steak – yes, that’s the title. STEAK!

Forget about search-engine optimization, sometimes you need to call a thing what it is.

Like an ode to steak.

So, yesterday, my neighbour Carsten comes over with … a bag full of steak.

Here’s the conversation:

“Veit, this thing is grass-fed, 100% organic, from the meadows of the Black Forest. I usually cook it as a Sauerbraten, but hey, I cut a few slices off, so if you want to do a BBQ….”

In case you don’t know it:

Sauerbraten means: you marinate your low-grade cut for a very long time in vinegar to break down the gristle.

Then you boil the living daylight out of it … to break down the gristle some more.

“Mhmm, Carsten, I appreciate it, but

a) I’m not that much into grass-fed cow … gimme a corn-fed cow any time of the day. Just tastes better. And
b) if it’s a cut that’s good for making a Sauerbraten, well, it’s gonna be tough, tough, tough …”

Well, gift hourse, mouth, don’t wanna piss of neigbour too much, ‘n all that good stuff …

I go out and buy myself a Turkey leg.

Just in case.

Well, actually, as the main dish (*)

and think to myself

“ah well, I’ll throw the grass-fed-vinegar-soaking-thing on … and if when it turns out like I expect it to, namely pure tough rubberiness … I’ll just throw it in a pot tomorrow and boil the heck out of it….”

So here we go:

Coals hot. Check.

Turkey leg on. Check.

Steak grass-fed nonsense on. Ah well…

30 secs one side. Check. (what good can possibly come of this?)

Flip (if you need the definition of “going through the motions”, this is it)

30 secs other side. (whatever …)

Rest for 3 mins. (but only because the Turkey leg needs some tender love ‘n care)

Reluctant first cut …

and …

well, here you go:

Carsten should go to jail.

No, not via ‘go’, and not collecting $4000.


straight there.

and only when he’s ready to NEVER, EVER put this kinda cut of beef in vinegar … and then boil it for 2.5 days … will he ever see the light of day again!

sometimes you just gotta say “to h&*$ with SEO, it’s just STEAK!”

over ‘n out.


(*) PS: in case you’re wondering …

… the Turkey leg was a bit of a random discovery … got one a while ago …

… put it on the BBQ …

… forgot about it …

… it slow-cooked all night …

… and next morning …

… mmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmm. Ah well, that’s a story for another day.

(and yes, that’s the biggest model Weber BBQ you can get … that Turkey leg is going to feed me for a couple of days …)




  1. Norma Rickman says:

    I may fly to Germany myself and have Carsten arrested for serious beef abuse. No one here in Alberta would stand for such treatment of their major food group.

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