The difference between Horse-s**t and the real world

too much crappy marketing to sell rubbish to people who don’t need it.

Got so fed up, I did this video for you … using 2 examples of “how to create an info-product” to contrast what happens in “biz-opp la-la-land” and the real world.


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  1. Horse shit eating masses! HILARIOUS! ROFLMAO! I LOVE it! Thanks for the lesson and the laughs.

  2. Veit, thank you for your public service announcement. So needed by so many!

  3. So true – but how do you cope with all the hate mail from Rapid Crush etc? It takes guts to say this stuff. Good on you Veit.

  4. Spot on Veit
    Takes a lot of guts to go against the masses !
    So true – the whole IM niche has become leeches
    Thanks for posting it out
    My solution – Get on and Roll up all the marketers emails that you just can’t seem to be able unsubscribe but they will roll up and just skim through them ones a week!!

    Thanks Veit
    Not to worry – You are not “Rolled” under my carpet!! 🙂

  5. Hey Veit –

    Absolutely spot on and totally agree, it’s about time someone brought this up.

    The amount of promotions I get over these software offers is unbelievable! A lot of the time it feels like they’re ‘chasing their own tails’… and trying to beat each others gargantuan ‘bonuses’ that try to temp you in!

    The worst is the scarceity that always comes with them.. buy now before the price goes from $37 to $397!

  6. At last, someone who tells you the REAL story and uncovers the BS that goes on in our industry. Well done Veit and….thank you!

  7. Veit, you are absolutely right (and made me laugh on the way)!
    These are techniques that are known for a long time, to persuade people to “get into the funnel” at all costs.
    Nothing has changed in terms of the process – only the tools and some short term tactics.
    (well, and wives that think you can read their mind – here’s an idea for a crowd 😉
    Love the idea of the course – will follow to see what you offer (and if I need it 🙂

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