The most important principle in business

(and it’s probably not what you think! See comment/question below the video)

Right, here’s a little ‘observation’ which may come across as a rant – not meant to be, in the 2nd half of the video you’ll see why/how this is a fine illustration of what I think is probably THE most important principle for succeeding in business:

right, is that what YOU thought was THE most important principle?

if not, what was it?

share below!


PS: Now, in case you’re considering getting PushResponse, here’s a case-study that highlights one of the situations where it appears to be great – it’s a FB conversation where someone asked a question, a whole bunch of people responded, I made a smart-ass remark which was based on my own beliefs, and NOT knowledge about a particular niche/market, and I was proven wrong. And I’m glad I was;-) (because it goes to show AGAIN: you just CANNOT know how a particular market will behave in response to your offer. You MUST test!) (if you want to see Abby’s page in action, click here:



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  1. Veit, you act as if you have never owned an Apple product lol.
    Apple constantly uses the public as their Beta test audience. Not defending the practice, but it serves as a hugely successful model that’s out there.
    I spend hours testing and evaluating my software. I wish others would do the same.
    I’ve gotten to the point where I have to be awestruck with something or intrigued with the possibilities to go “Early Adapter” these days.
    That does not say much for those marketing SaaS.

    • haha, I’m still using the iPhone 3 because it’s now out of beta-status;-)

      (and I still curse Apple for ‘breaking’ my iPad 2 with the more or less compulsory update to the latest iOs which then made the iPad 2 pretty much useless, ah well)

      however, in most cases it’s at least *BETA*, not *ALPHA* … and alpha is plain rude (from my perspective)

      we should probably talk … as I too can geek out on making sure it works for hours and hours…

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