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here is a ‘mixed bag of marketing goodies for the weekend’:

a) good news about FB organic reach: you keep hearing left, right and centre that FB’s organic reach is declining badly, and pretty much the only way to reach your audience is through paid ads.

Mhmm, just posted something 2 days ago on one of my FB pages (https://www.facebook.com/OnlineRule/) and without any boosting it has a 58% reach already. I’m very happy with 58% reach;-)

b) the crazy thruth about all (Internet) Marketing: the more I think about, play with it and teach it, the clearer it becomes:

the one (and almost only) thing that really, REALLY matters is getting the traffic-to-offer match right.

I.e: figuring out why & how a specific target audience makes purchasing decisions.

and yet, the (almost) one and only thing most people focus on is … drumroll …. ‘traffic’.

Endless tools, endless courses, endless StupidEO, … all with the end-result of driving unqualified traffic at offers that don’t resonate with the visitors.

I don’t care if you do eCom, CPA, affiliate marketing, create your own products, you name it: Your #1 job is to figure out how people make their purchasing decisions so you can give them what they want.

Which is incidentally the reason there are very few courses on “how to get the traffic-to-offer match right”.

Because yer typical IMer’s buying-decision making process goes a bit like this: “will this give me more traffic?”….;-)

So, if there’s one thing I can give you for this weekend: do yourself a favour and focus on the “traffic-to-offer” match more, and less on ‘traffic’ (or anything else for that matter), and you’ll be golden.

Which brings me to

c) The big secret of ‘how to actually DO ‘b’ above’:

the big secret of figuring out point ‘b’ above is of course to ‘stick with it’ and focus on doing one thing until it really works. And I mean: you really, REALLY know that it either works, or really, REALLY know it doesn’t work.

Not half-arsed “well, I flung some traffic at it, it didn’t stick, so now I’m jumping to the next thing…”

Again, I don’t care if you do CPA, eCom, create your own products etc … as long as you stick with it for long enough and aim to actually build a business around this ‘one thing’, you’re good.

Here’s an example:

I didn’t promote ‘Revamply’ (http://www.onlinerule.com/r/revamply/) despite really (REALLY!) liking the idea.

But, the team behind it are not building a business around ONE idea, or at least one core concept.

One day it’s webinar software, the next it’s a website editor.

There’s no continuity. And I (and I guess a lot of ‘real’ customers) like to see continuity. It’s nice to see that the latest version of Apple’s Operating System still works on an iPhone 5, that kind of ‘continuity’.

That is incidentally also one of the core-messages of Kevin Fahey’s new course (http://www.onlinerule.com/r/imlaunch2/) which I highly recommend IF you are into product creation.
(it’s totally underpriced at the current pricing level, and even the ‘post-launch’ price of $37 is far too low for what you’re getting out of it)

I’m mentioning this for 2 reasons:

– don’t listen to anyone who tells you that THEIR method is the ‘one and only’ method, and YOU should do it too!

Some people do really well with eCom, others with SEO, others again with creating their products and so on.

The only thing I’d add is this (and this is based on doing this for years and years):

make sure that at some point YOU have full control over the sales-funnel.


Well, see higher up in this email! So YOU can figure out how your particular audience makes their purchasing decisions.

If you stick with affiliate marketing forever, you only ever full control over the pre-selling, but never the actual sales-process. (plus, you never get the ‘real’ feedback from the market, all you can go by is ‘conversion rates’ which is a rather poor tool when it comes to pinpointing bottlenecks in a sales-funnel)

Which brings me oh-so-cleverly to a potential product I’m thinking of putting together IF there’s enough demand:

d) Webinar “live action training ground”:
as you know, I’m always testing, always learning.

E.g. when I give live speeches, I record them on video so I can see myself. And if there are other speakers, I record them too … so I can *compare* my own style with theirs, and then improve by modeling what works for others (whilst fitting my own style)

Anyway, one bit of feedback I keep getting is that people are a little bit ‘scared’ to do live webinars, because, well, they’ve never done one, and it’s a little bit outside their comfort zone.

So, what I’m thinking is putting together a workshop where we actually practice delivering a webinar.

The focus is less on scripting it (although we can do some of that too) and the tech-side (although we can do some of that too …. as long as it’s GTW (ok, and perhaps WebinarJEO;-)) … but more on taking a ‘piece of content’ (like the opening/introduction, the main piece, the close, the pitch, the good-bye etc), and then deliver it, review it, critique it, and then go round in circles and learn from others.

if that sounds like something you’d like to do, leave me some feedback here:


and if there’s enough demand, we’ll put something together.

have a wonderful weekend




  1. Hey Veit, a phrase I often hear is “Supply and Demand” but having failed on that far too many times, I’ve found it better to think in terms of “Demand and Supply”, and I think that’s exactly what you’ve nailed above.

  2. I like Quentin’s idea and I like thinking we want to know our audience & hopefully buyers as someone we trust. An easy way to see if we can trust them is see if they trust us. By tryst I mean they seek us out to test their understanding and ideas about things they expect us to know about. I think that is how I relate to you… ;)))

    Speaking to a crowd of 2 plus is daunting to most people… selling to them by speaking to a crowd of people is just that much harder to contemplate. I’ve done it, but I’m happy to be the grasshopper with you as the master!!!

    • Phil, great insight! My take on the “seeking understanding” is that it’s something you ‘learn’ over time:

      when you get started, it’s only natural to not feel 100% confident in one’s own abilities. (and those who do, are probably full of themselves;-)

      And then it’s … well, let’s say “not easy” … to admit this to your potential clients, and say: “hey, I’m not entirely sure about this …” as it might come across as ‘lack’ (of whatever: knowledge, expertise, insight, understanding…)

      Sadly, getting those insights are of course the very thing that gets you over that initial bump of not being confident in your own abilities fastest.

      I’m loving the insight, and I’ll refer to it as the “Dr Phil” insight when I mention it in the future;-)

      • Gosh Bindi is so proud… “Dr Phil”… also she likes a good laugh!!!

        I did not see your blog about Nice & the whole sad saga of IS or any other mad hatter group that separates people.

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