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Here you go:

As promised, the ONLY thing you’ll ever get is a notification, nothing else.

If you want to be on our main list, you’ll have to sign up specifically (see signup box top right)

To show you why it’s probably worth your while, here are a couple of trainings that are typical for the stuff we put out for free to our list:

The first one is an “SEO done right” training:

which you’ll find useful if you’ve been with ‘seo’ in general, but you’re struggling to make it work for you.

So, if you want more SEO oriented information, make sure to get onto our SEO list:

The second one is all about “getting focused and staying focused”:

which you’ll find useful if you’re struggling with the big question “where to begin” or “overwhelm”, or – heaven forbid – “shiny object syndrome” (don’t we all love those great lil’ WSOs that promise us instant riches?;-)

Again, there’s tons more, so if you want more, make sure to get onto the “productivity” list:

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