the ultimate “engagement” traffic

(ha, the alternative title should’ve been: free traffic is back … and it’s the rare exception where ‘free’ doesn’t mean ‘rubbish’ or unpredictable)

So, as you’ve probably noticed, it’s getting harder and harder to ‘drive’ traffic straight to offers …

… in fact, Google & FB frown upon it so much that they’re doing everything they can do stop you from doing it (aka: they jack up the click-prices sky-high).

What they want is this: start with ENGAGEMENT.

Then turn that engagement into sales.

‘engagement’ is pretty much the currency of today’s online world.

That’s why you see ALL of the ‘big boys and girls’ (Amy Porterfield, Keith Krance, Brian Moran, the SMAG boys…) design their FB funnels around engagement first, selling second.

Now, turns out, focusing on FB is good, but there’s something FAR BETTER: Instagram.

According to Forrester research on Instagram, you get about 58 times the engagement level on Instagram of what you can expect on FB:


Now, you might be thinking: “yeah, but that’s just photos, and that doesn’t make sense for me or my business

(which is exactly what I was thinking)

My thinking starting changing when I saw my brother ‘do this Instagram’ thing … and get high-paying work through it.

Here’s his page (click on it to open his page)



(and if you scroll down far enough, you’ll see a picture I took of him riding a road-bike down some stairs outside an old church in Mallorca. That sequence got some serious engagement;-)

as you can see, he’s not selling anything there. Nor is it ‘product shots’. (he’s selling his services standing at the finish line of triathlon-races and whipping the crowd into a frenzy …)

The beauty of Instagram vs e.g. FB is that it’s truly ‘organic’ (read: free!;-)

Instagram does NOT throttle the reach of your posts like FB does … if you post something and people want to see it, they see it.

And that’s how you get massive reach very very quickly, and then turn that engagement into optins & sales.

You see, because it’s based on engagment, it’s actually a quality source of traffic, NOT cheapo junk-traffic

Anyway, Bill Guthrie just published a “one stop shop” course on Instagram (basically he interviewed someone who is actually DOING Instagram actively) and packaged it up into a really nice course on Instagram.

and when I say really nice, I mean: REALLY nice.

short, to the point videos around individual topics.

EVERYTHING is covered.

Plenty of examples.

THAT is how ‘self-learning’ courses should be laid out!

Here’s a super-short video showing you what I mean:

anyway, it’s ridiculously cheap at the moment (and I’ve told Bill this: really, this is a $97 or more course, not the sub-$10 he’s asking for right now), so worth getting now:

Click here to get Bill’s Instagram course



PS: if you’re thinking about/struggling with doing pod-casting (as in: yeah, content is easy, but how the heck do I get targeted traffic to it), well, here’s your answer!

App-downloads? Check…

Boost traffic to your FBA listing? Check …

the list goes on!

Lovely opportunity, grab it whilst it’s so cheap!


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