Why I’m not going to Internet Marketing Events

I’m sure you’ve heard the good ol’

“your net-worth is the average of that of your peers
(and if you’re not where you wish to be, surround yourself with others who are already where you want to be)”

or something to that effect, right?

so, surely going to IM-conferences and hanging out with plenty of filthy rich marketers should be a good thing?

er, no.

For 2 reasons:

a) most marketers are full of shit and the number of people (at least the ones who do all the public dog ‘n pony/look at me, I’m driving a Ferrari shows…) who actually REALLY make that much money is rather small…

b) (philosophy lesson alert)

Here’s the thing:

your net-worth is determined by your actions.

which in turns is driven by your thinking.

which is influenced by your attitudes and beliefs.

And those are heavily influenced by … you guessed it: your peers.

Do I want to adopt the attitudes and beliefs of snake-oil (wo)men and Ferrari-driving dogs and ponies?

Er, thanks, but no thanks.

Which is e.g. why you’ll never see me offer a $5k ‘coaching’ (yeah, sure, ‘coaching’ … my hairy backside..) program aimed at total newbies.



a) total newbie just isn’t ready. All those ‘poster-boys’ who are your favourite guru’s success-stories …. well, they were ready.

They’d already traveled the rocky road … overcome lots of obstacles, and really all the guru did was give them the last piece of the puzzle.

Most newbies haven’t even taken the shrink-wrap off the puzzle-box…

And taking $5k of someone full well knowing they’ll never follow through (simply because they are in no position to do so) is unethical. At least in my books.

Yet, the IM-guru-circles are full of people doing it.

And they hang out at IM conferences.

Hence: not really keen to become the ‘average’ of my peers.


b) with this whole ‘making money online’ thing … it’s pretty hard to demonstrate a positive return on investment on a $5k lump-sum that *may* at some point turn into something beautiful.

If someone has a specific idea, and needs consulting, heck yeah, happy to help.

If someone wants to go into a high-value, high-ROI niche (think ‘offline consulting’), yes, you can make $5k back pretty quickly, so I’m happy to ask for $5k (or whatever the current rate for ‘coaching’ is…)

And if you can’t PROVE or at least make a very solid case for ‘this is going to result in a massively positive ROI’, then, well, you’re back in exploiting desperation, using (dodgy) sales-psychology including urgency and scarcity …

… and, well, I don’t want to do that.

Hence: not really keen on hanging out at ‘IM’ conferences.


… I surround myself with and follow people who take a few things rather seriously.


  • TESTING. And Optimizing. Everybody talks about ‘direct response marketing’. Hardly anyone actually DOES it.
  • ETHICS. Not just talking about ‘not being salesy’, but actually walking the talk (don’t get the started on the webinar I just wasted my time on…)
  • AUTHENTICITY. Well, no need to dwell on this one I guess…. (I hope;-)

The odd thing is:

they don’t hang out at glorified MMO/snake-oil fests …

… instead they create truly high-value, high-ROI events where people leave empowered.

A couple of examples:

Check out John DiJulius and the work he’s doing (say hi from me if you ever speak to him)

Or have a look at this short clip where Kevin Spacey entertains the crowds at a recent Content Marketing World event. Just have a look at the crowd … and ask yourself:

where would you rather be: at a snakeoil fest (possibly get entertained by a rock-star or rapper) where everybody pretends to be rich, cool and doing really really well …

… or an event like the Content Marketing World thing?



Now your turn:

how do YOU want to be seen?

What do you want to be the ‘average’ of?

Where can you find the peers that get you where you really want to be?







  1. Simon Kensington says:

    So very well put, you’re a beacon of light and hope!

  2. Norma Rickman says:

    I went to Marketing Mayhem last week and had a lot of fun. But I didn’t go with the idea that I’d hear a half-hour presentation and lay down $5K for total transformation. No amount of “coaching” or whatever they call it will change your life–only you can by digging deep and getting off yer butt.

    If you go to one, go to network. That’s it.

    That’s my .02.


    • Norma’s in the house!;-)

      lol, and yes, I know you were there … allegedly not hungover (according to Facebook)

      I guess Marketing Mayhem is a fine example of what I’m talking about:

      I chose NOT to go, because (IMO) there are much better places to spend your time networking (but, that’s just me, for the reasons outlined above)

      Sure, it’s a ‘fun’ event, but let’s face it: the VAST majority of attendees there do ‘IM’ at ‘hobby’ level, certainly not mortgage & retirement plan & college fund paying level.



    Got a movie star (who I happen to like a lot) & John DiJulius who I had not heard of. He was VERY good, I listened to the whole seconds short of 12 minutes video (something I seldom do). The re-framing NO to what we CAN do for you is something I learnt from BOTH my parents & smart marketers like you & John… as I said… BONZA… (only annoying in the sense that I did not create the post)… :0) Cheers Phil Tozer

    • the beauty is: John walks the talk. When you phone up/interact with his company, they all ‘live’ that approach to customer service (I had the pleasure of doing an interview with him a few years back, and just the interaction with his assistant was such a great experience)

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