The Mayor, The Billionaire and his Excel-Master

these 2 stories probably contain one of THE most important lessons in life

1) we have some friends, a couple, who are big time into “Carnival”.

Everyone gets dressed up in silly (<- that’s my perspective) costumes and then listens to really bad comedy routines (<- again my perspective, apparently there is a handful of people on this planet who find German humour actually amusing…)

And the whole thing goes on for MONTHS.

So, you might ask (just like I did) … why on earth would any sane person attend these things.

Or, even crazier – like our friends – do everything in their power (and spend tens of thousands of Euros in the process, not to mention put their life (including job) on hold for a good year) to be elected ‘Carnival Prince and Princess’?

The answer is surprisingly simple:

Because the whole Carnival organisation is one giant networking club, and once you’re in, you’re in for life.

Spending tens of thousands of Euros to get ‘in’ is NOTHING compared to the life-long benefits.

Just an example: the other day my friends were at some restaurant. At the next table, the mayor of Dusseldorf (one of the wealthiest cities in Germany).

Leans over and asks our friend: “are you guys driving home later on?” (yes, they did) … “can you give me a lift?

One year after being nobody, suddenly our friends find themselves on first-name basis with the mayor of Dusseldorf.

All due ‘sacrificing’/investing a year of their lives.

These days, anything that would’ve been impossible a year ago, now requires no more than a phone-call: “hey [X], do you think you could do [Y] for us?” Of course, consider it done.

Which brings us to

2) The Billionaire and his Excel-master:

Yesterday we had the great pleasure of having good friends we hadn’t seen for about 3 years visit.

He’s now the chief-“Excel Master” to a Billionaire who shall remain anonymous.


Well, his background is private equity, and that’s the job he officially took.

But somehow the role evolved into summarising ALL financial transactions, all investments, all … for said Billionaire. In Excel. But that’s a story for another day (which is suprisingly interesting … as you’d think that nothing is more ‘professional’ than the height of finance …. hint, hint…)

Anyway, as my friend is now on the front-line of international Billion-dollar level deal-making, he has some unique insights into what really goes on or ‘into’ these deals.

And turns out, surprise, surprise, the one element that rules them all is … the connections you have, the company you keep.

You may kid yourself that the quality of your product may count, or the degree you have, or heck, even the work-experience.

Nope, they don’t.

Connections & Company.

So when I say “you really, REALLY should consider attending Kevin Fahey’s Marketing event in April (at which I’ll be speaking)“, I mean it.

Not because you’ll learn excellent stuff (which you’ll do), or because you’ll actually implement stuff (get ready for my sessions;-), but because that’s what these live-events are really about: The Connections you make and the Company you keep.

Why do I speak at Kevin’s event and why do I recommend it to you?

Because I met Kevin in person, and we spent a whole day together, talking philosophy, life, business and marketing.

Because we have connected, and I value (and highly recommend) his company

I’m pretty sure you’d benefit from it too – and yes, you’d have to ‘sacrifice’ a few days away from the family, heck, even invest a few bucks, but I can pretty much guarantee: it’s nothing compared to the life-long benefits:

hope to see you in Mallorca in April:

Check out the details here, and if you have any questions, just let me know



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