WP Chatbot coming soon

seems ‘chatbots’ and anything remotely ‘Artificial Intelligence’ are big time ‘in’ at the moment (according to Alex;-), so what a lucky coincidence my programmer has just finished (well, 98% of it, then I’ll get out the hot pokers and busy myself breaking it;-) our in-house ‘chat-bot’ plugin for WP.

I originally saw this as a simple ‘chat script’, but then of course went all geeky, and had my programmer add email autoresponder integration, surveys, tagging and so on, so you can use it for proper (and targeted) list-building.

It combines:

– a nice dose of ‘pattern interrupt’ (always useful for standing out and grabbing your visitors’ attention), with

– the magic of ‘surveys’ (‘oh, this is personalized just for me’)

– and of course nice behind-the-scenes automation (segmentation, tagging…)

Anyway, it’s almost ready, and if you’re interested, I’ve put a demo up here (opens in a new tab)

let me know what you think!

have a fabulous weekend


PS: the example is very simple and only does a ‘yes’/’no’ survey, in practice you can of course ask your visitor pretty much anything.



  1. Veit, I simply love your content.
    Subscribed (eagerly)
    Great stuff.

    • lol, now there’s a feature for autoresponder signup-forms: do you want to sign up, or sign up eagerly;-)

      (oh, and if you answer ‘no’ on the ‘full-page’ chat, you’ll like the response you’re getting!)

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