The 2 Roles Of Marketing

Marketing has 2 roles

  1. attract prospects into your sales-funnel, and
  2. convert them into paying customers.

At least that’s what Marketing 101 is telling you.

And unfortunately, like so often, the 101 series is broken.

Role #1 Of Marketing: Attract Prospects

So, in this first video you’ll find 4 very specific reasons why you should REJECT, rather than ATTRACT prospects with all your marketing. (and how that is going to give you a much more effective, and profitable sales-process)

Role #1 Of Marketing: Convert Them Into Paying Clients

This next video shows you how to use sales-psychology correctly.

Not only is the unqualified use of sales-psychology ‘tricks’ unethical, but it’s also highly ineffective, particularly when you’re aiming to build a long-term business that generates a large proportion of its revenue from referrals and repeat customers.


  1. Alexander says:

    Hey Veit,

    The two roles are usually separate units in larger businesses: Marketing and Sales.

    You, on the other hand look to seek the synery between the two, not competition (which often harms results in terms of closed sales).

    In the IM world, both of them always go together… as the marketing and sales departments are often the same person 🙂

    Cheers, Alex

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