The Biggest Mistake You Can Make as An Entrepreneur

For most, the ‘entrepreneurial’ lifestyle is incredibly stressful.

Long hours, (twinned with plenty of spousal non-arousal), …

… far less security than a ‘proper’ job (and plenty of well-meaning friends and relatives who keep reminding you)…

… and – when you’re honest about, more often than not a pretty lousy hourly pay.

And it’s all due to one ‘genetic defect‘ most entrepreneurs suffer from:

the uncontrollable urge to re-invent the wheel.

To tinker, analyze (to death) and come up with a ‘better’ way of doing this. (oh yes, the world needs a better mouse-trap)Mousetrap

But of course, it’s not only your products, but also your marketing and selling.

“that’s just too stupid simple, it’ll never work”…

“my customers would NEVER go for that”…

“my customers/market/products are different”…

So, the biggest mistake you can make as an entrepreneur …

… is to listen to your instincts when it comes to ‘making things better’.

(and yes, some of those instincts were drummed into us …

… it’s ‘bad’ to copy in school after all, and the news are full of yet another politician losing their job because they plagiarized someone else’s work for their ego-and-salary-boosting-‘pretend’-PhD….)

Instead, do what e.g. one of my Marketing Heros Russell Brunson does so incredibly well:

copy what’s already shown to be working!

Simply look at what’s clearly selling well.

Then copy the entire thing … and to begin with change only as much as absolutely needed.

And I’m not only talking about products and their marketing and the way you follow up with your audience.

Look at entire markets:

What does sell well in those markets?

Who has my audience and is doing well with it?

Look e.g. at the online marketing world:

ever noticed how suddenly there is a whole glut of ‘almost the same’ products?

Last year was dominated by ‘video sales-letter’ generator tools….

… this year started off with a whole bunch of ‘video-site-creator-publish-…’-products.


Because once they’ve been shown to work, there’s ALWAYS space for a ton more.

People don’t just buy one product on the topic they’re passionate about, they typically buy everything they can lay their hands on.

Plus of course, we’re enamored with the whole concept of ‘new’.

If it’s new (and sometimes being only 7 days ‘younger’ than the predecessor makes you ‘new’), it must be good!

so, here’s what you want to do now:

Whatever market you’re in:

  1. Figure out what’s already selling like hotcakes (just go to your favourite forum, JV-hangout or heck, Clickbank….)
  2. Blatantly rip off their marketing … no matter how stupid it looks. It’s ‘best-selling’ for a reason. (we’re about to come out with a specific weight-loss product, and guess what my ‘starting point’ is going to be? That’s right, none other than the market-leader … and boy is their landing page ‘ugly’ … but I’m not going to argue with an 8-figure marketer!)
  3. Above all: ignore that inner voice telling you that “this is too stupid simple, it couldn’t possibly work” and that you “should/could tweak it just a little bit, or there…” …. tweaking comes AFTER you have hard evidence that it REALLY doesn’t work (and more often than not, you won’t get that evidence! It’s best-selling for a reason!)

Here’s what’s going to happen to you as a result of doing this:

a LOT of your worries go away!

Overwhelm, stress and uncertainty reduce massively.

Because you’re now working off a baseline that’s already PROVEN in the marketplace.

And as they’re making money with it, your odds of being profitable are massively bigger than if you were to re-invent the mouse-trap just one more time!

Your thoughts?

Leave a comment below!



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  1. And the next step is to figure out how to position yourself in such a way that you can command bigger bucks. Perhaps that means hitting the nail on the head with a bigger hammer 😉 Great post Veit.

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