The $6000/h Secret

When is the last time you’ve changed the handlebar tape on your bicycle?

Now there’s a $6000 an hour question for you!

There I am in my alternative medicine healer’s office, about 60 seconds into describing how this weird rash on my hand started November last year …

… when he asks that one question:

When is the last time you’ve changed the handlebar tape on your bicycle?


Big “a-ha”….

itchy, irritating rash …

… is simply an allergy to something in the new handle-bar tape.

He fills the prescription, tells me to change the handle-bar tape, wishes me good luck and ushers me out of the treatment room.


Oh, and yes, of course, he’s going to charge me his regular fee of the equivalent in EUR of $150 for the session.

Total length of visit: about 90 seconds.

That’s an hourly rate of $6000.

Which does help buy fancy toys like this: (that’s the actual drive of his practice…. the rear is even fancier, big swimming pool, nice lounge-area…)

(although I have to laugh, when you look at it with squinted eyes, that fancy Range Rover looks like a London cab…)



Alright, I’m NOT complaining.

My wife did though:

how dare he, he only spent 90 seconds looking at you.

But, just like the famous story goes:

it doesn’t matter how long it took him, what matters is that he knew exactly WHERE to look.

Lesson #1: Outcomes are the only thing that matter

… only exception to this rule:

when you have nagging wifes in the background who want to see some “bang for the buck”.

In that case, ok, put on a bit of a show.

Then charge your regular fee.

But no, seriously:

what your clients WANT is outcomes.

Half a year of itchy hands … or $150?


My wife didn’t have itchy hands.

Therefore, for her it wasn’t such an easy decision;-)

Lesson #2: Become Good Great at ONE thing

People flock to this alternative medicine healer from far away.

Because he’s good great at what he does.

And they recommend him to their friends (that’s how I found him)

Because when you’re great at what you do, you

  1. get great outcomes for your clients (Lesson #1)
  2. get to pick your clients (he doesn’t take just anyone…)
  3. get to charge huge amounts for your products & services (and people are HAPPY to pay them)
  4. you get referrals. All day long

But, bigger picture, it gets even better:

even if you had a business where you don’t get a constant stream of referrals (which is pretty hard to do when you’re great at what you’re doing), by focusing on just the ONE thing, you’ll also quickly figure out how to do GREAT marketing to your PERFECT target audience.

Which brings us to

Lesson #3: The ONE thing principle applies everywhere in your business

Most people think they have to be great at the thing they’re selling.

Like weight-loss training.

Or shed-building plans.

Or offline consulting.

And sure, whilst that helps (although does NOT have to be true! You’re much better off acting as a publisher in most cases!)

Turns out, the 2 previous principles apply EVERYWHERE in your business.

Look at my recent post on “Facebook advertising rules for newbies” (opens in a new tab)

Most people ‘try’ one thing.

it doesn’t work.

They try the next.

it doesn’t work.

Clearly must be the method.

Let’s try something else.

and so on.

Turns out:

you have to become good great at most aspects of your business (or outsource them to people who are great at it)

(but the good news is: you can reduce that down to only a handful of activities that really matter. Customer service certainly is in there. So is marketing.)

If you want to do Facebook advertising, DECIDE to stick with.

COMMIT to making it work!

If you want to use Webinars, DECIDE to work it. COMMIT to it!

If you want to use email marketing, DECIDE to work it. COMMIT to it!

These things all work.

In almost all niches.


Let me ask you this:

do you think my $6000/h doc goes to bed thinking:

“what the heck have I done all day … where has my day gone to, what have I achieved today?”

I bet you he doesn’t!

Is he confused or overwhelmed by the stuff he’s facing all day long?

Not anymore!

He looks at some random dude’s fingers, looks at his cycling clothing, puts 1 and 1 together, and boom, there’s $150 earned in 90 seconds.

But when he started out, I bet you, it wasn’t that easy.

When I started out, it wasn’t easy.

When ANYBODY starts out, it’s NEVER easy.

But then it does get easier.

Because you learn.

And what seemed “impossible” yesterday, is now just routine.

(and pays handsomely;-)

Take a minute, and think about it


Write it on a piece of paper and stick it up on the wall where you can see it all day long.

Then DECIDE to go for it.

and COMMIT to making it work!

over’n out!








  1. BrendaS says:

    Hi Veit,

    I’ve got a personal one for you. This was years ago…

    Long term client asked if I’d be willing to do a job for him on commission rather than my hourly rate of about $125.

    Turns out it only took me a few phone calls and about 12 hours of legwork. Commission: $32,500.. Which meant I made an extra $31,000 just for “knowing where to look”.

    I use that story all the time when I’m trying to explain value.



  2. Kenneth says:

    Thank you
    always open an email from you and I have never been disappointed. This blog post got me thinking …… I have found my one thing, but it’s hard not to sometimes begin to think about other possibilities. When that happens, I think only on my one thing and then I crack a smile.


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