The Power Of “ONE” – And the Danger Of “ONE”

So, as Alex pointed out rightly on my full time income from a single blog post, none other than Dan Kennedy warns of the dangers of basing any business on ONE.

ONE single customer.

Or ONE single method of getting customers.

If you have just ONE, then there is a real danger of that ONE going away, and with it your business.

However, Dan also says that you have to absolutely MASTER that one single method, before jumping to the next.

Which is precisely, WHY so many people fail in business:

they ‘try’ one method, it doesn’t work, and they assume that this is a method that doesn’t work for them.

The reason for this is quite simple. As Rusty points out in the interview on the full-time income post: the success curve (and with it the ‘energy expenditure curve’) is not linear, but exponential:

Getting the first 10 visitors/leads/customers is just as hard as getting the next 100, which is just as hard as getting the next 1000. Totally counter-intuitive, but hey, what in business is ever intuitive?

And move to the next method. Only to repeat the process of not following through with that method.

End-result: jump, jump, jump and not ONE, but ZERO results.

So, unless you have an existing business (in other words: when you are starting out): the real danger of ONE is not that it’ll go away, but that it will inevitably lead to ZERO (unless you are hell-bent on following through and making it work).

So, there’s a bit of a self-serving purpose to this blog-post:

I’d like to test my assumption that most people who are in Internet marketing have yet to make that first $, to get their first client, to get their first signup.

(I’m being a really ‘bad’ marketer here, because all results will be visible to everyone, so my ‘evil’ competitors can spy on these results and create products to fit these needs, scandalous behaviour…;-)

What would you say if I had an offer that’s something a little bit like this one here:


yes, I can crank up the hype or down a little, but you get the idea:

would you be interested in a training that pretty much eliminates the whole freakin’ “empire” approach: setting up tons of affiliate sites, tons of autoblogs, feeder sites, tons of this, tons of that.

I know, in German we have this wonderful saying “Kleinvieh macht auch Mist” (which apparently translates to “many a mickle makes a muckle”), so yes, spreading your risk is all very well, but it fails on so many fronts FOR SOMEONE GETTING STARTED OUT!

There’s overwhelm, there’s not learning the skills that really matter (marketing & business building), there’s … ah well.

Let me know what you think!


Veit “01100011011011110110110101110000011101010111010001100101011100100010000001100111

011001010110010101101011″ Schenk

PS: the one thing I won’t promise is an income replacing Internet Marketing business in ONE month. If you listen to Rusty’s story, ONE year is very well doable … and I reckon there are a few (non-hypey, fully ethical and completely white-hat) shortcuts that should make his lower estimate (need to listen to the interview;-) very realistic. ONE commitment from you will be required though: go easy on the shiny, magic stuff … but I have a plan for that too – so you don’t have to commit to buying ZERO shiny objects;-)




  1. Sounds to me our mail discussion inspired this post a bit…
    Yes, “shiny objects” are a pitfall, if they distract from the ONE method you want to implement first.

    Going from ZERO to ONE – educate yourself, make a plan, start implementing, stick to it, accept only advice that helps with that ONE plan as long as you are certain your method will work.

    My current sticking point is neither education nor planning… its distraction.

    Cheers, Alex

  2. One single site with one single plan and all the processes needed to complete that plan would be fantastic!

    • Karl, I’m with you on the one single plan, one single site, I’ll have to tread carefully around the “all the processes”. Here’s why: as you can see from my ‘blueprints‘ post, another one of the main reasons why people fail is because of that fascination with blueprints, instead of creating their own plan.
      The desire for blueprints is natural and totally understandable, but ultimately counterproductive.
      So, I’m going to have to figure out a way to give enough process and blueprint to kickstart the mental process and build the momentum, without disempowering anyone by making it too step-by-step.

  3. Hi Veit,

    I think your onto something here.
    Just imagine how productive many want to be marketers would become if the Warrior forum shut down for lets say 30 days. Or better yet 60 days. Many would drift off and find another distraction. Some however would find FOCUS or a focal point.


    • lol, let’s hire some hackers and hijack the WF for a few weeks;-)

      • Yesss, let’s shut down WF and the other offer platforms 🙂

        I better change to strictly business email too during the day… Every day at least 5 offers = distractions.

        Cheers, Alex

  4. The hurdle for most is feeling they can be an authority in a competitive niche like rusty. Im interested in what you do.

    When you look at the authority blobs its because they focused in that and not a niche empire. I listened to a rusty interview before and he did the whole autoblog thing too(hundreds of them) but still stuck with his fitness niche

    • Brian,

      that’s right – Rusty did do all the rubbish stuff – we all do (well, most of us).
      But, at the end of the day, it’s also one of the reasons why the average person takes around 2 years instead of 6-12 months to create that 6-figure site.


  5. Hi Veit,

    I have had one site for many years now – however I have concentrated on technical and next shiny thing is very enticing so my hervey bay holiday site has grown in fits and starts while I try all sorts of other things. I guess this is where passion must be resolved to keep the interest going on one site.

  6. Can’t wait to see what you come up with Veit!
    Well put Carl.

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