Style vs Substance In Internet Marketing

as Chris Howard once famously said in front of a 1000-strong audience:
…. pre-mature anything … is almost never a good thing
well, I guess if your inbox is like mine, it’ll be full of messages from marketers out-doing each other with pre-mature bonuses for Instabuilder V2.0.
Most of them will never have seen Instabuilder in action, never mind use it daily in their business.
Neither have I, hence no pre-mature nothing from me…
(oh, how my wife would have a field-day with my abuse of the English language….;-)
….instead a thought of the day:
Do you NEED Instabuilder?
If you have Leadpages, the answer is NO.
If you have Clickfunnels, the answer is NO.
If you have any other pages/funnel builder, the answer is NO.
I guess you’re probably familiar with Frank Kern!?
The guy puts out the ‘ugliest’ plain HTML sales-letters, and still makes freakin’ $-gazillions.
Heck, he even sends me emails in 10-point-fonts my 44-years-minus-12-days old eyes can barely read … and still makes $-gazillions.
At the end of the day, it’s all about
Sadly, that’s easy to overlook when those pre-mature bonus packages are so oh-so-tempting (seriously: when’s the last time you’ve used a bonus-package?)
even worse:
it’s so easy to go for these shiny objects when you’re basically LOST.
When you’re not quite sure where/how to get started, …
… which of all the moving bits to look at first.
Because of course the sales-letter for Instabuilder is going to tell you that ALL your troubles will go away if only you get Instabuilder.
And are they?
Of course not!
Trouble #1 99.9% of people face who go ‘self-employed’ is this: “not able/willing/sure how to gently expand that comfort zone
Trouble #2: – afflicts pretty much 100% of all people who go self-employed for the first time (including me back in 2007, painful but insightful journey;-):
NO IDEA HOW TO MARKET & SELL (ideally without being salesy!)
The easiest solution to trouble #2 is of course having a GREAT traffic to offer match (TOM)
Once you have that in place, your worries truly go away!
And does Instabuilder (or any other shiny object for that matter) help you expand your comfort zone, or find a great traffic to offer match?
Well, really it’s a “no” on both counts.
Ok, it can help set up pages quickly and easily for the TOM-testing, but … think about Frank Kern’s example:
butt-ugly HTML pages, only text, maybe a bit of bold-face, that’s it!
Once you get conversions on one of those UGLY pages, boy, then you know you have a Traffic-To-Offer match most marketers can only dream of.
So, focus on the fundamentals first (yeah, yeah, boring I know, but let me ask you this:)
What’s more boring?
  • focusing on the fundamentals for a few weeks, possibly even months, or …
  • listening to your partner’s complaints that you are spending too much time, energy and money on this IM-thing and have nothing to show for it for the rest of your life?
Actually, turn this around, let’s have a change of mind-set:
  • having the opportunity to focus on the fundamentals for a few weeks, possibly even months, and gain great insights into how marketing really works, or …
  • the opportunity to listen to your partner’s complaints that you are spending too much time, energy and money on this IM-thing and have nothing to show for it for the rest of your life?
Thought so…
So, homework for today (and the rest of this year);
Step #1: Pick Your Niche. Any Niche. Anything you’re vaguely interested in.
Step #2: Do your homework. Actually DO the market-research. You know what I mean: have you ACTUALLY DONE the ‘avatar’ exercise (no matter how flawed it it, it’s better than doing nothing),have you actually gone through all the books on your chosen topic on Amazon, have you looked at existing FB groups and monitored the interactions?
Step #3: VALIDATE your findings! Using paid ads … starting with tiny budgets! (so you don’t get scared;-)skull-and-crossbones-30325_1280
Because VALIDATING stops that deadly grip your brain-stem has on your thinking and let’s you do the things the successful entrepreneurs do!
[aka: it gives you a safe environment for expanding your comfort zone and facing those fears of rejection, of getting things wrong and so on.]
(lol, one of these days I must tell you about the home-work my 10 year old got that was so free of educational value that I felt forced to call up the teacher and send the homework back signed with skull and cross-bones….;-)
Your thoughts?
PS: just to clarify, I’m not expressing any opinion on Instabuilder, in fact I do like what I’ve seen and I’m sure it’s a great product – in this post I’m addressing the real issue which is: do you actually NEED it? Heck, I’ll be as bold as putting my affiliate link right here: if it’s 100% right for you and you WANT to get it through my link, here it is:
– just be warned, it comes with ZERO bonuses from me, all I offer is my views as e.g. in today’s post;-)
PPS: feedback to the “beginners/intermediate/advanced” coaching has been interesting … I think I’ll do a classic Jimmy D Brown (if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll have heard my Jimmy D. Brown story;-) for the beginners, and the advanced program is going to be an in-depth content/email writing workshop … proper workshop with lots of exercises where you LEARN the fundamentals and layer them into your subconscious layer by layer so you can write high-converting pieces of content/emails effortlessly and ‘at will’.


  1. LOL Veit.

    I’m thinking of building and marketing Insta-ATM-Magic v1.0 (still in the beta part of my brain). It’ll come with a bonus (of course): my free PDF “How to uninstall Insta-ATM-Magic from your brain”. OK, ok, I’m being crude / cruel. No doubt, Instabuilder is a great tool. But like you said, a tool can only go so far. It’s the implementation (and initial failures) that counts.

    Anyways, yes I agree with your points. I would add that you have to realise is that the caveman in us loves shortcuts. And that’s why some IM sells so well: “Hell, if I can kill that dinosaur with my AK47, I don’t need my axe anymore”. And in the case of Instabuilder, I am guessing it helps you build webpages without needing too many technical skills (which is another reason which holds people back from making progress or is it an excuse?). So it’s a perfectably valid solution to that problem. However, and as you state correctly, it’s of absolute no use whatsoever until you use the tool within the context of a strategy that you have clear in your head.

    Didn’t get the bit with the Jimmy Brown story – could you elaborate a little?

  2. Great post Veit and a good nudge about buying stuff you do not really need.
    I have a couple of different style page builders and am in the process of actually using one of them rather than seeking another – just for the sake of it.

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