What Heidi Was Really Up To In That Mountain-hut

So the other day I suggested I’d reveal what Heidi (the older version) was really up to in those lonely mountain-huts, but then Kathy scuppered that plan it with her comment that

Heidi was a sort of angel to me with her lovely plaits

See, what I was going to write (but shan’t, now that I can’t;-) is something like this:

throughout the day, we passed quite a few mountain-huts.

And at each hut, there’d be somewhere between zero and a handful of mountain-walkers or mountain-bikers enjoy a nice piece of apple-strudel, a plate of dumplings or a cold beer.

And the story would be the same pretty much everywhere…

… until we got to this hut, where there were hundreds of mountain-bikers.

This image shows just a tiny fraction of the bikes that were piled up outside this particular mountain-hut.

“What’s going on here?” we thought to ourselves, and joined the fun (if it’s this popular, the food must be really good, right?)

What a hot Heidi can do

and then it suddenly became very clear … when waitress Heidi (the older version)  stepped out of that hut … sporting smoking hot red leather hot-pants.

(it’s changed my view of sturdy Alpine mountain-wear forever)

We attribute the fact that we all felt dizzy to the fact that the pressure of the already thin mountain air was reduced even more by 100 simultaneous sharp in-breaths …

(so dizzy in fact that we all failed to take a picture I’m sad to report…)

Now, this is what I would’ve written, but of course after Kathy’s lovely image of an angel with plaits, this is a story I couldn’t possibly tell, so I shan’t;-)

The only reason I’ve not written what I’ve written is this:

as my coach Matthew so elegantly pointed out to me, before you do anything, you have to get on the same page.

And that’s actually harder than it sounds!

Kathy’s image of Heidi is at this point rather different from the image that’s permanently etched into my brain (and that of 100 other mountain-bikers), which is once again very different from what Google Images throws up (and we all know that Google speaketh the truth…)

“Getting On the Same Page” is really what marketing is all about, yet most people stick to what is passed off as marketing, namely selling.

And unfortunately, not the original idea of selling when someone would qualify you first before proposing a solution, but its poor and ineffective cousin, who is using ninja sales-psychology, bonuses, scarcity and all that s**t that is less and less effective …

… which of course leads to a nice deadly tail-spin (boy, oh, boy, however did I manage to get Heidi, hot-pants and deadly tail-spins into one post???) of “more evil sales-psychology because ‘just a little’ doesn’t seem to work”.

More marketing, less selling I say … there was no need for evil sales-psychology to get people into that mountain-hut, the image of an angel with plaits was just enough



PS: just for kicks, play this video, and when you get to 1min55secs, read the story I would’ve written, but never did … it’ll make even more sense;-)



  1. Great story Veit!

  2. Not sure what to say. I can’t get rid of the visual of Heidi (:> . The video was cool, a combination Alpine polka and rock. I am thinking I have found the trail that leads to being on the same page.
    Social Media Done Right and The 2 Rules of Marketing well, very interesting. They’re on the trail that leads to the same page as well.

    • Monty, yes, “being on the same page” is where conversions really happen, not at the end when you start fiddling with “blue Times New Roman” vs “red Courier” headlines….

      but of course the latter is so much easier to (split-)test and hence easier to wrap your head around.

      btw, “being on the same page” can (and usually does) mean very different things for the different types of visitors (using the Q-model from “A Single Shift”)…


  3. About the music video at the end of the post. I played it all the way through
    as I did find it very catchy. However, I also found it inspirational. So I
    played it again this morning and again found it very uplifting and helpful for
    productivity. Of course, I can’t actually admit to even liking that kind of
    music publicly.

    While I’ve had all the repetitive ‘motivational’ quotes stuck everywhere, from
    Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and many like them, none of those quotes had the same
    effect on me as that video clip.

    I think it’s because what it shows for me is that the guy didn’t just turn up
    on stage and be brilliant at what he does, all the right actions at the right
    time etc. He spent hours in solitude practicing every detail to get that good.

    It’s showing someone actually practicing, even when everyone else thinks they
    are brilliant, that I think got to me like no other written quote ever has. Plus
    the music is an essential part rather than a background add on done for effect.
    The music also activates the dopomine/seretonin mix to make me feel better too.

    So thanks for that Veit.


    Tony C

  4. Veit I’m so sorry I scuppered your proposed post. Go ahead, ‘my’ Heidi was nearly 60 years ago and I’m sure she had some adventures during that time. I know I certainly did! Perhaps not red leather pants, mine were black. 😉


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