The Truth About Internet Marketing

here’s the very condensed version I had with Alex this morning, not necessarily ‘enouraging’ reading, but I’m hoping it’s useful:

Alex: Veit, how do I overcome overwhelm & procrastination?

Veit: Alex, there are 2 answers, and you won’t like either of them.


  1. a) you follow the personal development crowd.They tell you: there’s something wrong with you, and all you  need to do is some introspection (guided of course), get a massive ‘a-ha’, take that insight why you’re  procrastinating, overcome the hurdle and take massive action (helped with lots of positive thinking and  visualisation).

    If you fail, it’s your fault, never the gurus, because you didn’t take ‘massive action’.

    However,  as you did have the insight, you now believe it’s your fault, and there’s probably something even deeper, so  you keep going back to have more a-ha moments.

  2. b) you face the uncomfortable truth: (here’s a short snippet from our conversation):

Fact is: to do online marketing properly and successfully, you need to get the experience.

Note: get the experience, NOT just read about it a lot.

Both Alex and I agreed that that’s NOT a very sexy value proposition and wouldn’t sell too many copies.

So, here’s the alternative to joining ‘online marketing’ school:

if you have very little experience, probably THE quickest way to

  • gaining really valuable experience (not just reading), and
  • having some quick successes

is to:

ignore for the time being everything you “know” and think you “should” be doing (especially things where you’re ‘invested’), and focus on 3 things:

  • pick a random offer (CPA is fine, in fact, it MUST be direct linking, no need to faff around with landing pages, squeeze pages, list-building etc)
  • pick a traffic source, and drive traffic to said CPA offer
  •  look at the stats, and drive more traffic at winners,

and cut the losers.

that’s it.

(we then went into a whole range of topics, including why SEO really, really is a really, really bad idea, and  how most people get it backwards, and how the above really and truly is the only way to overcome overwhelm and procrastination)

think of that simple 3 step process as the ultimate real world school of ‘online marketing’ hard knocks.

You’ll get knocked down more often than not.
But, if you’re willing to look, listen and spend some time figuring out why your results are what they are, you’ll learn more than you’ve learned in the last X years reading about stuff and thinking “yeah, that makes sense”. (problem: there’s a HUGE difference between ‘getting’ something intellectually, and truly getting it  because you got real-world feedback from actually doing it, and then thinking about the results)

once you’ve got that simple model working, then expand it into whatever you like:
affiliate marketing.

list building

survival niche

social media….

your thoughts?




  1. Nick Dugan says:

    Hi Veit,

    I totally understand the point you were getting at and I totally agree.

    I also agree with the statement about ignoring what you think you know and do the CPA thing.

    This is where things come unstuck for me.

    Like the vast percentage of newbie online marketers (and I use the term loosely) I’ve wasted, no, not wasted because knowledge is good, but I’ve spent a lot of money on “The Next Shiny Object” hoping that this is going to be as you put it the “Ha-Ha” moment, only to be left dissapointed and deflated and a little less well off than I was before and still no further forward.

    What I’m trying to say is “HELP!!!”

    • Nick, just to clarify: it doesn’t have to be CPA offers.

      but, I hear ya, and HELP is on the way;-)


    • Hey Veit- Really great post! You nailed it, and have a way of breaking the complex down to the simple! What I would love to see, when time permits, is for your to actually approach those three steps just like a new person to this industry would with 6-moths to 1-year of knowledge but not actual experience, and show us in detail how to make our first buck or more, and how to get started gaining the most valuable of all, “experience”. What a great post that would make, or even a great product from you that I would be more than willing to pay for. Look, don’t get me wrong though, I am not suggesting this as a challenge to you, because anybody in the IM arena knows that you walk the walk and do this very thing every day, and let’s face it, stuff way beyond this. After all, you have many skills, including programming, publishing, and marketing knowledge to name but a few, and you treat this as a business and earn a living for you and your family from your efforts. No wonder so many of us open your emails and can’t wait to learn what you have shared with us each day that we hear from you. Anyway, if your were to break these three steps down into an actionable plan that would give us our first taste of success in IM, I’d be your first customer to jump on any such offer from you. Regardless of if you do or you don’t, thanks for everything you do for us! You’r the best!

  2. Excellent Veit you gave the best advice in 3 sentence. I have been doing the same tasks what Nick just said with out success. I hope you will keep us motivated to take those 3 essential steps to start the right way, instead of wasting time and money on shinny objects.

  3. James Woodfield says:

    Yes, even the most intensive and protracted map reading is less daunting than actually climbing the mountain.
    But it’s less rewarding, too, and you’re not going to be able to dine out on it.

    • and of course, no matter how good your map-reading, it doesn’t help with crossing a river, climbing over a wall, running away from a cow (more of them, so on average probably more dangerous than mountain lions) and dealing with a sudden snowfall.



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