The “Entrepreneurial Divide”

Welcome to the “Entrepreneurial Divide”.
This helps you figure out exactly where your HAAMS is holding you back most, so you can then tackle the cause of your overwhelm or procrastination, instead of battering the symptom (overwhelm, procrastination) with useless tools like time-management systems, to-do lists or even good ol’ fashioned will-power and self-discipline.


  1. Veit, yet another very inciteful video from you. The incredible thing is that you’ve provided it for free.

    I have a lot of work todo before I view the next video, and will probably have to rewatch this one a couple more times to get the best out of it.

    Do you mind if I share them with my list? I’m very careful about who or what I share with them, but I feel that you’ll add genuine value to their lives. Obviously I’ll send them to your sigup page first.


    • Hey Glenn, sure, fire away, the more the merrier.

      no seriously, a lot of people NEED this, but hardly anybody WANTS it!

      And why? because their HAAMS won’t let them look in that direction!

      weird, ey?


  2. Hi Veit,

    okay, here is my feedback

    The video was very interesting, but as Glenn said, I think I have to watch it a second time, to really get everything out of it.

    Lots of new stuff to think about.

    From all seven Reasons, I had my Aha Moments at “Being salesy” and “Being an expert”. I cumulated a huge theoretical Internet Marketing knowledge over the last months. And I would love to share that with others and create my own products too. But I am still a bit stuck, because I have the belief, I have not (yet) the right to teach someone else. =I

    But your explanation was wonderful. I can think about several things, where I can put a person from one level to another. I don’t have to teach the whole world. That already leaves some headaches. Thanks for that.

    Looking forward to the next video!


  3. This is very good but is to long. i like short and goes to the point

    • Hey, glad you got something out of it.

      unfortunately, it’s difficult to make it much shorter without then confusing too many people.
      my suggestion would be to just download watch the videos and watch them at double speed
      (both windows media player as well as e.g. jetaudio play at double speed)



  4. Ok checking to see if I have a pulse! Great video, excellent information.

    What I have found is over the past few years I’ve started to ask myself better questions. Like the religious(not trying to slam the religion)way I have found in the past I used to ask “Why is this happening to me?” when I should been asking “How the hell can I get out of this mess??”

    Like I said I’m not trying to slam anyone’s religious beliefs or fundamental thoughts, but I’ve found it seems to stem from religion and the educational system. And like you say by time we are all adults we have been brain washed into not asking for things. So very true!

    I also believe they force conformity upon us. And it is up to us to break free and change our way of thinking. That is my belief.

    • Hey Cy,

      this is an excellent approach, which I’ve heard someone describe as asking “cotton” type questions, or “silk” type questions.

      ask the right type of questions and you’ll get the right type of answers.



  5. Thanks again Veit,
    First let me apologize for spelling your name wrong in the comment after the first video.

    You really hit on some of the prime obstacles I’ve encountered.

    I’ve been dabbling for nearly 5 years (OUCH) and have tons of training courses and books on IM. I think I’ve gotten past the Salesy thing…I’ve finally created a good sales page, yet to be posted. As for content, I am working on a quality book for which I am an Expert. I never realized how hard it is to write a QUALITY book even though I have written quality articles.
    John T. suggested a ghost writer…who just happened to be one of my first tutors. LOL. It’s a small world. But I am stubborn about writing THIS book myself because I have a particular message to deliver.

    My HAMMS was really in gear earlier today. On a Sunday, no less, I chose to remotely connect to my day-job office and work out a software problem that has had me stuck for a while. I was finally successful. But, the point is I chose to struggle through a software problem instead of working on my e-book. Now I realize that it is probably because, even though painful to struggle with programming, I usually solve the problem…and experience the reward of success. I have NOT experienced the reward of a successful e-book or even a simple review site.

    But I DO get queasy about asking for money. Wow…I wonder why?

    It appears that I really don’t have too far to go…but it still seems an awful long way off.
    If I can just turn 40 pages into 100 and finish my e-book, post the sales page site, offer a Report to generate a list and tease customers, and put the book up on ClickBank…oh yes, and Market it…I might actually have something!

    OK…too much information again.
    I need a quick fix…maybe I’ll buy your 30-days-to-a-money-site course while I am writing my book. Just kidding…or maybe not;-)

    Also looking forward to your next video. Maybe I can audit your course and pick up some missing pieces to my own puzzle. It might serve as a carrot to get me into “my” office and working on my own business and not my boss’s.


    • John,

      you’ve hit the nail on the head: we tend to do the stuff where we can reasonably expect a good outcome (doing the programming is something where you have a track-record of success, so the likelihood of getting another good outcome is great).

      Meaning: it’s a great fall-back position when stuck.

      And that’s what happens when you encounter new tasks where you have no idea how to do them or if they’re going to work for you.

      Like setting up a Joomla site. Or putting out your first 100 page ebook. Or….

      Regarding your e-book, here’s what I would do: condense it down to 10-15 pages with just one or two of the key points you’re trying to make.

      Then give it away as a freebie. If people snap it up in a flash and give you great feedback, then you’ve got something (including a boost in self-esteem, some feedback on what else needs to be in the book, some feedback that some people find your videos too long (see previous comment here))

      (btw: regarding your comment “to write a QUALITY books … is hard”: sure, the first time it’s hard, like learning to program. The second time it’s easier, the third time …. I remember doing my first videos, and after the 37. take trying to introduce myself I really thought that video maybe just wasn’t for me. It’s all practice)

      It’s very important to ALWAYS be aware that some people will (like it), some people won’t (like it), and you know what: so what?

      You simply can’t please everyone, and I can GUARANTEE that there will be people out there who like, want and need your stuff.

      Btw, regarding the asking for money, here’s an interesting observation:

      people are more likely to take action and get value out of your products when they have to pay for it.

      It’s proven over and over again, and from personal experience I can tell you, when I first brought out my course (back then called “getting s*it done”) I gave away a few free copies because some told me they couldn’t afford it.

      Guess what: those who absolutely couldn’t afford it and still managed to scrape together the money had the biggest breakthroughs and started making proper money within 2 weeks. Those who got the freebie, either I never heard back from them or they’re still stuck…

      Looking forward to you taking that final step and breaking through!


  6. Thanks Veit,
    I really appreciate the input and your time to consider my particular situation. I read your reply to my first comment also. You are the real deal…no doubt about it.

    I will watch the 3rd video and then concentrate on completing your suggestions.


  7. Actually, none of the 7.
    Im technologically challenged. Nothing ive tried has worked to date, or i cant do them. And i havent been able to find an ousourcer to make them work, either, and no longer have enough to hire someone if i knew of something that actually works.

    • Hey Susan,

      yeah, these 7 in the video are just the most common ones I’ve encountered over and over again with my clients.
      There are (unfortunately) plenty more.

      Regarding the technologically challenged, really if you’ve got a good teacher technology should NOT be a stumbling block on your journey to making a full-time living Online. I totally agree though that the majority of courses make some big assumptions at some point, you’re cruising along and suddenly, BAM, there’s this big obstacle where you have no clue whatsoever how to do it.

      Reality regarding outsourcers is this: (based on personal experience): if you go cheap, you have to be willing to train them (requiring that you know exactly what you need done). And those who know what they’re doing are expensive. (it doesn’t always work the other way around: expensive doesn’t necessarily mean they know what they’re doing, had a few of those)

      If you expand a little on what you’ve tried, what worked and what didn’t, and most importantly: what specifically you’d like to achieve, maybe I can point you in the right direction.

      let me know


      • Hi Susan,
        Saw your comment & that gets me too at times.
        Try for jobs at $5 each. I’ve had great response from there.
        Have a look at the ECover on my site & that was $5!
        Try it for practce. A lot of the people there use Fiverr as we do…Give away good stuff to build loyalty & a list!
        In the brick & Mortar world it’s called a “loss leader”
        Good Luck,

  8. Veit,

    A lot of good info. Several areas jumped out at me as you were going through them. Being too much of a “salesman” used to get me and still does at times, but I think I have worked on that some.

    Feeling I need to be the expert hinders me I know. I liked what you said about possibly helping someone from one level to the next. I don’t have to know more than everyone on a certain subject or be the most experienced, because I never will be.

    Asking 4 times is great too. After the first rejection I’m afraid I stop and move on. I will have to work on that, but I guess it all goes back to that fear of rejection.

    Anyway, thanks for the video and look forward to more.


    • Hey Bruce, first of all of course big thumbs up on the coolest email address I’ve seen in a while;-)

      regarding the “being salesy”, it’s probably one of the biggest issues in our society — a great question to ask yourself is this: imagine working at the checkout of super-market. Would you have any issues around asking the customer to pay?
      Of course not. You’d ask whether they want to pay cash or check or credit card.

      A lot of people then procrastinate for ages on setting a price because “don’t know how much to ask for”.

      As everything in direct marketing: you simply never know. The market will tell ya.
      And if they’re not willing to pay what you’re asking for, time to look for a new market… there’s always someone who needs and wants what you’ve got.

      all the best


  9. Well, it seems I dont have a business, because I dont feel like I am expert enough. I do procrastinate and I know I allow opportunities pass me by.


    Seriously thanks, I will have to watch this again to take in more, it struck some seriously sore notes and I have known for some time that I dont do what I should be doing when I should be doing it. Why do I leave everything till the last moment and then either fail, or make a mess of it?

    Keep these vids coming, you are helping me enormously.


  10. Hi Veit,

    very clear presentation of the HAAMS that really opened my eyes for seeing what I am doing a lot of times – I am stuck with creating and putting out my product, mainly out of perfectionism and I guess the fear of “failing” with the idea.

    Looking forward to the next part of this!

    Thanks and greetings from Germany!

  11. damon clyde says:

    Thank you,
    I think the idea of putting out content and being an expert currently hold me back the most.

  12. Thanks again for sharing this information. My excusues for my english writing.

    a lot off good homework to do. It’s like you hit me in the face and awake my brains. Normaly I have to hit back, but now I have to say thank you.

    It’s about a 2 years i’am study internet marketing. I’am a course yunky 🙁

    The idea to share my experience make me feel bad because i have no practical experience to show. The only one is that it didn’t work, so far, for me.

    I’am a salesman for over 20 years, and i can say a good one. On this time i don’t use it. Strugling with technical stuff make me crazy, so i loosing a lot of time.

    I will listen to the different video’s again and take a close look to the mirror.

    Thanks again.

  13. Thanks for this great explanation about how the shiny object thing works Veit!

    Great info.

    I have never seen or heard it described so clearly…Thank-you.

    I would like to add a link to it from my new site going up next week.
    Could I please?
    I saw you said OK to someone else before, but I thought out of courtesy I should ask first for permission.


  14. Thanks for the great free content.

    I love the question, “What would I do if…?”

    A great way to re-priotise and create a back to the wall moment.

    Thanks again

  15. Love the piece about acceptance – I know it in other arenas and just needed to hear it around this one.

  16. Veit,

    First, I want to thank you for the laugh. The book cover of Dr. Phil served two purposes for me.

    1) I laughed, because I’ve always felt that way about much of what is in popular non-fiction self-help books – just stuff the authors’ have “pulled out of their asses.”

    2) I realized my fear of not being the expert is easily mitigated by the fact that there are probably many people out there who know a lot more about many subjects than the authors of books, but they’re not the ones whoa re writing the books and getting rich doing it. Based on what I know about a few things i have paid good money to learn, I can put together a few short e-books, market them, sell them, and see what feedback I get on what people like.

    (BTW, I took a screen shot of the book cover. I hope it’s OK to use it for something I’d like to put together.)

    So far, that has been my biggest issue with procrastination and why I haven’t produced content to sell yet (I’ve been giving away free info in videos and blog posts, but not monetizing).

    Thanks for just that much.

    I will be revisiting this video as often as I need to in order to fully grasp the rest of it.

    For now, I will keep asking myself, “What would THEY do right now?” and then go do it.

    Best of Life!

  17. OMG…. I stopped smoking and replaced it with ‘gurupurchusitis’… damn …. I still have an addiction.!
    Thanks Veit for showing me, an eye / brain opener.
    I want more videos….. now I have veitwatchusitis….. am I doomed?

    Cheers, Jenny

    ps:I love the way you do your videos keep the expletives coming…. I learned and laughed at the same time

    • Hey Jenny,

      I guess, yes, you’re doomed, but hey, at least it’s healthier than smoking;-)

      and yes, more videos coming up, give me a few days


  18. Great stuff, keep it coming! You know, I had a HAAMS moment while writing this comment.

    I started with the idea of a generic “great job, interesting stuff, here’s my heartbeat” comment. Then I noticed that your comment field requested a website address. Then I instantly froze up. “What if someone clicks through to my site. It’s not optimized! It’s not SEO’d. I don’t have anything to sell! And I don’t have a gravatar image!!” I was ready to go and spend time fiddling with my website to ensure that my comment (which would now be #587 instead of the #27) linked to a great site.

    It was at that moment that your first lesson sunk in. The reptilian brain was causing me to procrastinate on writing a comment to avoid the stress of having the comment read and judged by your audience.

    That experience alone made the time spent viewing your presentation worthwhile.

    Then I noticed that your comments sections doesn’t actually post the commenter’s website, it is used only for information. So the stress was real, but based on a mis-perception.

    Food for thought. How many times in the last six months have I stressed, procrastinated, and avoided completing projects for a mis-perception?


  19. Hi Veit

    It is really good to know we are not alone in this as the feeling of guilt in not doing anything constructive regards sales can be quite paralysing. One of the reasons we purchased the courses is the fact that we are not experts in internet marketing and perhaps the next course will contain the gem we need to really kick this thing off.

    Your video (as well as Frank Kern’s blog – thanks Jennifer Potpiegirl) has put the brakes on us buying courses – as good as they all are we have to open shop sometime and starting making money. We are also unsubscribing to all but three of the courses in the meantime and focus on those methods only.

    Look forward to your next video and the five steps we need to take.

    Many thanks

    Bob and Theresa

  20. Hey Veit,

    Thanks man – I’m in the mmo (make money online) niche (competitive? you betcha’! Lucrative? that too!) and I can take a considerable number of people to the next level. Although …

    I’ve always had a problem with the “expert” moniker. It’s really kinda’ funny how this came about – my mom’s influence. Watching the news, she would sarcastically say “Oh no, not another panel of experts”. It didn’t dawn on me until I started paying attention to the news (political, of course) and saw for myself the corruption amongst those panels of experts. Recent case in point – the global warming fraud emanating from that think tank overseas (I’m a USA guy).

    Consequently, I have a subconscious, learned distrust of experts keeping me from exclaiming that I am an expert – to many.

    I’ve fought this much of my life but recently, as I increase my I.M. skill set – my competence, my confidence in myself is on the rise.

    A friend of mine’s father used to say to him “Halsey, don’t think, KNOW!” I’ll stick with you because you’ve helped me “KNOW”. I’m sure that you are aware of serendipity, things happening more often than chance would dictate, well … through what you’ve expressed in this video about expert status, you’ve been a help. I look forward to the next video.

    • Jimmy,

      the whole “expert” thing in it’s different guises is huge (and yes, I feel your pain regarding panels of corrupt officials, over here there’s a bit a storm brewing because of the football/soccer worldcup being flogged off to the highest bidder).

      Even when it’s not a situation of calling yourself an expert, just that feeling of “oh, I could never be like her/him” (think Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, heck, I could never be like them, right? …????), is holding you firmly in your place and makes sure you don’t come up with crazy plans that put you well out of your comfort zone.

      The other side of the coin is of course the whole lemon squeeze thing (the glorified success fantasies) where we imagine being just like that hero and having the same things as the hero. And imagining all that is enough to reduce stress enough to calm down the HAAMS (and hence any impetus to really do something about it).

      That’s why I’m now using and teaching the goal-setting process where at each stage of your plan you come up with a measure of how much you need to break out of your comfort zone to move forward. And then you act on those where the HAAMS doesn’t go “aaaahhhhrg”.


  21. my issue is that i have the wrong kind of customers. i gotta get better quality customers.

    thanks for the awesome videos! 🙂

  22. Amazing information! Just those few videos are enough to shed some light on the issues I am facing. What I like is the simplicity of the information and its application. Now I have to plan according to my HAAMS and see if I can push the limits a little more. Can’t wait to see your next video!

    Thanks for your work!


  23. Hey Veit,

    Thank you for the excellent material. It’s made me aware of so much that’s going on with me.

    For example, I have trouble working from home because I’m always taking naps. It’s so bad that when I work from home I feel like I have chronic fatigue syndrome. But now I get it…I have to tackle a tough task and instead my brain says..”hey…there’s a cozy bed there and you can take a nice relaxing nap…” Now oddly enough, when I’m at my office I don’t have the same reaction. I think I just surf the internet or something like that.

    What’s also interesting if that I can FEEL it….like if I start thinking about all the things I need to do I start to get nuts…and SO MANY of those things are not familiar and need to be figured out and can fail miserable or have very little results…

    But your video’s have provided me a great a-ha moment. One of the things I’ve neglected in my business for years is providing a newsletter for my customers and perspective customers who are on my list. I keep thinking, “I’ve got to do it….but never do. But even though I’m a pretty good writer (ignore this e-mail!), I think I associate writing to years ago when I would be writing term papers in school at the last moment….and that was REALLY painful but the pain of not doing it (and failing) was greater than the pain of just doing it.

    Anyway, now that I have some kind of handle on what’s going on, I’m going to try and create ONE email today…just one….that’s my goal. And I’m going to try and let go of all the stress around it like what might happen if no one responds or if I get a bunch of complaints that blacklist my domain, etc….

    I’m just going to go for it…

    Please let me know what I need to watch/buy to move forward and learn your strategies for coping with this important but currently misguided part of my brain. Last time I checked, there have not been too many tigers wandering the streets of New York…



    • Hey Seth,

      thanks for sharing that!

      The feeling I’m getting reading your story is that your issue seems to be more in the “rejection” (blacklist, no response from list, complaints) area as opposed to the “pain of writing”.

      And rejection is for us humans one of the biggest pains we can experience (the other really big one is the feeling of stagnation and immobility: really wanting something without ever achieving it…)

      Depending on which niche you’re in, you’ll quickly find that no or hardly any response is (unfortunately) perfectly normal and spam complaints (despite double opt-in) still happen from time to time, even when you send perfectly good information and not even pitching them relentlessly.

      Just like in sales, the first thing you need to do is detach your ego, or your feeling of self-worth from the response you’re getting, but instead LEARN from the response.

      I can tell you, the first time I put a product out I knew tons of people NEEDED (turns out they didn’t WANT it;-), I was devastated. How could they not see the value in it?

      But then looking at the whole situation as feedback from the market allowed me to change it into something they needed and wanted.

      I’m not suggesting you go as far as the Clickbank-“Mafia” who don’t care about 50% (or more) refund rates because they make huge promises (and exploit the whole “lemon squeeze” effect in your head) on which they cannot deliver.

      hope this helps

      Btw, you should register the .com for that website;-)


  24. I am having a real tough time getting unstuck. Looking for the magic pill or formula but I guess it all boils down to getting OFF my ass and get in action.

    I am trying to work the small Offline business market and need help 🙁

    • ah, the good news is that you only need to do the right type of getting off your butt (which is much less painful than what you may have tried before… “big jump off sofa, take massive action, just to get overwhelmed again…)


  25. Veit,

    thanks for the helpful insights…I anxiously await your solution to the problem….


  26. Hey Veit,

    I have a pulse and it’s racing right now at the thought of having to rescue my children.

    You Sir, are providing a much needed insight to those of us with big ideas and good meaning.

    By helping us move through these issues, you are further solidifying a base of
    raving lunatic fans who will no doubt elevate you to a much higher plane and influence.

    You are setting an excellent example of providing tremendous value to the end user in a way that we should all be doing in our own businesses.

    I am grateful to have seen you, watched your videos, and Feel that as a result of your thoughtful sharing of this information, that I’m armed and ready to move through any and all hesitance that might keep me from sharing my gifts effectively with the world.

    I Love the ask four times bit, My HAAMS won’t like that but we’ll have a little chat about it, so we can get through it with better results.

    Thank you Veit.

  27. Hey Veit,

    Question for you….

    I have noticed that one of my main challenges has been setting up a structure during the day. So basically even though I have a mile high list of things to do, I diddle daddle (waste time) between tasks..Its as though even if it takes all day to do one or two things it’s ok. And that’s exactly what happens. Only a couple of things get done and some really important stuff like getting on the phone gets pushed aside. But even pleasurable stuff like Internet research for a new business idea gets pushed aside too.

    So here’s my question. Do you think that my inability to create structure is just a bad habit or lack of willpower? Or do you think my HAAMS finds structure confining and stressful and thus I purposely avoid it?

    I get the feeling that just making up a schedule is enough to activate my HAAMS….

    Crap…I’m probably screwed….I need some Xanax for my HAAMS!



    • Seth, invent Xanax for the HAAMS and you’re set for life!

      If you’re diddle daddling it can mean 2 things:

      – either you don’t have a clear objective at all what you’d like to achieve … and hence anything and everything seems like a good way of getting to where you *vaguely* want to get or of course
      – your HAAMS really doesn’t want you to move towards those goals, because they might just mean horribly outcomes like “success”, or “failure” or having to “present in front of people”, all that kind of stuff that’s really life-threatening.

      So, yes you have a “bad” habit, but it’s not really “bad”, because it actually stops you from confronting some potentially painful/harmful issues (see above). It’s just not conducive to you achieving your *long-term* goals.

      Lack of will-power? Forget about it!

      Will-power is pretty much useless when it comes to this kind of thing. Will-power is based in your “intellectual” part of the brain, and guess what? That’s the last part that gets asked when trouble is on the horizon!

      So, not to worry, do the exercises in BKP, calm down the HAAMS and those shifts will come (I had one guy go through the program who then came back to me one day and said “Veit, you won’t believe it, I’ve started using To-do lists, and they’re actually useful”…)


  28. Veit,

    I am not sure what is the number one reason, or symptom out of the characteristics of the entrepreneur. I am afraid I am not prepared to give presentations to groups, which is required of my job. Would that fall under the “being an expert” category?


    • Janet,

      when you start digging you’ll quickly find that many of our behaviours are based on some underlying belief, that if you then keep looking in that area is based on yet another deeper seated belief.

      This is partly because as you’re digging and getting comfortable with the digging process, your HAAMS is gradually allowing you to look in certain areas. Another reason is of course that if you don’t know what to look for, it’s pretty much impossible to see “the thing”, even when it’s staring you in the face.

      Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter how you label the reason for your behaviour (e.g. “reluctance to being an expert” leading to not giving presentations), the most important part is developing the awareness of what’s going on a physical level (you’re simply not giving presentation and it’s costing you at some level, because it is required of your job), then gradually the awareness of what’s going on at an emotional level (and figuring out what the real anxieties are) and finally the awareness of what’s going on at the intellectual level, i.e. what beliefs you hold to be “100%” true (like the earth being flat not that long ago). Which is of course exactly what we do in the BareKnuckleProductivity program.

      Personally, I’ve rejected wearing a suit for a long time, and used all kinds of perfectly logical reasons why… Until I figured out what the real underlying reason was for my belief system (broadly speaking it was something along these lines: if I wear a suit, it’s a symbol of “professionalism” and “competence”, so people expect me to be “professional” and “competent”.

      Now, if I make a mistake, then people will see me as “unprofessional” and “incompetent” (because my underlying 100% true belief, don’t even ask me where that came from was: “professionals don’t make mistakes and anyone who makes a mistake is not professional”).

      Therefore, from deep, deep down, because I did not want to be seen as unprofessional and incompetent, my physical behavior was all geared towards making sure that never happens. And one way of ensuring this was not to wear a suit. That way I could not fail in that area!

      It’s only after going through the processes in BKP, that I’ve now challenged that belief that “making mistakes means you will never be seen as a competent professional” and I’m ok with making mistakes (or darn it, even swearing on camera). And: feeling very comfortable wearing a suit. Who would’ve thought it?


  29. Hey Veit,

    Really loving your videos and where you are coming from. I particularly enjoyed the 3rd one, I felt it gave the most impact, maybe because of the swearing lol. I found them really relatable, funny, clear and informative. You put a good presentation together that is entertaining to watch. I have shared your link around and I look forward to your further emails.

    Thank you for England 🙂


    • darn, gotta shoot more videos when the kids aren’t around;-)
      Always a fine line with the use of language, I’ve had complaints about using words like, well, the ones I’m using in the video.
      Heck, on the back of Tom & Jerry DVDs it says “contains mild comedic violence”. Maybe I need a sticker like that for my videos…



  30. Hi Veit…….Man Oh Man

    What a mean guy!
    Looking over my shoulder like that and then BROADCASTING all of my faults!

    Nailed me, ;-))
    Like that old commercial where the guy gets slapped,….Thanks, I needed that!

    Looking forward to more and to see what this is leading up to………and of course how much!


    • Brad,

      there’s one bit of good news here, and I’m quoting Rich Schefren to illustrate the point:
      “the most private is the most common”.

      Everybody thinks it’s “just them”, and everybody appears to be succeeding.

      Good news is: having these issues is just “normal” (it’s unfortunate to have these issues, but nevertheless,
      it’s perfectly normal, so absolutely no point beating yourself up about it. Unfortunately, having a strong “inner critic” is perfectly normal too, so that’s one of the big issues we tackle very early on)


  31. Amazing information here. I am working around plans to grow the customer base on my website. One thing I noticed that is a problem is that every time I finish a project on improving something, it seems that 3 new ones arise on and on until it eventually looks like an oncoming tidal wave of insanity. After seeing some of your videos I can now see that it is probably natural stress that is the issue. As a relief, I am working on automation of my business.

    Another big thing holding me down is the fact that I am 20 and the people my age that I know are interested in clubs and video games and such and so it’s hard to find someone to share both ideas and influential content (such as your great vids, Veit) with, while the older crowd that is influential and great to be around judges the book by its cover (or, in my case, as a book of a very early edition). Looking forward to overcoming this with positive beliefs in myself.

    Also looking forward to future content here. Thank you so much for this!


  32. Dear Dr. Veit:
    Monday, February 7th 2011 at 14:26 hours

    On the plus aka +++ side I found your Uniqueness versus Value Graph incredibly “brainful” because it captures the two critical dimensions of Successful Online Marketing.

    I need to brainstorm/mindmap with these 2 dimensions Top Of Mind!

    On the minus aka — side I wished you had taken the time to give us 2 well thought out examples because I felt the discussion about affiliate marketing a little thin, low alcohol beer.

    Also, it would help to briefly summarize the 7 barriers to entrepreneurial success because I am going to have to go back and play it again to actually pinpoint where I am off.

    Having said this please don’t misunderstand what I am saying this video is by far the best of the lot. It really does provide a lot of real value.

    One more thing

    At the end you were talking about your friend who conjoured up the idea of his daughter being kidnapped and having one month to make USD 1 million to pay her ransom.

    This example intrigues & disturbs me at the same time

    I recall reading a book by Gordon Moore and Succeeding at Intel having something to do with Paranoia. It is beginning to feel like Paranoia & Success are Kissing Cousins!

    I have also worked with a successful entrepreneur in the wine business.

    I would say that the latter is a driven personality and that he is definitely not fair and balanced but manipulative. He is successful though.

    So I am left with the impression that the Richard Branson’s, Steve Jobs, and Martha Stewarts of this world are driven by some kind of personality quirk verging on a disorder or maybe a genetic deviation to put it in today’s vernacular.

    I can see the value of putting oneself into a back against the wall mentality but I really don’t like pushy people who go on and on asking for the sale 4 times. No is no, upsells are not needed and annoying come ons are just annoying.

    It makes we want to reject them and I do reject them even if some of their business ways work.

    Obviously this is exactly where the pushy salesman moniker comes from and this is the very think I don ‘t want to do in person or online.

    To me Permission Marketing is Just that. Asking for Permission to Market My Ideas and Products to You because I am adding Intrinsic Value…….like you are doing with these very videos.

    Finally, as for your observations about the Price/Customer Service Tradeoff isn’t it interesting how this works out in practice.

    Take Michael Cheney for example, all around good guy, successful marketer, product maker.

    I got his USD 37 product which is ok but then he sent us an e/m about having a webinar. We joined that but no questions allowed.

    Why? Well because we are not Premium Members. low price less customer service (although his support desk is great).

    I don’t blame Michael. He does make worthwhile free audios and he is genuine but then there is always another coaching program and it always cost more money which is not justifiable based on affiliate commissions coming in versus payments for im marketing education going out.

    Flying Winemakers/Flying Online Marketing Confabs

    I don’t know about you but I can’t justify paying USD 2,000 + flying to the U.S. to listen to Kern,
    Dale & Reese opine on stage and then go to the bar.

    Sure you meet “nice” people that might become potential JV partners but to me a better way would be to actually give hands on customer service to a much smaller group via interactive webex but limit the content steps plus follow up e/m & Skype support.

    In the end I would add online competency to uniqueness and value and draw a triangle. To be successful online you need to be able to do certain things your self like put up a credible screen capture video before outsourcing everything (assuming you have the moolah to outsource)

    All the best,

    PV = Present Value

  33. Hi veit, nice stuff

    Do you also have tapes from Jim Dornhan ?

  34. Your videos are fantastic. The main thing that is holding me back is procrastinating and starting over again when it doesn’t work out right. Like a Google update, so I buy new domains to start again. And the pulse is alive and kicking

  35. Hey Veit,

    Great video series, they really got my wheels turning. I have read similar information on what you speak of. Apparently HAAMS has caused me to forget it though. Now that it has been brought to the fore front again, I surly will try to keep it there and benefit from it.

    Thank you,

    Lou S.

  36. To much info got to learn about setting up web and find a niche looking at all kind of thing’s need to see your next vid

  37. Great information. Realized that I need to finish several product that are “almost done” and get them into the Warrior Forum. Also, need t charge more for a product that I thought I would give away. It’s an interview product. I have 9 interviews as of yesterday and would like to interview you if you would be willing. Let’s make it happen, would you consider an interview in the next few weeks?


    Clay Anderson.

    P.S. I will ask two more times…..

  38. Well, I just had one of my ha ha moments with one of your answers. Don’t get me wrong I did have some ha ha moments during the video, to the point that I emailed the link to myself with subject: “Watch a second time.”

    But the big one was in your answer to Janet. I’ve been reluctant to “dress like a professional” all my life except in some very specific moments when I was feeling real good about myself. I too had the most creative reasons to feel that way. But when I read your analysis of your reasons I saw a light bulb in front of my eyes. I think I read the same sentence ten times at least. I’d never related the dress part to the can’t make a mistake part. You got me there, man.

    As for the swearing, I have a kinda elaborate theory about the need to swear and how swearing in different languages fulfills different emotional needs. For example, I have always found swearing in Spanish much more satisfying than swearing in English. Something about the way you have a mouthful of words and it makes you feel like you’re actually doing something about the problem LOL

    • ah the swearing thing, yes, Spanish has a very nice, “earthy” flavour to it;-)

      at home here I’m restricted to swearing in English, so when the kids are caught saying the wrong things and it’s in German, I can always tell them that they didn’t learn it from me;-)

  39. Great stuff, Veit.

    You are right on the money – I have jumped around from one “hopeful opp” to the next trying to get my coaching business online (have been offline successfully for many years).

    My #1 thing holding me back is opening all those offers for the Holy Grail in the first place! Need to get off those lists and simply focus on the plan I have in front of me (which requires some long-term, focused effort, of course).

  40. Hi Veit,

    Thanks for the free info. I’m new at this and have a horrible issue with procrastination due to the busyness of my life what with job and horses and fatigue. I feel this is an excellent way to relax and learn at the same time…sitting with my dog in a very comfortable chair watching the rain outside my window….trying to see what I know to be beautiful mountains hidden behind the grey white haze of low clouds that obscure their view. WHICH is exactly how I feel about learning what I know I need to KNOW in order to escape the entrapment of trading time for money at my job. The information is out there, just where to find it! I work to do my passion…the horses. I love to work, so why not work at something I know can set me free. This is what brought me to listen to your videos in the first place. I like the idea of continuing to ask many times even after you have heard “no”. I will keep that in mind. Be assertive. I get a lot of spam comments on my web site that I originally created to show the beauty and passion behind loving horses in all their glorious form, from beloved pets to world class performers and workers. It’s a huge subject and it bugs the crap oua me when I get ridiculous scam comments that range in subject from porn to selling refrigerators, comments obviously written by a bot. I need to learn the technology behind WordPress, I need to filter out the spammers that now hound my web site day and night. I have stopped blogging because I can’t figure out how to do certain things on the site through WordPress and being my first time speaking to a possible world wide audience I quickly developed a sort of stage fright about speaking my personal opinions on horse related topics…even though I have considerable experience owning and breeding horses. I have used affiliates on my site and tried to keep them in tune with the topic but it’s not deriving any income so far. I do realize I need better paying affiliate programs but how to find the ones related to horses? I subscribe to a # of free information teachers such as yourself which has taught me a lot. I avoid the ones where they won’t let you get OFF their site without practically shutting your computer off!!! Hate that! So, now I REALLY NEED to get going. I am ready to even pay for a course that is to the point, has exactly all the technological help I need, and has a proven track record in helping people achieve their financial expectations. If you can fill the bill, that would be great. Thanks again for the free info! What I really need now is to get rid of the stage fright and offer people what I think they need, get the site running technologically well and get rolling! I’m tired of procrastinating, going back to work and thinking what the hell did I just do with my weekend??? If you know what I mean!!! Help!!! So far, I like the idea of earning $ through affiliate marketing on my site and have investigated drop shipping sites. I don’t have time or $ to make, ship or warehouse my own product. Found out that Doba Shipping is only within the US and I live in Canada. Could you direct me to a place with all the info I need to get rolling within a very short period of time? Sorry to get a little off topic…I’m so needy…hahaha…anyways, I’ve watched the 3 videos on this page, how can I get to more of them? Keep up the good work! Your videos are well thought out and keep using the chalkboard…visual works for more people than you know.

  41. This was the most awesome and helpful thing for newbies like me that I have had the pleasure of finding. Need the next videos!!!!!!! Thank you. I can’t even seem to pick what type of mktg approach I’d like to take. I do gather all the (cheap) courses that I think will give me the “comfort level of knowledge” to proceed. Being stuck in the starting gate is a “horse of a different color”, eh what.

  42. Hi Veit, Thank you for all this enlightening information.
    Can you tell me the web site where they were ripping you off and giving your content free?……… (Just Joking)

    A couple of things were buzzing in the back of my mind when watching the Video.
    One was, guilt, that I was taking time out to watch your presentation. many of the Gurus are telling us time is money and here I was wasting time watching another load of waffle, glad to say that turned out not to be true.
    Another thing that happened as I was running through my mind the 7 items that cause problems. I went into denial/justification why I was F**king up on some things, (an “A Ha” moment occurred, I think). I will definitely have to go over this content again and again as I suspect this is only the tip of the iceberg.
    I noted one comment about the person who said they had problems asking for money. This was a big stumbling block for me (and is for many other people) as I had been taught since childhood polite people do not talk about money. I used to shy stating the cost and when I did I would do so apologetically, give discounts and basically undervalue myself. That is until I learned that reasonable customers are willing to pay the asking price. I found the only time I had problems with customers about money, it invariably ended up those customers were not worth the time, effort and the aggravation involved. I now state the costs up front and either the customer accepts or declines, If they tell me they have seen similar products at less than my cost I tell them to go buy them, finish.

  43. Hi Veit,

    You have an excellent insight into what holds people back from accomplishing their dreams.
    I am doing Offline Consulting and you have hit 2 cords with me:
    1- When you said ASK 4 TIMES FOR EVERYTHING. I just ask once and when I get a NO. I take it personally. Then the viscous cycle kicks in of me buying another Offline course or a better way of getting clients
    2-MARKETING- Getting clients, Making me unique and different compared to other Consultants.I have recently discovered that giving away value to potential clients will make them want to work with me.
    Thanks for the videos …You came at the right time.

  44. I am the bottleneck. I am the walrus. I am Paul. Paul is dead.

  45. Veit
    Thank you for the working at finding the source of procrastination and prioblems I have faced.
    Where is the next video?

  46. What I certainly know is that I need help. I can not succeed in anything I try despite my willpower. I am suffering of information paralysis. Read, read, read and no action!!!

  47. Thanks Veit for your great work…
    Being a sort of teacher myself, I realize that there’s a difference between theory and practice, and I guess your final advice was key: getting down to it and asking oneself: where am I stuck?
    Well… I guess in all 7 spots 🙂
    In the end, all of us procrastinators must understand one thing: “we learn by doing, not by reading”. Reading is a start, reading brings in knowledge, but doing -through experience- brings in wisdom (this reminds me of the movie “Peaceful warrior” from where this phrase is extracted).
    Thanks again and looking forward to your next practical video…
    Let’s kick some HAAMS’s *** now 🙂

  48. Hi Dr. Veit,

    Many thanks for your very valuable info in this video. I wish I could see this before spending a lot of money on IM.
    It is not downloadable, is it?
    I will watch it one more time and write my main “Reason”.

    Thank again,


  49. Veit

    As has been said by others this series seems to have been make for me.

    You have struck a nerve

    I admit it I have been easily distracted and need to identify my Top HAAMS issues

    I will be looking forward to the next video and the five steps


  50. Okay. Procrastination…. Yeah that’s me on more occasions than I realized. Now the cause fear of asking for the order? Not an issue.
    Fear of being an expert….naw. I’m a know it all anyways.
    Fear of leaving money on the table? No I can take it or leave it.
    Fear of….having extra obligations that lead to more obligations Thats my issue.

    I’ve been in and out of business for decades, and one of my biggest issues is trusting people to do their part. I’ll work on that.

  51. Hi Veit, watched and absolutely loved the contents of the first two videos. Thanks for sharing.

  52. Perry Germani says:

    Thanks for the great content!

  53. Cool Music you got there Velt! And great, great, great content! I must say it is the most useful information I got on the internet for FREE! Thanks bro!

  54. Hey Veit,

    Fantastic video.

    I’ve been struggling with pitching/positioning myself as an expert in any of the niches I’ve for interests/passion/experience in. It is a big barrier i need to get past to be successful.

    Although I’ve beaten obesity and have lost weight, gotten fit, I don’t really have 6 pack abs and most people who create programs are fit, trainer type people, so although I have actually done it and have done 10 years worth of research on how fatloss works I don’t have qualifications or anything for it, but you’ve said I don;t really need any.

    Also with Internet marketing I’ve been on and off it since 2007 (various reasons, as I’ve blogged about in my blog), but have experience on what NOT to do. 🙂

    I’ve also spent a lot of time and effort gaining financial education and personal development, which is another area of interest.

    Thanks. I’ll have to focus on one area and move forward, get it successful and then move on to other passions.

    • Hey Ben,

      tell you what, I reckon it’s worth testing a weightloss for real people angle.

      You’ll get slimmer, you’ll feel fitter, and heck, who needs a six-pack anyways?

      Personally I reckon you’re fighting a losing battle from around 40 … so might as
      well enjoy myself in other ways … like having a stiff G&T without worrying too
      much that the few calories might kill my beautiful six-pack … as long as I can
      tie my own shoelaces and my belly doesn’t stop me from seeing my …er, toes, I’m
      all good.

      Btw, re “what not to do” – that’s where the real gold is!

      most of the hype out there is focused on one single success, usually
      a pretty random success, and in reality, anyone who tries to replicate
      that one particular success very quickly hits an obstacle.

      And since you’ve already been there, done that, got the T-shirt,
      that type of experience is what really matters.

      of course, at some point you have to go beyond just being good at
      failing, but combine real-world success with the experience of all
      the failures, and you will find an audience – typically the ones
      where “reality has set in” and they’ve realized that it’s not quite
      as easy as the hypey sales-letters make it out to be.

      if you have some ‘real world success’ and want to talk, send me
      a message


  55. Regarding being “sales-ey”:

    I think there’s a big difference between being “sales-ey,” and asking for the sale.

    If you are perceived as being “sales-ey,” you’re not reaching or meeting the prospect’s needs.

    When you are, you’re not perceived as sales-ey.

    Regarding “asking for the sale”:

    This is something I found out very much applies to relationships and dating.

    It’s real, and it’s appreciated by both parties, because it clarifies intent. 😉

    Extrapolate on that one for yourself! 🙂

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