The Difference Between Curation And Product Creation

Right, as a follow-up to my post on what type of Internet marketing training actually works, where we pretty

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much agreed that ‘learning by doing’ is pretty much the only way to really ‘learn’, here’s a question to ponder: What is the difference between curation and product creation? Start scratching your head and leave your answer below. Best answer gets a free pass to my upcoming Internet marketing training learning Veit



  1. Curation – share some great content for free and give proper credit.

    Product Creation – share great content that people are happy to pay you for.

    • Sure … but take the monetization thought one step further: why do you actually share great content for free?

      And another dimension: what’s the difference between the two pieces of “great content”? Or more specifically: how did you get to that great content in the first place?

  2. No real difference, IMO, if you are concentrating on what your reader wants and needs right now and are delivering high quality content. As you say, take the monitization out of it and what you have is that really basic truth about IM, which is Only Ever Deliver High Quality Content – and your reader is the person who defines “quality.”

    • Jackie, you’ve hit one of the nails in this one straight on the head:

      “your reader is the person who defines “quality.””

      One aspect of this is where we stand in our own ways because we think it’s “too obvious” or “too easy” or “too simple”:

      the only thing that matters is that is solves the problem the reader had when they came to you(r site). And then you can charge in proportion to the problem solved, no matter how easy it was for you.

      Right, but there are still plenty of other nails that need hitting on the head in that short question above! What about the source of the high quality content? Any difference there between curated content or created content?

  3. Curation is presenting several thoughts on one topic from other authors together with your own view on it while giving credit where credit is due. Curation is often monetised with links to affiliate offers, advertisements or own product pages.

    Product creation on the other hand is (at least for info-products) taking your own solution to a common problem, building an actionable system from it and packaging and selltin it for different learning preferences (reader, listener, viewer). The best info products incorporate interactive user engagement, like for instance your own behaviour change system.

    Cheers, Alex

    • yep, all valid points.

      but, when I originally wrote that post, here’s what I was thinking:

      there is basically no real difference between curation and product creation.

      In almost all cases you collect information from various sources and package them up in the way your target audience wants it delivered.

      Proper curation requires insights and commentary (which is based on real-life experience) just like creating a product.

      The only big difference is in the monetization, which as you rightly point out is usually in a ‘passive’ way when doing curation, and more active when selling a product.

  4. true to the core…

    The only difference is IMHO branding, and also ‘taking ownership’ of the method by packaging it differently.

    Curation on the other hand mostly delivers only parts of a system.

    You said it yourself: most people prefer step-by-step approaches (aka systems or blueprints) as solutions to their problems.

    With curation, you mostly collect lots of info on a narrow topic and get it out as an article with quite some depth on the subject. In most cases, this does not constitute a complete solution, only a part of it.

    Curation can be used as a powerful tool for providing ‘results-in-advance’ launch content. In products, it mostly hinders the process flow, so inside the product it’s more often used like a citation for social proof.

    Cheers, Alex

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