The JV Experience

Ever wondered what that whole “JV competition” thing is about – why affiliates get so excited about JV competitions?

Well, as a bonus for all buyers of Ben Adkin’s new FB Ads course, I’ve created the ultimate “JV Experience” for you:

We have:

  1. “JV Experience” Competition & Prizes
  2. A “Everyone’s a Winner” Prize


“JV Experience” Competition & Prizes

Normally, affiliates compete on who can make the most sales.

Well, in this case, we’ll have a competition who implements fastest and gets the best results from what they learn from Ben’s course.

Rules are simple:

take the information from Ben’s course, implement, report the results and we’ll see who’s the ultimate action taker!

And there are some very cool prizes on offer! Here they are:


“JV Experience” Top Prize: Mobile Office BBQ

Even budding online marketers need to BBQ regularly to keep energy levels high!

The first prize is your “mobile office BBQ” – The Weber Smokey Joe and the Weber Compact Chimney Starter


“JV Experience” 2nd Prize: The Porsche Of The Air

Heck, all work and no fun isn’t good for concentration levels, so here’s the Porsche of the air: The Hero RC H911 – this thing knocks all other flying toys out of the sky (and if you’ve never flown one, better block your calendar, these things are addictive;-)

“JV Experience” 3rd Prize: Stop The BS Button

Going bold just because you’ve once again had to tear your hair out because that new WP plugin isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do?

Here’s a follicle-friendly alternative: your very own official BS-button:


The  “Walking-The-Talk, Everyone’s a Winner” Prize

Now, the above prizes are for those who take immediate action and get results fast.

But, just in case you’re not quite ready yet to drive some FB-traffic, you’re still a winner:

I truly believe FB advertising is THE way forward for most of us, and Ben’s course does a wonderful job giving us all the tools we need.

So, here’s me “walking the talk”:

I’ll set up paid campaigns using exactly what Ben is teaching in his course, using several different niches so you can see with your own eyes exactly what works and what doesn’t.

And no, I’m not even going near the usual “pit bulls ‘n cute babies” nonsense.

These will be real niches you and I can enter!

Now, to top it all: I’ll spend ALL the commissions I make from this promo on these prizes!

So, whatever is left after the 3 top prizes goes straight to the paid FB ads.

Meaning you’re pretty much getting Ben’s course for free as whatever you’re investing will go straight to some real FB advertising you can learn from (and by the way, we’ll do this together, so if you have questions or would like to try something out, we can certainly do that!)

And as we all know: Internet Marketing is Direct Marketing, and the secret of Direct Marketing is split-testing!

Here you’ve got a massive budget for all the split-testing we could ever wish for!

Real-life learning doesn’t get better than this!

How To Claim Your Prize & Enter the competition

First of all, pick up Ben’s course through this link:

On the download page, you’ll see a ‘bonus’ link.

That’ll take you to the signup box where you can enter the “JV Experience” list!

Once you’re on the list, you’ll get updates on

  1. Who is already getting results (and competing for the top “JV Experience” prizes – could be you, it’s simple!;-)
  2. The kick-off session when we start the FB campaigns
  3. Updates on the FB campaigns

 That’s it!

See you on inside the “JV Experience”


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