The Mathematics Of Success — Why It’s So Hard To F.O.C.U.$


  1. says:

    You betcha. Love the information and definetely have put it out there on the net. Thanks you.

  2. kirby blandino says:

    love the acronyms.

    makes it easier to retain.

  3. another good vid sounds good advice

  4. Interesting presentation once again. As a lifelong entrepreneur I’ve done some interesting things, taken some interesting risks, won some and lost some, and been to some fascinating places. I was one of the first entrepreneurs in the People’s Republic of China when they first opened the doors to the Western world back in the early eighties. I was early into Russia for the same reason after the dismantling of Communism. The problem I had in both countries as an entrepreneur is the same as we face in Internet Marketing today – the sheer diversity of opportunity. It’s the “Kid in a Candy Store” phenomenon; the choice is so apparently vast that you want ALL the candies.

    I’ve spent three years or so in the Internet Marketing Candy Store, and bit by bit I’ve had a sweet from most of the jars. I put up loads of websites and blogs, focused on my niches, worked crazy hours. And got overwhelmed.

    Nothing is actually holding me back now as I’ve recognized the issue and am dealing with it. Interesting that you deal with the main areas where, looking back, I think I could have done better after I’d done the Fresher’s Introductory Courses as it were:

    Choose ONE area of opportunity, and Focus on it.
    Set realistic, achieveable goals and measure them.
    Move on only after success in that chosen field.

    Thanks for the video.

    Peter Merrifield

  5. Excellent video with plenty of information to ponder. You equations provide one of the best demonstrations for how distraction can sidetrack our goals/desires and ruin the best of intentions, while also providing a solution to this problem. Thanks for this perspective.

  6. Thanks for the great information. It will certainly help me to keep my both feet on the ground and focus!!!



  7. Not sticking with one method long enough.

  8. Philippe says:

    Wow! Awesome videos Veit… Very relevant!

    A quick question; Can you provide us with the form for the goal setting process (that you mentioned in the bonus section)?

    Please let me know.

    Once again thank you for the videos!


  9. I did a mediation this morning. I was focusing on what my true purpose is here on Earth, at this time of my life – just to see if I could figure it out.

    What popped into my head was “Teach people what you know”.

    That was strange, since I don’t think I really know anything that I can teach anyone. I’ve done a lot of things in my life, some quite successfully, but at the present time it seems like I’m just spinning my wheels trying to figure out all the mambo jumbo lingo about Internet Marketing, Offline Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SEO, Back Links, WP, Wigets, Plugins, Opt-In’s, etc.

    Then it hit me like a brick wall in an earthquake.

    I’ve had lots of experiences with shiny objects that I can relate stories about. Maybe I can help some people recognize what they look like and be able to take a look at what’s happening to them.

    I’ve been to lots of seminars, conferences, and boot camps, and have seen presenters get crowds motivated enough to stampede to the back of the room in order to be in the first 10 people to sign up – just to get the limited/scarce “special bonuses”. In fact, I’ve been in those mad dashes to get my hands on the “hot deals” – only to realize at some point later, that I just have another set of “shelf-help” books, tapes, CD’s, etc. gathering dust. Boy, I wish I paid more attention in school when they were teaching that learn-by-osmosis technique. I did try putting some my books under my pillow once or twice, but I could never get the hang of it. I was no smarter in the morning than I was the night before!

    Veit, you’ve really opened my eyes to what’s been happening for so many years – I’ve been chasing shadows.

    Now, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on those keys that you say are in your next videos – the keys to releasing the “un” in URAS and adding an “f” to RAS.


    P.S. Is there a market for all those half-baked projects I have on hold? If so, where do I find it?

  10. No more distractions FOCUS is what I need Thanks again for a great lesson

  11. Another awesome video! Thank you, Veit for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

  12. Uh-oh! I don’t understand the instructions regarding the back link . . .

    • Hey Mike,

      just ignore the backlink thingy … I had it up on another site (
      where I used that backlinking thing … never really worked that well, so I just copied the videos over here so you can watch the whole lot without having to do any backlinking whatsoever.

      I do appreciate a backlink or a social mention IF you like the content though;-)


  13. Hi Veit,
    You have finally released the information holding me back.

    Thanks again,

    Ron Garner

  14. One Word: AWESOME!

  15. Hi again, Veit.

    Your first sentence in this video introduces this presentation as “…how to get my mind to help me out instead of from blocking me from achieving my goals.”

    So would the emotions follow? Or would you need to work on both mind and emotions at the same time?

    Are emotions too tied-in with the GSF (“glorified succcess fantasy”)?

    Would emotions be a symptom of an URAS?

    I used to think that I was a disciplined person, capable of concentration.

    While that still may be the case, I think that both of those are more useful when short-cycled.

    I now think that focus needs to be long-cycled. On specifics!

    Focus is the top layer, and discipline and concentration are on the next layer underneath focus.

    Maybe I have been thinking — and working — upside down. 🙁

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    Thanks Viet for your Generous
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