Stove-Espresso with crema, and the ‘real’ easy way of making money (online)

alrighty, did a couple of coaching sessions this morning, so here are a few insights:

1) Too many ways of skinning the cat – the $60k/mo secret

this first one was a session with Pete:

whatever market/niche/product you look at, there are (almost) always a gazillion ways to sell your stuff.

we were playing with at least a dozen ideas, all originating from the same starting point, all ending up at the same destination, but each one very, very different.

Now here’s the thing: in reality, most of those models are FAR too complicated.

Or at least people are making them FAR too complicated.

So, at some point I asked “so, do you want to hear how to really make money online?”

And of course Pete wanted to know.
And my description of the business model of a friend of mine blew Pete away … so much
so that he was tempted to simply skip all the ‘complicated’ stuff and do this one really, really simple thing.

I won’t go into the details today (maybe tomorrow;-) but let me put it this way:

  1. it’s something people really, really want.
  2. it’s something my friend built up from nothing in 4 weeks to $60k/month. Recurring.

And all it took was the previously mentioned cojones.

2) Napoleon Hill was onto something there

case-study #2 from today:

a group-call on Google+-hangouts.

Good fun, especially enjoyed inspecting Norman’s beer-supplies in his fridge.

More importantly (if that’s possible, I mean, what’s more important than beer?;-):

we got some pretty awesome results purely from brain-storming as a group.

Looking outside my office on our sun-drenched balcony, I can see the guys from the office next door doing, well, brainstorming.

There’s so much power in it, yet most people try to do it themselves. Go brain-storm!

The secret is motivational quotes

(lol, and of course “‘The Secret’ is motivational quotes” would’ve been another stellar headline…)

Back to the session with Pete

Now, looking at all those options, we had a good ol’ look at what’s hot and what’s not on FB.

Turns out, motivational quotes are THE thing to have.

People LOVE them. They comment on them. They share them. They like them.


How about instead of getting a non-stop fix of motivational quotes, these people took some directed action? The results they’d be getting would be far more empowering and motivating than any ol’ motivational quote!

But, as we all know, selling the idea of “get yer arse into gear and take some action” is far harder than “hey, here are some great quotes, they’ll get you totally motivated, and you’ll feel good. And, if you consume enough of them, the Universe is going to sort out everything else for you”.

(wondering if I’m grumpy because my espresso has no crema…. incidentally, just ordered this baby: which apparently makes real espresso with a real crema on your stove (if you speak German, check it out on the German site, this thing has 100+ raving reviews! Anyway, I’ll keep you up-to-date, should be ready to rock by end of this week)

Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead: Recipe For Success

  1. The simplest way to skin the cat is probably good enough
  2. noone is going to steal your idea. Go brainstorm as much as you can
  3. make sure you have crema on your espresso. Then take some action – this will motivate you more than anything else.
  4. If you want some more motivation (and some guidance thrown in for good measure), heck, check out our coaching, it might just be for you.



PS: which of the 3 points is YOUR main stumbling block, and why?



  1. Number One, without a doubt. I overcomplicate stuff.

    I can’t seem to get the “One problem, one solution” goal down. On any given topic, I can come up with 100 problems and 1000 solutions. I think I need a vat of sauerkraut to the head to snap out of it.

  2. James Woodfield says:

    “How about instead of getting a non-stop fix of motivational quotes, these people took some directed action?” How true, how empowering! I think I’ll get a coffee and read that one again.

  3. Bialetti is the best! You can’t go wrong with their espresso makers. Let me know how the crema works out – I use their espresso makers several times per week …

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