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Hey there,

I was this (-> <-) (the ‘this’ points to the tiny space in between the arrows) close to getting a copy of WP-Twin for a cool $297, when a quick Google found this super-awesome free tool for cloning WP sites:

which you can find here:

or, in the WordPress “plugins” section simply search for “Duplicator”

if you can use cpanel to set up a new database, then this is AWESOME!

(that’s basically the only major advantage of WP-Twin: you don’t need to mess about with creating databases)

I’ve moved several sites from subdomains, onto different domains, into subdirectories, you name it, and it just works.

and it’s free

and with some hosting companies, you don’t even need to set up the database yourself.

it’s awesome



PS: I’ve just uploaded the last parts of my new product called “Guru-Cloner”.

As I haven’t finished the sales-letter yet, let’s have a competition: the best guess as to what Guru-Cloner is, get’s, well, a free copy of Guru-Cloner;-) (hint: it has nothing to do with cloning WordPress sites;-)



  1. Paul Klein says:

    Hey Veit,

    I guess your Guru-Cloner is a product that will help anyone gear up and have “expert” status in their business to make it like the so-called “gurus”.


  2. My guess is Guru cloner would be a authority site builder along with
    a sales funnel, list builder and auto responder.

    • lol, the assumption being that most gurus make money with authority sites …
      but, apart from the focus on the ‘site’ aspect of ‘authority’, THE model to emulate.
      But no, that’s not what guru-cloner is;-)

  3. My guess is that its not a recreate the wheel product. Something that will emulate the habits/practices/products of the gurus..

    Good Luck with the launch :o)

  4. Hamza Davis says:

    Since you are no longer doing full scale SEO, I would venture to guess that you are cloning ad copy and paid traffic sources. Gurus don’t pay half of what newbies would pay for a similar campaign and you are bridging the gap…

    • Hamza, that’s not it, but the fundamental idea is spot-on:

      the one thing that really makes you money is ‘ready to deploy marketing campaigns’ or the sort: money in, more money out. Which is 2 products after guru-clone (fingers crossed this year)

  5. I use the duplicator all the time… it works great!

  6. Here’s my entry —

    Guru Cloner is a guide to be able to follow the steps a “Guru” does, and become one yourself!!!

    Good luck with the product – Edgar

    • Hola Edgar,

      mhmm, for 90% of the ‘gooroos’ out there that would be an easy guide: make up some s**t, fake some results and hype the living daylight out of it. Bob’s your guru…

  7. My guess is ‘Guru Cloner’ allows you to create multiple Real Life Gurus that do all your writing, video and webinar tasks for you, without requiring payments; leaving you to get on with enjoying all your free time & money (or is that what I wish it was!)… 🙂

  8. Guru-Cloner recipe: Take 1 part Frank Kern, 1 part Veit Schenk, 1 part St. Nick and mix well. Bake in oven for 30 minutes at 300 degrees. Take out and let cool at room temperature for 5 minutes. Voila! You have your Guru-Cloner.

  9. Yo Veit

    I think your ‘guru cloner’ is the name given to your mad scientists machine you have built in your cellar.
    Whichever ‘guru’ you want to clone, you enter their best (worst) attributes into the machine. Then after a few sparks, some smoke, and then a bit of ‘hey presto’ background music.. we have our own self made ‘cloned guru’.
    I don’t know about anyone else but then I’ll get some darts or pins out to complete the task.

    • lol, reminds me of the cryo-freeze time machine I’ve always wanted to invent:

      you enter, press the button, the door closes, you fall asleep … and when it opens again, your kids puberty is over…


  10. WHY would you drop 297.00 on wp twin when Backup Creator is only 47.00? NOT an affiliate.

    • John,

      because Jason F. is a fine example of “marketing in action” – he can sell the ordinary for extraordinary prices.

      which once again confirms that if you have a great product, but shoddy marketing, you won’t sell anything, but when you have outstanding marketing, you can sell even the ordinary.

      well worth studying


  11. Veit,

    Nothing but great content as always!

    Glad I am on your list

  12. I’m guessing that Guru cloner is a selection of tools to give the buyer credibility; PLR ebooks and maybe PLR videos and a WP site that can be cloned and then modified with your details.

  13. Gooroo Cloner eh? Well if it’s not a secret DNA replicator machine, then I reckon it’s software that goes out into your niche, and pulls in details of the top sites, contributors and so on, then jacks that knowledge directly into your brain allowing you to become a true instant expert!

    And Duplicator is great when all goes swimmingly, and you are left patting yourself on the back for being such a whizz.
    But every now and then I find it all goes “pointy bits” up, and I spend two days struggling with what some guy on Fiverr could do in 10 minutes 😉

  14. I think Guru – Cloner is a combination of software and written content that will teach you how to get the actual traffic data and profit data that a Guru’s offer is receiving and then if the offer is actually profitable you can copy all of the important SEO factors the Guru is using and possibly the content as well.

  15. It’s about cloning humans – namely such humans who gained guru status and recenty died?


    Cheers, Alex

    • Alex, you’re onto something … get in there before it’s widely known that the guru has died, quickly create the clone, who then obviously transfer all monies made into your account … finally a doppel-gaenger worth having


  16. I guess with it you can steal…oops, copy– Guru’s uber-hype ideas right off their sales-page, crunch it up with copyscape & meta-kywords,add Adsense code,analytics, etc. — all auto-pilot, then produce multiple WP sites-clones with everything ready to rock!And all under your own name– so they actually work with *your* affiliate ID’s and you *siphon off* all the Guru’s original affiliates $$ to-boot!! YAY

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