Here are some testimonials regarding my coaching:

Mikel Perez:


I’m sometimes reluctant to enrolling into coaching programs, mainly due to concerns about the real involvement by the coach with the students, his real knowledge of the business, and doubts about whether he will adapt (through providing guidance) to what I want to do in my business, or he will push his own ideas down my throat.
I wasn’t however hesitant at all in the case of Veit’s coaching, as I’ve been following him for a long time, know he “walks the talk”, and understands very different business models and how each of them may be made profitable if it suits the entrepreneur’s characteristics.

And I was proven right, Veit has provided real guidance to help me understand better what I was doing or trying to do, and helped me improve my original ideas, as opposed to making me throw them to the trash can and do what he thinks I should choose as my business model, audience, and marketing message.

What Veit has done right from the beginning is ask me questions, tough questions sometimes but always to the point, to help me make a clearer picture in my head of all the details of the business model I was thinking of.

Put another way, Veit has helped me start from a raw, square block of marble (which was my original idea) and step by step refine it, removing some chunks here, some chunks there, polishing it in some aspects, until it’s starting to look like a sculpture, a model of something that may really work in the market.

The initial materials he provided us with were a great starting point to make me think deeply about all the aspects of my business, without forgetting anything or taking anything for granted. Veit has also helped me clearly identify my target audience, which is critical for success. And I think he is building a great community of entrepreneurs, that may help each other in our endeavours.

I would definitely recommend Veit’s coaching to any serious marketer that wants to succeed. But he or she must meet several criteria: they have to be willing to think deeply about their business, they have to be willing to accept that the idea they had in their minds may not be polished enough, and have to be willing to “learn by doing” It is neither for the orthodox, who don’t want to change their mind no matter what, neither it is for the herd that just wants to follow a blueprint without thinking of what they are doing and why. But for any marketer that is not just goofing around, and really wants to take his business to the next level, Veit’s insights are a must have.
Mikel Perez

PS: Veit also introduced me to the concept of “rejection marketing”, crafting my messages in a way that will appeal to my real audience (that is, the people that will buy my products… happily and repeatedly) and reject everyone else, freeing me of the burden of trying to appeal to, and please, everybody. Thanks for that!


Precious Ngwu

Here’s the thing…

Most of us think we need a coach who tells us “click here, click there” to make money and succeed which is the reason most of us have failed…

The truth is a bit far from that…

In life especially with internet marketing, you need more than that…

You need someone who will look over your shoulder and show you how to structure your life, teach you how to confront your difficulties and conquer them, most of all… help you get rid of the friction in your life so you get to stay focused on what matters the most “ROI” and that’s how you get to succeed and profit EASILY.

This is exactly what Veit has been to me…

He doesn’t just tell you click here and click there to make money or succeed online, there’s more to it and Veit understands that…

You NEED someone who understands life, succeess, business and return on investment… you need Veit!

I’ve had Veit in my corner when I was a newbie struggling to get my first product out, and I still have him in my corner now that I am doing regular 6-figure launches – that’s how important his insights are to me.

They don’t call him Doc for nothing… you won’t regret your time with him – take my word for it!


Norma Rickman

The biggest obstacle to my progress has long been self-doubt and second guessing myself.


Recently, I was going through a rough patch dealing with the “self-doubt demon” when I had a session with Veit:


Instead of telling me “buck up and get over it”, Veit went out of his way to show me just how groundless my fears and anxieties were in reality.


He got me over my self-doubt it in the manner that all great coaches do–by asking me a series of questions that made me diagnose my own dilemmas. He never lectured me or told me exactly what to do. He gently led me down the right path to get past my fears and frustrations.


Since then, my self-confidence has soared and I’m feeling more confident than I have felt in months. I really appreciate that he took the time to work with me until the issue was resolved – rather than stop at a random point because “time’s up”.


Veit is someone I consider a true friend and mentor. I respect that he doesn’t sugar coat the truth and that he has always displayed such integrity in his marketing.


Veit genuinely cares about my success and you can bet that he cares deeply about your success as well. He is passionate about helping others like few are. If you are looking for a coach and mentor to help you move to a higher level of success there is no one whom I would recommend more than Veit.




Norma Rickman


Alexander B.

In the beginning I was reluctant to have a close look at Veit’s coaching, because of the fact that I was already heavily invested in another “coaching” – so money was definitely an issue.


(all I can say now is “where was Veit?”)

What really makes all the difference with Veit’s coaching is the fact that he cares, takes time to diagnose and advise what are the best/most effective/simple steps and actions I need to take to get what I want.


On top of that, there is also the accountability which forced me to take actions and learning through experience instead of just gathering info knowing that if I get stuck, confused, failed – I will get true, thoughtful help and advice, instead of a canned, “to get rid of me” or “just to keep me busy” kind of response.


I strongly recommend Veit’s coaching, because you’ll get genuine help and someone who will truly care and help you to figure out what problems you’ve got (might be not what YOU think)


He’ll help you clear for yourself what do you want as a result and why you do what you do. Veit will also help you to choose the plan of action that suits YOU/YOUR situation best and make sure you go through the required steps and not get side tracked.


Veit is very approachable and has a no BS and fun way of coaching –  you feel like you’ve got not just a coach but a business partner, someone who there to back you up and support, not just take your money and dump tons of information/wisdom on you.



 Peter van Zijl

I wanted to leave a testimonial for Veit. He’s helped me incredibly in my IM journey. When I first met him I was making some money with Adsense and about to enter the wonderful world of product creation.


The feedback I got back was completely changed everything. One simple change Veit suggested helped me sell 500 copies with no experience and no JV connections at all. All because of that one change.


That was just the beginning – my IM career catapulted after that.


Within a few months was able to fire my boss and start working for myself.


The best thing about Veit is his no BS approach marketing – whether it’s his business or yours. He calls a spade a spade which is exactly what is needed. No blowing smoke – real business advice whether it’s what you want to hear or not…but it’s always in your best interest.


The biggest benefit is definitely the drive for you to grow your business. Veit encourages you not to settle for mediocrity – but to strive for the success you’re after. There have been a number of times where I’d be in a comfortable cycle doing what I am doing – when Veit has suggested that I get out of my comfort zone and sell my products for a higher price.

If you’re looking to grow your business quicker than you thought possible – Veit’s your man.


If you ever get the chance to work with Veit I would recommend that you grab that opportunity with both hands.


It’s been a great journey so far and there are a lot more great things to come!


Peter van Zijl


Matthias Seibert

Testimonial for Dr. Veit Schenk especially his private coaching, Bareknuckle Productivity and the products i bought from him (not to mention his onlinerule.com blog with his straightforward posts where he makes no bones about the IM-thing in general)


I´m not affiliated with Veit in any way but know and follow him since 2009.


Veit was the first person i considered to be my coach because of his clearness of vision that fits with my attitude. In 2009 he convinced me (passively) with his fundamental approach to make money online. Not as all the other self-proclaimed “gurus” did but with  a point of view that was easy to follow and seems legit to me.

I had two think twice (or more 😉 about the investment and made him a hard time with all my questions about his coaching before sending the first money via paypal.

These times investments above the normal WSO range were hard to afford for me, but Veit never gave me the feeling that he wanted to persuade me- never!

The opposite was true: He took me for serious and i found a way to afford.


And boy am i glad i did! Since then my business (and my life, too) evolved in a positive way. I stay focussed and have more confidence in me, my projects and the conversation to my clients (although i have to admit there´s plenty of room to enlarge this area… ;).


As i said before: Veit is a very honest and straightforward person and knows what he is talking about. He is experienced in marketing fundamentals and often brings some light into the darkness when i´m stuck with specific problems.


I would highly recommend following Veit on his blog and buying his products. Actually i did this several times in facebook groups and on seminars when it seemed to fit.

If You have the chance to “catch” him as a coach (i know he´s very busy and can only handle a few coaching clients) and can afford it: Just do it and You will never regret!


Matthias Seibert


PS: Sorry for my bad language skills- i´m not a native English speaker, but i guess You´ve already recognized 😉




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