Case-study: writing a testimonial that has real impact

Most testimonials are just sugar-coated “I like John, you should buy his stuff“.

Great for John’s ego …

… not very powerful at convincing a prospect that John’s stuff is actually really good. FOR THEM!

Here’s a quick case-study on writing a testimonial that has real impact on the reader!

Use this testimonial template in your marketing and advertising, and you’ll see big changes in response!



you can read the testimonial case-study here (it’s the “most helpful” one)

Right, just for fun

Want to see another example of the powerful testimonial template in action?

this is taken from a pamphlet you get with Doc Schulze’s 5 day liver detox: (click on it to enlarge)

see the elements of ‘testimonial template’?

Pretty powerful testimonial, wouldn’t you agree?

Use this stuff in your own marketing!

example for writing a testimonial



PS: now compare those testimonials with the ones on this page.

I mean, yes, they are VERY VERY good (lots of proof).

but, would they have been even better if it weren’t

“hey, I’m a fan so I bought it without looking”…???

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