The Ultimate Marketing Scam


this post contains disturbing images … I had to mix myself a strong G&T before I could even get myself to write this post, I suggest you do the same!

See this: G&T, life is good!


Now let’s shift the focus to the back of that image – what might this be?




Just to illustrate the full extent of the HORROR – that wooden box too is FULL to the brim with the stuff:


And that is genius marketing (aka: the ultimate marketing scam) in action!

Does anybody even drink this s*$%& stuff?

I’m serious!

Judging by the number of cups of tea girly stuff I make for my wife, then pour down the drain untouched, this all about anticipating and enjoying the idea of soon having some ‘zen’, ‘winter-bliss’, ‘calmed nerves’, ….

… but actually drink it?


And it’s the same wherever I go:

Host: “hey, would you like a cup of tea?

Veit: “sure, that would be great

Host: “how about some ‘Zen Balance’, or ‘Strawberry Surprise’, or ‘Orange infused Roiboos’ …

Veit: “how about you grow a pair?” (*)

I have no freakin’ idea how they get away with selling something nobody really likes, but hey, who am I to argue, I’m not selling this stuff by the boat-load….

But, now imagine you had a product that actually delivers on that promise … (**)

Over’n out


(*) no, I haven’t been man enough to say it out loud, but been thinking it many times, especially when the host is the ‘man of the house’…

(**) hang on, G&Ts?




  1. I think the greatest marketing lesson is that you left the most important part in the pictures blurry. 😉

    After having a nice G&T with friends (which introduced me to Ungava – highly recommended).

  2. The cold tea goes really well on your cheeky chilies… or your worm bed if you have one… ;))

    Bindi will drink her “girlie tea” (when I make it… :0). She also doesn’t mind the odd G&T… & will drink that even if I do NOT make it…. ;)))

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