The Jiu-Jitsu Way of Doing Ads

so yesterday I had a fabulous conversation with a colleague of mine who teaches ‘sales’ (the nice kind, not the used-car-sales variety;-)

One of the gold-nuggets I wrote down was:

are you exhausted wrestling with your prospects – shouldn’t THEY be the ones who are exhausted, they are the ones with the problem after all

Great insight, and perhaps shift in perspective … and also something I observe with so many people when it comes to marketing:

they WRESTLE their marketing, instead of leveraging the energy and power in the system jiu-jitsu style:


jiu-jitsu is a martial art and combat sport that teaches a smaller person how to defend himself against a larger adversary by using leverage and proper technique” (source: Google)

Until about 2 years ago you could drive some ice-cold traffic straight at a sales-page (and yes, I still get a bit of a tear in my eye when I think back to those easy 5-figure days) … dream up some ‘interest’, send to sales-page, Bob’s yer uncle.

Well, sadly, Bob’s no more, and that brute-force (white-belt) approach is good for FB’s coffers, but not much else.

These days the ‘leveraged’ way, and

proper technique is to layer and sequence target & custom audiences

And that’s something Mario Brown does in practice (if you follow him, you’ll have noticed his campaigns unfold like a delicate dance over the last few weeks, see the example below), but also teaches in the new, updated version of his Video Ads course, which I highly recommend you get!

in it, Mario shares his 3-level method for stacking and/or segmenting your audiences, all combined with a real-life case-study of all of it in practice, so you can immediately go and model it – no fluff, all real actionable content.

I think this (leveraging and using proper technique, instead of using brute force against the ever growing bigger adversary/competition) is so important, that I’m offering the brand-new version of my WP FB Pixel plugin as a bonus – in this new version you can build custom audiences based on video-views ON YOUR SITE! (meaning: not just views of FB videos, but also YT videos on YOUR site)

Here’s a quick overview over what you can do with WP FB Pixel these days:

So, if you’re interested in using brain instead of brawn when it comes to do doing ads, get Video Ads Formula 2 through this link, and the download instructions for WP FB Pixel will be waiting for you in the JVZoo download portal.



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