How to create and run successful membership sites

Here’s a quick overview over how to create and run successful membership sites.

This is aimed at beginners who have not created a membership site and/or continuity program before.

We’re covering:

  1. what attracts prospective clients to a membership program in the first place (the value proposition)
  2. the main types of content and which ones to use when (and how it influences pricing)
  3. where/how (and how NOT) to get members to join your continuity program

(watch the video in full-screen mode … it’s rendered in 720p, so looks quite good even on full-screen)

found this useful? Any other questions?

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A great membership script that handles pretty much all aspects of membership sites/continuity programs is Chris Record’s SmartMember – well worth checking out if you want something that makes it ‘stupid simple’ (watch the video;-)

It does all of the things I mention in the video above (e.g. the whole FB-group management alone is worth its weight in gold), plus it does it all from one place:

all the sales-material (landing pages), the email-notifications, member-management, even webinar (well, hangout) integration.

All in one place.

Beats my setup (DAP, Instabuilder, Gotowebinar, ActiveCampaign …) hands-down, both in terms of ease of use, as well as in price.

Case-studies mentioned in the video:

You can find FunnelAssassin here.

GKIC (Glazer Kennedy Insiders Circle): study their ‘diamond membership‘ and their ‘normal membership with the huge gift offer

You can find Sean d’Souza at his site

You can find DigitalMarketer through their various front-end offers.



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