The Future Is Here … Are You Ready To Join The Biggest Gold-Rush Of all Time?

people looking at world dominated by Facebook

Look around you …

go into any college, right now, and look around …

What do you see?

Guaranteed – half the screens on the computers will have a blue background and a small lil’ “f” in the top left”

Go to the airport, a train-station, the underground or a bus-stop …

What do you see?

Half the population staring at tiny screens, exercising their thumbs at lightning speed.

This is not a trend.

This is not a fad.

This IS the new reality.

And the only decision you have to make right now is this:

Do you want to take advantage of this new reality, or not?

There’s a gold rush right now for those that get it!

All you need to do is open your eyes!

Now, remember yesterday, I said:

“For me, there was one missing ingredient”

Well, here’s the thing:

if you’re like me back then I didn’t know. I had to learn everything myself.

And in some cases I decided against “learning it myself”.

I decided NOT to learn about real estate.

Stupid  £6 MILLION mistake.

I decided NOT to learn about distribution & ecommerce:

Remember the ‘skiiing’ thing I hinted at yesterday?ski-helmet-covers

Well, this is when they introduced some legislation in Europe where you had to wear ski-helmets when skiing.

Everybody thought they looked rubbish.

I thought: “mhmm, how about putting a fun helmet cover over the top of it? In the shape of a cartoon character. Or a fluffy animal. Or an elephant.

Even had the prototypes developed.

And then ‘decided’ not to find out how to do distribution.

Epic fail!

2 years later the ski-pistes were FULL of people wearing fun-looking helmet covers.

Multi-million $ business.

Because of the ‘decision’ not to learn about this one ingredient.

Now, looking back at all my epic failures (anything 7-figure goes into my ‘epic’ failure book)

… there’s a pattern:

Those ‘decisions’ …

… aren’t decisions after all.

It’s me using the ‘safety-zone’ BS of ‘helpful’ friends and family (“nah, don’t do that, that’ll never work, do something ‘safe’ and ‘secure’ instead) as an EXCUSE … and what a BS-excuse at that …

… NOT to take action.

And when you run out of friends and family who give you stupid excuses, …

… then you invent them.

“ah, that’s NEVER going to work”.

“ah, but my audience is different, they’ll never go for that”.

“ah, but you see, my business is different”.

Let me share something with you:drayton-bird

The biggest breakthrough in my business came when I had the great fortune of doing an interview with direct response marketing legend Drayton Bird.

And when I asked him:

“Drayton, what is the secret of making money with this marketing thing”

His response was:

“Veit, the big secret is that you DO NOT KNOW the answer.”

There is NO WAY of knowing what is going to work or not.

You have to TEST, and the market will tell you.

And without fail, more often than not (in the sense of: more than 50% of the time), when we run an experiment, the split-test choice where we thought “nah, that’s never gonna work” … er, wins.

Common sense and experience is a great starting point … but in the end, it only goes that far.

Ultimately, it’s the market will tell you what really works!

And BS-excuses like “ah, but that’s never going to work”, are just that:

BS excuses for NOT taking action!

You want to make money, right?

I tell you this: THIS FB goldrush is the one you want to be in front of!

Because a decade from now they’re going to be look back and they’re going to say,

“who were the fortunate ones that were capitalizing on this?

Who were the fortunate ones that were there when Facebook released these new advertising tools?

Back when it was wide open, and you could do almost anything, because eventually it’ll probably get really strict.”


Who was there?

Who was there when you could sell all these T-shirts in the news feed before it got too cluttered?

Who was there when you could sell affiliate products back and forth before it got cluttered?

Who was there when you could sell something crazy as ski-helmet covers through Amazon? (s**t, I wasn’t!)

Who was there when you could recruit anybody?

You could recruit a thousand people direct to you in a network marketing company, in almost any network marketing company.

Who was there?

Was it YOU?

Who was there when every single time, as a real estate agent, every single time you got a listing you could promote that effectively in the Facebook news feed, and be able to find buyers and get sellers, and get people listing their house with you.

Who was there?

Was it YOU?

You want to be exactly that person, the guy or girl that was there, but you don’t want to be the person who watched it happen.

You want to be the person who positioned themselves right in front of this trend, took massive action, learned everything you could.

Learned through your own mistakes, learned through other people’s mistakes, and finally cracked the code.

You finally get it …

Where one day … boom … it shifts,

… and when that shift happens it’s game on, because once you get a taste for actually getting results, seeing the magic happen in front of your own eyes …

(just look at the numbers in the last image of yesterday’s post!)

… there’s no turning back.

Is mastering Facebook advertising going to be easy

Now, is it going to be all rosy, fluffy and cholocately-gooey?

Heck no!

The FB-ad tools are going to frustrate the heck out of you.

You’ll spend a whole week doing something and it’ll flop, and then you spend five minutes doing something and it succeeds.

It’s a bunch of trial and error right?

Well, almost.

Start with the best base of ‘experience’ and ‘common sense’ you can, then test your way to success!

What does that mean?

Step 1: Take a business model that’ll work for you.

Example: the other day Dylan K. shares a case-study of his Teespring campaigns on Facebook.

Making a cool 6 figures EVERY MONTH with it.

(note: he’d posted it as a “half-assed case-study for FB-legend Don Wilson who is helping him with his FB marketing. Hence my reference to ‘half-assed’ … always fun to see someone make 6 figures ‘half-assed’ style… )

Dylan K on using custom audiences with facebook advertising

First reaction: “awesome

Second reaction: (3ms later): “feck, maybe we should be doing Teespring

Third reaction:forget it Veit”.

You see, I have NO sense of style. My family call me a ‘style free zone’.

Man, I love comfortable T-shirts, and I’m ok with it.

I also don’t like fancy patterns or silly jokes on my comfy T-shirts.

Which means: I should NOT be designing those T-shirts.

Could I outsource it?

Of course I could.

But – and I keep saying that over and over again – the first time you do something, you MUST figure it out yourself.

Because the reality of outsourcing is one of pain and disappointment when you’re hoping your outsourcer is going to make the lack of understanding, the lack of specification go away.

For that, you have to hire highly qualified professionals.

So, if you want to figure it out yourself first, you might as well do something you’re passionate about.

And within IM, there are COUNTLESS opportunities.

Just look at the list in yesterday’s post!

Step 2: Take the C______ & C________ approach (mentioned in the PDF in yesterday’s post!)

(yes, I really want you to read that first!)

And quickly test your way to success!

Where half the time, “success” means: “oh, look, this is a dud, let’s kill it”.

Step 3: Rinse & repeat.

That’s it!

THAT is the simple 3 step process to making millions!

And – thanks to Facebook – easier and faster than ever before.

Even with the insane property bubble in the UK … FB advertising would’ve beaten the £85k to £2M in 18 years…)


Now, you have 2 choices (3, if you include buying into your BS excuses for not taking action)

Choice #1: you bootstrap. Invest a little, make it work, take the winnings, re-invest.

And learn along the way.

History shows that this works.

And you’ll learn a lot.

And most likely (so history tell us), you’ll be forever boostrapping, and never really get rich.

Doing ok.

Just not getting filthy rich.

Choice #2: you invest enough to get to ‘escape velocity fast – the model history suggests makes for millionaires…

Make sure you have a decent enough budget so you can actually do some split-testing.

So you can kill the losers, and build on the winners.

Invest in some training by someone who’s actually been there, done that, got the T-Shirt.

Use their experience and ‘common sense’ as the starting point for your own tests.

Remember what Drayton said:

“Ultimately, the market will TELL YOU”.

Anybody, and everybody can TEST their way to success!

Your education level … makes no difference whatsoever. (if anything, the higher it is, the more BS is in your head)

What you’ve achieved in the past … makes no difference. You can start with a completely clean slate.

You do NOT need a list. Or a website. Or a product. Or anything else.

Just the balls & determination to go out and grab your slice of the pie!

Stop listening to the BS around you (and inside your head) … grab one opportunity, and run with it.


What’s YOUR ONE opportunity you’re going to run with?




  1. check out Peter Parks….he does $100k a day on FB(not from tshirts)….Most gurus pay to learn from him

    • oh yes, Peter’s name does pop up ‘occasionally’.

      and like you say: the gurus PAY him … handsomely;-)


  2. Great post!

    Just re-fueled my energy level.

  3. Great stuff here. I was intrigued by your reference to…”all the prospects u could want”…network mktg.
    Would u target as a biz op or the product (I prefer this as I know the pAin/solution quotient)
    Appreciate ur take/advice on that.

    • Hey Marty,

      always split those 2! Never mix up those 2 messages!

      You either have a problem your product can solve, (Aloe gives you shiny hair…) OR you want to build a business.

      send me an email and I’ll show you what I’m doing


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