The Best Internet Marketing Product Of All Time

let’s cut to the chase:

the main reason why people get into Internet marketing is because they want to make money, ideally lots of it, and if at all possible, with the least amount of work required.

Of the many ways of making money online out there, the 2 most popular ways of achieving said dream are

  1. affiliate marketing
  2. creating your own product

Let’s assume for a moment that you buy into my regular rants that affiliate marketing really isn’t all that great and that creating your own product is the quickest way to Internet Marketing riches. (I can count those who make a great living with affiliate marketing on one hand, those who make a very decent living with their own products on the other hand requires a few more grubby paws to count)

So, the big question is: WHAT niche and WHAT product?

I’ll make it super-simple:

Enter the Best Internet Marketing Product Of All Time

The best internet marketing product for making tons of money right now is ….

…. drum roll ….

A course on SEO.


Yes, that’s right. An SEO course. Any SEO course.

Let’s take a little detour here, have a look at this email Stephen sent me today:


In case you haven’t gotten the same flood of emails I have gotten in the last 48 hrs, there is a miracle cure for all SEO woes….

drum roll please…

wait for it….

Press release…..

This brand new cutting edge strategy is 100% guaranteed to rank any keyword in serp #1 instantly…


Are you as tired of this crapola as I am????

This is almost as bad as the magic wiki cure….

If there WERE a magic bullet, which there isnt, the spammers would kill it in a few weeks….just like every good edu blog or backlink source….

sorry, had to vent….figured you would understand….

as a bonus, exclusively to you my good friend, I will reveal the ultimate top secret fool proof traffic storm method…..

drum roll….

forum posting….


SEO is getting to be like Hollywood….the only thing coming out is sequels and overdone crapola….

rocky 8000, die hard 87…..are there no creative thinkers or innovators left in the world???

Or maybe they are just keeping their ideas to themselves and missing out on selling them for a whopping $7 on WSO

Have a great weekend!!!



To which my response was:

lol, I nearly fell of my chair.

although: I’m not really tired of it all, I look at it with great amusement.

Actually, there is one ‘serious’ aspect to it all, worth reminding myself of over and over again:

SEO is what people *want*.

That’s the only reason why there is this plethora of SEO courses.

SEO courses are in a way the ultimate ‘marketing’ product:

1) if it doesn’t work, it’s not the fault of the creator, but you can blame Google for updating their algorithm.
2) SEO takes time, so before you realize it’s rubbish, the refund period is over (but, of course, it’s not that it’s “rubbish”, but Google changed the algo. Back to the previous point.

Stephen, I think you’ve just inspired a new blog-post;-)

have a great weekend


There you go: the 3-step recipe for creating best-selling Internet Marketing products (actually, thinking about it: pretty much any product …. ooooh, just starting to see the parallels in the weight-loss niche …. WL, here I come….)



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