The War & Peace Version of My Email

So, a couple of days ago, JP writes to me andwarnpeace


“Veit, I need a short version of your war ‘n peace
emails, with links to the long version in case
I want to read more”.


JP has spoken, and here we go:

***** MUST-HAVE #1: if you are at all looking
for FB Traffic that gives you a positive ROI
in niches that are not total BS (rottweilers &
babies), then check out Pete’s FB course:

(yes, I’ve gone through it, in fact, some
of Pete’s campaigns are based on our
work together)

Well, turns out Pete and I did some work together a little while ago on doing FB advertising outside the usual suspects (viral poo, pitbull terriers and cute babies)

Our aim was to make it work in real niches, because what we found was that although getting really cheap clicks is easy on FB for those ‘naturally viral’ niches, the monetization isn’t, or it’s rather unsavoury.

And that’s what Pete has done with his latest course:

figured out a nice way to monetize real niches.

Lots of useful tips, tricks and insights in there. Pete is definitely worth connecting to and with, I talk to him almost every day, and I pick up something useful every time we talk.

(including yet another bug in Powereditor …. where I just spent another 20mins of my life trying to figure out why it’s not working.

“ahhh, another bug….”)

If you can, pick up the live coaching upsell – you’ll see me in there getting my hands dirty.

Incidentally, one of the BIG insights for you right here:

Pete is rocking it because …. he’s focusing on ONE thing only.

He’s now truly becoming a Facebook black-belt, and that’s why clients pick him, and not some generalist!


***** MUST-HAVE #2: if you’re doing offline
get this:

it’s awesome (yes, I’ve gone through it)

The Squeeze-Mobi boys back to their roots!

See the “expert vs generalist” remark above?

Well, they’re “back to the roots”, and the templates they’ve got are simply delicious!

You’d be a fool not to add them to your arsenal!

***** MUST-HAVE #3: tomorrow, I’ll launch
my new plugin, and you’ll love it.
(well, if you’re into getting more leads,
and make more money simply by being
nice and respectful to your visitors and

Ah, and guess what that plugin is?

Well, you see it in action right here on the blog?

In case you hadn’t noticed that wee yellow ‘slide-in’ at the top, that’s what it is.

All kinds of sneaky sales-psychology going on there, all will be revealed tomorrow!


Looks wonderful, is pretty.
and sooooooo full of bugs, it’s not even funny!
If you’re into design and can program, here’s

ok, maybe my fuse is a little short after wasting precious minutes (ok, probably hours) of my life with FB Powereditor.

But, I don’t care how good a piece of software looks, if it keeps crashing j.$%#UJ$J98uJFD*U$J*N$#%J$##$U*%….


several hours waiting for it to connect to aweber. (a couple of days ago)

connecting with gotowebinar? well, if you’re lucky.

trying to connect an aweber list to a signup form … I’m going bold with all the tearing my hair out

the list goes on

But, it’s not just Leadpages.

When Optimize Press 2.0 came out, a whole nation of people with ‘hair-torn-out-in-frustration’ was born.

Here’s the thing:

All of this is a SERIOUS frustration.

And if you’re new to this whole Internet Marketing game, it’s an obstacle so high, you probably can’t get over it.

Meaning: you never get the necessary momentum.

Just because of all this s**t that keeps tripping you up.

In theory, it REALLY SHOULD not be this hard.

So, 2 takeaways:

#1: you MUST pick the simplest possible model. And yes, once I’ve managed to put together a decent page in Leadpages, I’ll even include a signup form to a webinar, or a PDF, or whatever.

#2: the opportunity is HUGE! HUGER than HUGEST!

If you can either put together a software solution that does the simple stuff in a simple way (I mean c’mon: I keep getting emails from top marketers all the time where Infusionsoft f***ed up the ~Name~ ~Firstname~ template…., it obviously can be that hard!, or: Leadpages pulls all the info from Gotomeeting, yet I still have to enter all the details about the webinar (time, place, blah, blah, blah) by freakin’ hand!

I’m getting mental RSI just thinking about it!

So, anyway, either you put together a software solution that just does it, or you get really good at installing & operating a couple of packages, and then offer a complete ‘end to end’ service.

You think I’m making this up?

Nope, I’ve already seen a few … they’re solo-preneurs, they only do fixed packages (“when you work with me, we only do Infusionsoft & OP2 & DAP (<- digital access pass, another bunch of cactus-brains that have been distilling too much tequila…)”) and they’re making a VERY good living!

In fact, if you can do the complete end-to-end Aweber+Leadpages+Genesis (WP Theme)+GTW+DAP, hit me up! (but you better eat, breathe, and dream this stuff and know the software better than they do (not very hard in the case of DAP…)

Well, there you go, the long version;-)





  1. Thanks Veit for offering a choice. I happen to enjoy your “War and Peace” emails but don’t always have time so it’s nice to be able to get the info quickly and then have a link to read the “whole enchilada” (as we say in Texas) when I have time.
    I always get some valuable insights as well as a good laugh – sometimes more than one – with your rather off the wall wit 🙂

    Carry on!

    Thanks ::) Marcia

    PS – Yours in one of the few internet marketer email lists I stay subscribed to.

  2. Hi Veit

    Regarding the Squeezmobi launch tomorrow of their new mobile templates, wouldnt it be better to invest in a mobile site builder instead of buying some templates. Granted it will cost lots more time and money to learn how to use mobile site builder versus using some templates.

    On another FB post I read one guy got hit with over $400 in fines for unlicensed or unauthorized use of photos as a result of using a squeeze mobi product. They sell lots of products so hopefully not all will be fined. Im just relaying the story which I assume to be true but have not verified.

    Best regards

    • Hey Joe,

      thanks for the heads-up – I’ve already sent a message to the squeeze-mobi guys to see what’s really going on.

      re site-builder vs templates: well, ignoring my gripes with Leadpages, it’s a bit like LP vs WordPress.

      more flexibility with WordPress, but much faster results (and in most cases: much better looking) with Leadpages.

      Where the mobi guys really shine is with their awesome designs. So, my take: don’t overcomplicate things, try what’s already working, and if someone REALLY, REALLY wants a customized version, then you can still charge them top dollars and outsource the creation of the custom mobile site.

      remember: your job isn’t really to create sites, but to create clients! And any time spent fiddling with code is time you’re not prospecting, finding out what else you can do for them, and of course selling!


      • Veit,

        Yes thanks for the good advice/reminder of creating clients.

        Please see below follow up post from the FB group where a guy claimed he received a demand letter from Getty Images over a photo from one of the Squeeze-mobi templates.

        …Patrick here is my response from Abigail at Squeeze Mobi

        Hello Martin, the only image that was unfortunately owned by Getty Images was the dog grooming included in the MCC insta portfolio. We have outsourced the work before to an Indian Developer who said they owned the images but now are not responding to our emails after some of our customers notified us. The MCC insta portfolio was then updated so we have told customers to redownload the updated insta-portfolio.

        We have also asked those customers to send a copy of the letters as we have lawyers who are in touch with Getty Images and McCormack.

        And yes, customers have sent us the letter and we have forwarded them to the lawyers.

        Hope that helps and is clear for all.

        Best regards<

        PS Hey maybe I will get a free product from Squeeze Mobi for showing that Im not trying to bad mouth them.

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