Why traffic is ‘bad’ (for 90% of online entrepreneurs)

Most online entrepreneurs are confused & overwhelmed by all the options (and all the things they’re told they “should” be doing).

And ‘traffic’ (as in: website visitors) is one of THE big ones.

Turns out, most online marketers should focus on traffic LAST.

This video explains why (and what to do instead)

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  1. Hi Veit,

    Great concepts in your video. I’m working with a corporate client right now that could learn a lot from what you just said.

    They are fixated on sending traffic to a VSL that’s converting at less than 1%. They wanted me to fix the VSL. So, I told them that the VSL is only a fraction of the problem.

    Basically the same thing you’re saying.

    Thank you, Patrick

  2. Matthew Newnham says:

    Agree 100%, Veit – very well said.

    Reminds me [only in a very roundabout way] of the famous malapropism by baseball legend Yogi Berra, who said, “90% of sport is mental. The other 90% is physical.”

    I’m sure you see where that one came from!

  3. Veit, really enjoyed the video. I am at that stage now where I need to look at traffic but have been reading some good books lately, Ask, DotCom Secrets, Trust Funnel and they seem to have it right. Lots of emphasis on finding the “right” prospect. Also,all have systems that are proven to get you there. Thanks for another reminder of where to put your efforts.

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