Where 99% of Business Owners Go Wrong

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as you may know, I spent last weekend in Mallorca at a high-end mastermind.

if you’re on Kevin Fahey’s list, you’ll have read his summary:

“And what a blast it was. The most informative and entertaining week I’ve ever experienced since starting
my online career”

I’ll second that. And take it one step further: it’s the ONLY one really worth attending since I’ve started my online career.


a) it was NOT “a giant pitch fest where the only place worth being is the bar” (as Andy Fletcher put it)

b) – and this is the truly important part – we got real work done.

And there’s a very specific reason WHY we got real work done:

Because everybody who was there was more or less at the same level AND … everybody was bringing something very unique to the table.

I was talking about what I thought was “bread ‘n butter” stuff when it comes to email marketing.

Definitely not “bread ‘n butter” from other attendees’ perspectives.

And when they were talking about their “bread ‘n butter” stuff, I was scribbling like mad.

Which really drove home one of THE most important principles of success:

don’t try to figure out stuff yourself (unless you can do it in a very, very short period of time, or you do it because noone has done it before, and it’s part of YOU being/becoming a world-class expert).

To give you a very specific example:

Richie has done 1000+ high-ticket sales-calls.

as in: on the phone with clients/prospects, selling high-end/high-ticket programs.

Over ONE THOUSAND calls.

even if I had the ultimate leadgen pipeline in place just to get enough leads in, it would take me 2-3 years of making calls every single day to get to that same level of experience and expertise.

I would be INSANE to try to do that myself!

That would be 2-3 years of all of my effort and focus now on “learning something new” (whilst having to neglect what I’m already good at), just so I can do my own sales-calls.

The real cost (and the opportunity cost) of doing this would be ridiculous.

And yet: that’s precisely what 99% of people do!

They try to do it all by themselves.

Stupid. Insane. Take your pick. It’s all the same.

Giving someone like Richie a good-sized percentage of a giant pie (him closing lots and lots of calls) is a bazillion times better than me having 100% of …. ahhh … feck all.

Right, as a direct consequence of attending this mastermind, 3 things:

1) We’re doing another one later this year. Definitely NOT for everyone, as you have to bring ‘something’ to the table. Which has to be complimentary to what the other attendees bring. Meaning: there are qualifying criteria.

2) I’ll be releasing my notes, plus video-recordings of my 2 presentations of the event. It’s high-end stuff, so won’t be cheap. But worth every penny several thousand times over. Guaranteed.

3) The overwhelming verdict at the event was that what I bring to the table is priceless and PLEASE, can I coach again. So, I will be re-opening my coaching program, and no, I won’t go begging & bribing to get people enrolled. If it’s a great fit, sure, we can talk. But there will be very strict criteria (and no, it’s none of those BS-criteria you often see on so-called ‘application-forms’)

more on all of this over the next couple of weeks (e.g. when I’m getting the edited video-recordings)



PS: another direct result: I’m shifted my focus even more onto projects where I’m leveraging my strenghts, and outsource/delegate/ignore everything else. And it feels absolutely terrific – not only because it’s fun (it’s alway fun doing the stuff you’re naturally good at), but also because of the massively positive feedback I’m getting, simply because I’m adding more value just by focusing on my own strengths.



  1. Walt Bayliss says:

    As always a solid post built on good business.
    Thanks Veit!

    • Walt is in the house! Thanks for commenting.

      if you don’t know Walt, he’s following exactly what I mention above: put together a great team, follow the advice of mentors and coaches.

      End-result: too many successful businesses to count … and something MASSIVE in the making



  2. I wish I’d said what Walt said!!!

    We have spoken about coaching a lovely lady I know… MAYBE this coulld work for her… she will definitely tell us how it works… ;)))

    One small nagging thing about all this FOCUS stuff (love the header), is that there is a point where you know what that point of focus is. How did you know that point… & how did you feel when you knew?

    • for me the point of FOCUS was when I had my first tangible success … “ah, this stuff actually works”.

      which may sound like a circular argument – and to some extent it is – so for me there was a “leap of faith”

      What I’m personally regretting is looking back over the last 9 years and realizing if only I’d done the stuff I knew I “should” be doing, and secondly – buying into the idea that I “couldn’t afford” a decent coach. It may well have felt like it at the time, but when I add up the amount of time & cash wasted on stupid courses, SEO, “hacks and tricks”, literally hundreds of domains and projects that ultimately never made any money, I could’ve hired the best coach in the world (someone who would’ve said: “ignore everything else now that you know what niche you’re in, and start building a list”;-)

      ah, and how did it feel when I finally knew that this stuff actually works? Awesome! (although the initial feeling was one of disbelief;-)



  3. Simon Kensington-Fellows says:

    My biggest problem was highlighted throughout your post – it is what has been holding me back for years and that is ‘what am I best at?’ If I knew how to figure that out I’d be able to apply 100% focus and make it all happen. Why is finding out what your good at so hard?

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