This is SEO done the right way


So, just yesterday I sent out an email saying that SEO should always come LAST in your process of developing a sales-funnel.

That is if you’re doing SEO explicitly!

If you’re doing what you’re really supposed to be doing, namely do marketing where as a side-effect you build backlinks to your site (i.e. links real human beings follow because they’re interested in what you have to say), then you’re doing SEO implicitly.

So: normal marketing: implicit SEO.

when doing explicit SEO, then do it LAST. After developing a proper, high EPC sales-funnel.

Anyway, one of the great ways of combining the 2 is Google hangouts – you explicitly set all the ‘meta’ data (like tags, header, description etc), but the real driving force is of course the content of your presentation.


the search-engines know exactly what it’s about (plus Google LOVES ranking hangouts, even more so than youtube videos), and your human visitors get great content (aka: you’re pre-selling/doing proper marketing).

Lovely stuff, go apply this in practice.

One guide you may enjoy is Frank Schwartz’ new guide on Google hangouts horribly overloaded sales-letter, but solid content;-)




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