The best type of “offline” client

What are the best kind of offline clients?

(Not a trick question btw;-)

Before we reveal the solution, here’s me having ‘fun’ discovering yet another ‘epic fail’, unsurprisingly in the Facebook advertising platform:

(ok, if you’re doing dark-posts, you should probably be aware of this, it’s a pretty rubbish flaw or bug in FB’s software)

Click here to check out the epic Facebook marketing fail.

Alrighty, you’re back?

Here’s the answer to the “BEST” client question:

Those who are desperate!

However, where there’s yin, there’s yang.

“desperate” falls into 2 categories:

  1. desperate for a solution (good, no GREAT)
  2. desperate for money (typically NOT good, as they can’t pay you!)

focus your efforts on category 1.

So, take this to the next level:

ask yourself this:

which of YOUR local prospects have ‘desperate’ clients?

Those who DESPERATELY want a problem solved (but are NOT money-desperate).

I’ll give you a hint:


And they LOVE emergency patients

(despite all the moaning and bitching about having to work soooo hard….

yeah, right.

Ask me about my dentist/mountain-bike buddy Matthias at some point …. poor guy, working soooo hard (and truly believing in his story….)

In my neck of the woods, when I type in “emergency dentist Freiburg” I get PPC ads like this all the time:

freiburg notfall zahnarzt

The dottores Fleckstein are …. wait for this: 85 miles away!

As the crow flies!

More like 150 miles if you use more traditional forms of transport!



That’s how keen dentists are on ‘desperate’ patients.

Now, that’s just one of many niches.

Now … the big question is of course:

  1. how do I get these clients, and
  2. how do I keep them?

(because if you give away the secret sauce, they’ll just dump you like a hot potato…)

Well, the answer is:

you get them by giving them a s**t-hot “emergency-lead” landing page for free …

and then you charge them on a PAY-PER-LEAD model!

And that’s exactly what the Squeeze-Mobi guys are covering in their “911” webinar (for which you got the link in the email!):

(this is the page to the lead-gen product they’re using for this, but if you want to be on the webinar, check your email!)

Here’s what they cover in the webinar:

  • we find the laser targeted clients who have sites that don’t show up on mobile,
  • email them about the missing biz opps with the free LP offer and
  • a pic of their current site on mobile and the new look,
  • then negotiate the performance based no -risk offer,
  • drive traffic through FB ads,
  • then upsell full blown websites, etc.

plus, they have a bunch of really impressive case-studies.

Well worth attending!

anyway, when you sign up, (or when you click on the link above) you’ll be taken to their sales-page for the templates – which are pretty much a the corner-stone of this whole thing, definitely worth getting

(if you want to have a look at  the templates, I have them installed on my server here)

Note, in the sales-thread, someone complained about the ‘white-space’ on the edge … I did have a look, and yes, on my iPhone 3, there is a very slim white bar.

I talked to Joe (the head of development) and they’re on it, fixing it now.

(and I’m not just saying that …

… I pointed out another minor thing

(spelling mistake… hope that’s not some weird and twisted form of mid-life crisis … me going all anal about sschpelling….) … anyway, they fixed it straight away….)



PS: btw: did you take action on the Yahoo-Local tip I sent you the other day? That window is still open, but closing rapidly!

And they’ll be desperate for a solution!

oh, btw, in case you’re one of many people who wondered:

“but how do I scrape the Yahoo Local results?”

… I’ve got some news for you (hopefully by the time the Easter bunny has been eaten…)

PPS: in case you’re tempted to ignore my advice on the good ol “category 1 vs category 2” of desperation:

Category 2 is the stuff that legend is made of…

… of the kind:

I made my first billion dollars off  ‘bad credit’ … and then lost it all … and then made it back … and then lost it again …

… and now I have to sell my story as a serialized book, so I can pay rent.

(quiz: do you know which roller-coaster billionaire I’m referring to?)

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