Want Some Super-Cool WSO For FREE?

Hey there,

Veit here with a bit of an unusual ‘free’ offer:

How would you like a top-notch WSO that’s selling right now for FREE?

Well, here’s the the email I sent out to my list a couple of days ago:

Hey there,
I’m sure you’ve seen this offer (as it already
got WSO of the day):
and I’ve got a ‘sneaky’ deal for you:
if you buy it (even if you’ve already bought it)
through my link, I’ll
a) refund you the $9.90 (so it’s free to you), and
b) I’ll hook you up with a sweet little bonus:
a webinar where we go through this thing
and we’ll work on applying it to YOUR business.
Why am I doing this?
(and why the heck should you buy it AGAIN
if you’ve already bought it?;-)
Well, simple:
there’s some solid information in there, so it’s
worth having, and if it’s free to you, you might
as well, right?
It also shows you how simple things really can be,
so it’s worth getting from a motivational point of
Plus, there’s the training with me … so makes sense
to get it even if you already bought it.
But, just in case you’re wondering, obviously
there’s also something in it for me:
if I make 25 sales, I’ll win a little prize.
And as I’m in the dog-house with Fiona,
(lol, me sitting here and writing this message
isn’t making things better;-), the prize would
help with the bottle of wine, box of chocolates
and a bunch of roses that might earn me a
spot in bed, and not the dog-house.
So you’d really be helping me out there;-)
Ok, kidding aside:
it’s worth getting, you get it for free plus
my bonus-training, I *may* win a prize.
sound like a deal?
Well, people loved it, here’s one example:

and of course I’ve already sent out the refunds:



So, if YOU would like to pick up a free copy of a top-notch WSO for ‘free’, then head on over here:


and make sure to send me your Paypal receipt PLUS your Paypal email to






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