The email-marketing day of death: Saturdays!

want some pretty shocking stats regarding engagement with emails?

Check this out – open/read rates of emails according to weekday – these are real stats from my ActiveCampaign account:


Saturdays … a big fat ZERO!

Let that sink in for a moment:

any email you send on a Saturday is a complete waste of time, energy, and goodwill …

Or is it?

(I sincerely hope your brain went: “c’mon Veit, that can’t be right, that’s BS…“;-)

Of course not.

That statistic is the same kind of BS as

hey, the ideal length of a subject line is X, or the ideal title of a blog-post is Y“…

Turns out:

I don’t normally send emails on Saturdays. (except today I did, just to mess with the stats;-)

(ok, I still don’t quite believe the ‘ZERO opens’, but it’s definitely MUCH lower than any other day, simply because I don’t send emails on Saturdays, but instead do super-hero stuff day-dreaming whilst standing in line at Ikea …)

(hopefully not too painful) upshot of this all:

if you want to figure out what’s going to work for you,

  1. (generally in business and life) you’re going to have to try it out yourself.
  2. (specifically in marketing) you’ll have to take into account your market (mass-market v high-end, market-maturity, problem-solution-awareness, and so on…)


“Video Sales Letters” are awesome.

They really are.

Just like long-form sales-letters…

when applied to the right market.

Ever been ‘persuaded’ by a VSL or long-form sales-letter by Apple that you really want an iPad?

Of course not!

You either want it or you don’t.

The same applies to pretty much any other ‘marketing tactic’, or even ‘Internet marketing business model’.

in the right hands, for the right purpose, applied in the ‘right’ way, pretty much anything and everything works and produces results.

This applies even the model I suggest in the ‘bonuses are dumb/how to do ‘passive income”-interview – although it’s clearly the best;-)

Talking of ‘best’ model:

Listening to a Perry Marshall interview I was once again reminded of the 80-20 rule, and how it applies to itself over and over again:

20% of the 20% best customer are your ‘super-best’ customers.

and 20% of those are your ‘awesome-super-best’ customers…

… and so on.

Perry put it quite nicely:

acquire 100 customers, and the 80-20 rule *guarantees* you’ll have one customer who’s willing to spend $50k with you … you just have to figure out what it is they really want and then give it them.

(subtle hint:

is that going to happen when you don’t build a list?

is that going to happen when all you do is traffic arbitrage?

is that going to happen when you do ‘pure’ affiliate marketing?)

So, next time you’re investing your time in ‘stealing a campaign that has generated 100s of thousands of dollars for us and our clients‘, well, please use it as a starting point for your experiments, and don’t be disappointed if/when it doesn’t work ‘out of the box’.

And of course: NEVER ever send it out on a Saturday!

have a great weekend


PS: if I were to open a coaching program that’s based around enabling you to TEST ideas, markets, marketing strategies, tactics & angles …

… rather than tell you “this is THE ONE (take it or leave it)” …

… would you be interested?

Let me know below!

PPS: the ‘best’ business model is of course the one that gives you enough time to LIVE right now.

This first video is the inspiration to take ‘living now’ more seriously (and that it’s a real possibility)

And this one is an opportunity to just kick back and enjoy 5min47 of pure Saturday afternoon “only another 5 years of calisthenics-training and I’ll be pulling off those moves” day-dreaming in Ikea-goodness




  1. Since no one else will read this on Saturday, I’ll leave a comment (just in spite).

    “Empty Bucket List” indeed!!

    So many well made points new to me. But one reminder related to my prior thinking. Where many believe that He Who Has The Most Toys when they die Wins — well, I’d say: If You have any money left when you die it proves you worked too much.

    [even if you “get it” I would doubt you’ll agree, considering family security etc.]


  2. For a real treat, check out Jackie Wilson’s version of Danny Boy…It’s enough to make you forgiver that hideuus red outfit.

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