Stop Flinging Cheap Traffic In The Hope Some Of It Will Stick!


just got a JV email  from Don Wilson saying that his FB Ads Cracked launch has gone past $250.000 in  sales.

A quarter of a million bucks.

With a single launch.


And educational.

So, here we go:

Q: can you make a big splash with a single product like they tell you?

A: Absolutely. But, what they’re not telling you is this:
Don did build up to this level over a loooong time.

Tiny baby-steps, and a lot of persistence.

And pig-headed determination.

Q: how come he gets away with charging $297 on what is pretty much a forum launch (i.e. we’re used to $7-$17 launches)?

A: Positioning. Meaning: Don is known for one thing, and one thing only. And that makes him the “go to” expert.

And experts can charge more!

The moment you start with

“hey,  I want to do *something*/*anything*,

you’re in trouble.

You’re no longer THE go-to person for that one thing.

(note: personally, I haven’t made enough of an effort to position myself as THE go-to guy when it comes to “getting s**t done”. I’ll go into the reasons another time, but one of them has to do with the very next question)

Q:  why is this thing selling like hot-cakes, when it’s only a little over an hour of video-content and a couple of simple tools you only recently could’ve picked up on the WF for $17?

A: because it’s something people WANT. the end!
Yes, you could argue that it’s all of Don’s wisdom (and he’s an expert after all, see point #1 above), condensed into a short video course.

But really, his offer is a fantastic example of a great traffic-to-offer match – the WF crowd LOVE traffic, especially super-cheap or free traffic.

Don delivers exactly that, nothing else.

Note: Don is not selling what people NEED, (which is very, very different, it’s definitely NOT traffic), he is selling what they WANT!

Please get this into your head, no matter how much you *know* that people NEED something else.

People buy the things they WANT to buy!

so, why didn’t I ‘promote’ it?

well, because it’s not something most people NEED.

Just because people want crack-cocaine, I’m not going to sell it – or even recommend it – to them.

Ok, ok, maybe that’s exaggerating a little bit, and I’m sure the course in itself is probably good (in fact, I’ll buy it myself and see if there’s anything really new in there, right after writing this) – but the VAST majority of people don’t NEED it.

Traffic, as bizarre as it sounds is pretty much the LAST thing you need.

After figuring out what people want (sorry: WANT)

After TESTING and refining your offer (with a tiny trickle of traffic, all of which can be ‘diverted’ manually)


Because that way you figure out how to provide VALUE, instead of pretty much spamming a traffic source in the hope that some of it in some drunken stupor clicks on your link and buys the stuff you’ve put in front of it.

Now, just to be clear:

with this approach of not promoting what people WANT, I’m leaving a LOT of money on the table.

But, that’s a conscious decision I’ve made!

At the moment my kids don’t quite grasp what I’m really doing with this whole ‘online’ thing, but when they’re old enough I want them to be able to proudly tell their friends what their dad does.

Anyway, end of rant.

Which incidentally isn’t aimed at Don at all.

In the right hands, having FB traffic can deliver pretty solid results.

The other day I saw some stats on FB vs Google PPC traffic: apparently FB was in the region of $4 return on every $1 spent.

But Google PPC was $7 return on every $1 spent.

But then, mastering Google PPC is I guess even scarier, as you’re not dealing with $0.01 clicks, but potentially many dollars for a single click.

Meaning you better make dang sure you have a solid understanding what people want (er, WANT), and you’ve optimized your offer.

Or in the words of Drayton Bird:

I have noticed that there has never been a shortage of tools; just a shortage of people who take the trouble to learn to use them

have a wonderful weekend


PS: think about the “positioning” part: there’s hardly anything new in the IM space (or probably the rest of the world). So, these days there’s a LOT of effort that goes into ‘positioning’.

As an exercise, look at just a few emails in your inbox (seriously, open your email now).

Most of them will get you all fired up with massive claims, blind bullets, and all kinds of exciting hoopla.

And when you then check it out, it’s well, sometimes rubbish, usually ok, and rarely outstanding and truly new. Really, there aren’t that many ‘secrets’, but with enough ‘positioning’, everything and anything can be turned into a really juicy secret.

However, this is where the good ol’ RAS comes into play … positioning is also playing with perspective … more on that another time



  1. Awesome reminder of what is important – WANT not needs! Thanks

    • yup, and very easy to forget, especially when you’re an “expert” or selling services:

      easy enough to bombard your prospects with your insights and the stuff they *should* be doing, but, really, at that point most of them care only about one thing: the thing they already know they WANT.

      Glenn Livingston put it nicely the other day: “if you want to make millions, sell to the masses & sell them what they WANT. Forget about educating the educated….” Sad, but true.


  2. I have a bunch of tools I don’t know how to use, including a lot of FB stuff. I have time to buy them, but I don’t have time to learn them. Crazy, eh?

    Thanks, Veit. You saved me $297.

  3. I hope this is the beginning of a chat about trying to sell other “services” that may have a greater value than making us feel we can now make money because we have the latest toys. Otherwise it is just a little sad that we have created little more than an online shopping mall… sad, but probably true.
    As an aside I can’t find the 5 question survey 🙁

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