The 5 Questions

Here’s the video explaining our new method for attracting prospects’ attention, keeping that attention, building know-like-trust and ultimately getting them to a sale they actually want, all without having to resort to any dodgy sales-tactics, overuse of ‘sales-psychology’ etc.

The first 4 minutes explain what this method is so you can quickly ‘get it’, the rest is then examples from practice.

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Veit & Matthew


  1. I watched the video and was subconsciously applying the 5 points to apply to “cancel out” objections I may face from potential customers in my upcoming sales letter…
    The message is solid.
    Answering those 5 perpetual questions to counteract any customer objections is GOLD in the sales process.
    Great video guys!

  2. Awesome stuff guys! I think you nailed it. Looking over the whole launch sequence we had with our latest product launch, it’s amazing how many of these things I feel we did right. Still would have like to get a hold of your video before then just to make certain we were addressing all 5 of these items specifically, but again based on the response and success of the launch I’d say we did a pretty good job.

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