WIMISDH: Why Internet Marketing Is So Dang Hard

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today’s “why Internet Marketing is so dang hard” email is inspired by a bunch of emails I got over the last few days, all related to Webinar Fusion Pro – this one here by Rich is quite representative:


[the answer to Rich’s question is: I did reach out to the team behind Webinar Fusion Pro, and asked. Turns out, WFP is a rebranded (and discounted;-) version of an existing Webinar product …

… which happens to be a multi-million-$-business … outside the IM niche.

So: solid team, solid finances, they’re just branching out into different fields. Meaning: you’re good re support & the whole cloud-based thing.]

Which brings us oh-so-cleverly (not easy to be clever today, we’re fresh out of coffee…;-( to the TWO reasons WIMISDH, the first one of which we’re covering today:

Reason #1 WIMISDH:

most marketers focus on the product, and ignore the REAL benefit behind the product.

Here’s a classic example … by none other than the legendary eMyth people (Michael Gerber’s eMyth):

It’s a current promotion where in exchange for your email address you are entered into a draw for 21 of their courses.

Yehaa! MORE courses is exactly what I wanted.


This is classic LEVEL 1 marketing.



Level 2 marketing then adds the benefit behind the product, something you can see in action in this discussion here (click on it and read the discussion, it goes into why the eMyth example attracts precisely the WRONG type of prospect, namely the JIC-crowd)


Level 3 Marketing – and this is what sets apart the world-class marketers from the rest – is when you consider your VOICE – the way you communicate your message.

Turns out that these days when talking about a unique selling proposition ‘USP’, it’s no longer enough to focus on the product, or possibly the benefits alone.

You must also take into consideration how you are going to communicate in a way that’s authentic to you and meaningful to your audience.

Why, because as Jon Benson keeps saying: when people are in a position to DECIDE (compare USPs), the odds are stacked against you.

But when they have the DESIRE to buy from YOU, because they RESONATE with your message, there is no more competition.

And a big part of getting from ‘decision’ to ‘desire’ is good ol’ KLT (know-like-trust) …

… and that is established by

a) being authentic, and

b) story-telling,

(and ok, ok, some of the stuff we do in Covert Controversy😉


A ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ is much more than the tangible ‘tagline’ you’re typically taught to produce.

Turns out in today’s fragmented, and super-fast changing market-place, the ‘intangible’ stuff is what makes you and your message stand out and rise above the noise.

So, make sure you consider the product, the audience’s REASON for choosing that product, and the VOICE with which you communicate with that audience.

It’ll give you a USP that actually makes your audience sit up and say ‘oh, that’s interesting, tell me more’.

(and if you’d like more on the whole ‘oh, that’s interesting, tell me more’ thing, make sure to check out our [thrive_2step id=’2184′]core^3 program[/thrive_2step], which according to Mike Perez is “excellent as usual, but they scared me to death” … ‘scary’ because they show you why most likely you’re marketing to the wrong crowd to begin with)



PS: and yes, webinars (or anything where your community can hear and see you) are a great way for establishing a ‘voice’ – hence the low-caffeine introduction via Rich’s question …


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