have??

    Sorry to tamper with your simple elegant words. Hope those twisted comments might provide opportunity for clarifying discussions.

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