Starting from scratch? The right way to get going with Internet Marketing!

had a conversation with Dana this morning, and it went a little like this:

Dana’s response to my question what she’s up to Internet-Marketing wise (and what she needs help with)


Actually, I buy tax deed properties online 😉 using my retirement funds, but since I can’t LIVE on those returns (the money and all profits have to go back into the retirement account until I retire!), I’ve turned to internet marketing in hopes of replacing my income.

I’m just starting!

I know, I sound like EVERYONE else out there, although I’m not living in my car or down to my very last dollar.

I’m a systems engineer and software tester, have a husband and young daughter, but I don’t have the time and freedom I’d like.

Oh yea, and I do actually learn and implement new things.

I learned tax deed investing online in Jan 2013 and went on to buy and flip 3 houses last year.

On to IM….after exploring a ton of information online, I’ve concluded I could spend all my time chasing the next IM product if I’m not careful.

So, I decided I should focus on building a high quality email list and a great funnel.

I like your model, as it makes a lot more sense to me.

I believe the best method is to educate and offer solutions to problems, then people ASK to buy from you.

I hate being SOLD, UPSOLD, DOWNSOLD, etc., so I don’t think others enjoy it either.

I’m starting from scratch, so I need something of quality to give away to gain opt-ins and I need a funnel to send them to.

Honestly, I’m not sure what I need help with yet.

I’d planned to use Solo ads and Facebook Newsfeed to get people to my squeeze page.

I like the health, fitness, nutrition area as it’s a personal interest and I can easily create interesting information to share in a newsletter.

I’m certainly open to any suggestions and I was also interested in the funnel training you mentioned in one of your videos if you still plan to do that.

Thanks again for the note!



My response

Hey Dana,

nice to hear from people who actually have a plan;-)

Right: solos … mhmm, mhmm… at least in the IM space they are of really low quality (aka: no plan, chase the shiny thing). Sure, you can make a lot of money selling junk to junkies, but hey, life’s too short (IMO) for that.

FB Newsfeed, much better idea. (IMO;-)

Here’s my take:

figure out ONE thing people really WANT, then give it to them:


You can quickly & easily test this with FB newsfeed ads, and once you hit upon something your prospects respond to, run with it.

I give you an example:

personally, I’ve been doing & teaching IM for 7 years now.

The *doing* part is easy, fun & profitable.

The *teaching* part, boy, oh, boy … as I’m doing 100% ethical stuff only and would never sell junk, I end up teaching *solid fundamentals*.

Well, guess what?

People don’t WANT solid fundamentals (even though they NEED them).

What they WANT is the latest & greatest.

(same in pretty much any market, and hey, I’m guilty of wanting magic solutions as well … if there’s a shortcut, I’ll take it)

Anyway, the other day I mention to my list that I’d lost 22lbs in 30 days … and I was going to show them on a webinar how I did it.

I’ve NEVER had that many people on a call!

as in: people WANT a magic weight-loss solution, they do NOT want solid fundamentals.

If you can wrap your head around that one (intellectually speaking) ‘simple’ concept, you’re more than half-way there:

give people what they WANT.

Meaning: forget about what you KNOW (especially what you KNOW is best for them = the stuff they NEED)…

… instead: use FB newsfeed ads to quickly figure out what they WANT.

then sell that to them…. and in the process of delivering the thing they want, you ‘sneak’ in the thing they NEED.

Everybody wins;-)

And guess what, the thing I just typed above, … very few people WANT to hear it. (although, in my *opinion*;-) they NEED it …




  1. YES the big ones are Dating, Health and Wealth, so health, fitness, nutrition fit in, BUT you are competing with a billion people so your reach will be mostly social.

    Veit is right about giving your audience what they want but it is a bit generic isn’t it.

    My take on this is like writing a book, write about what you know and aim it at people who can relate to you. The answer for Dana is right there:

    Audience : Busy Mothers looking to make money on the side or relieve boredom
    Offering: How to grow your retirement funds with tax deed properties

    You are a busy mom and you will be creating a list of like minded people (by aiming at the same demographic) with similar issues, develop the niche then also you can lead them into IM, but in a safe way with coaching. E.G. You do a good course on making money with Amazon, you then “turn what you learn” into a coaching course for a limited number of people.

    Your technical skills mean that you can provide them with a platform such as hosting, design etc as required. You would ideally outsource a lot of this.

    You can create a membership site quite easily and take people through different levels and different niches.

    So yes weightloss fitness and nutrition are great, but you are competing with very influential people worldwide and who are you in that space, just another person with a bit of a personal take, but no real authority.

    It is a bit like when your daughter says she wants to be a Fashion Designer, you have to ask her whether she is at least the best in her class, her year and her school, how else will she compete with the world or even in her local market.

    Oh and Veit, the main reason we attended your weightloss webinar was not to find out how to lose weight, it was morbid curiousity at someone skinny thinking he had a weight loss problem and then gasping at him telling his audience to drink animal piss (did you ever send out the reply of that, was such a classic, much better than last weeks inner circle webinar!!!).

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