SEO is like marrying that hot girl you saw in the sauna

So the other day we are in the sauna when my gym-buddy Sebastian points out a seriously attractive lady over in the corner.

I fall in love. Instantly!

Next thing I know, we’re planning our wedding – goodness, I love this woman, she lets me even pick the food for the reception (we are having a whole spit-roast ox…)


… There are 2 things VERY wrong with this scenario!

  1. you just don’t go from seeing something sexy to planning a wedding in one single step, and of course – even more importantly –
  2. I’m in a COMMITTED relationship, so nooooooo, I’m not jumping ship just because someone looks hot.

And yet that’s PRECISELY how most people approach SEO and Internet marketing:

The current “hot” topic is private blog networks (PBN) – and if no one has pointed that out to you yet, you obviously don’t have any good online “buddies”;-)

PBNs help you with your search engine rankings, which is nice.


The vast majority of people who are buying various PBN products and services, haven’t even picked a niche in which they are going to do their marketing.

They don’t even know if the niche they may eventually pick, is even suited to doing SEO!

And yet, just because their good online buddy/favourite guru told them “it’s hot”, they are proposing instant marriage.

Now of those who are left, those who have already picked a niche, the vast majority are struggling “to make it work” and they’re jumping from one thing to another.…

… Instead of COMMITTING to one method and making it work.

Which leaves a rather small percentage of buyers who are really a good fit for the various PBN products and services that are suddenly hitting the market:

They have

  1. verified that the keywords they are about to target are indeed PROVEN buying keywords
  2. traffic methods in place along with a proven sales funnel that ensure the survival of the business, even if the promised “SEO traffic avalanche” doesn’t materialise, and
  3. both the patience and funds to build up solid SEO rankings and hence traffic over time, a.k.a. they see SEO traffic as “icing on the cake” instead of “the only form of survival because the FREE is the only thing I can afford”

So if you are one of the few where it actually makes sense to have a PBN, today marks the release of a product called cloudPBN.

Is it good?

Yes, I have played with that and it looks solid, but more importantly none other than Stephen Floyd gives it an enthusiastic double thumbs up.

Which is good enough for me, no need to ask any more questions.

In case you’re not familiar with Stephen, he is the guy people turn to when even the “gurus” can’t help them any more (this screenshot is from one of the largest PBN groups on Facebook)

Stephen FLoyd admin of PBN week group

So IF cloudPBN is a good fit for you, and IF you want to get it through my link, I have twisted Stephen’s arm, and he is going to do a “how to really do PBNs” course just for us.

Simply get cloudPBN through this link

And you’ll find the bonus inside the JVzoo portal!



PS: over the coming days you may hear or read this:

“Private blog networks have always been THE most efficient way to dominate the Google search results, they are the easiest way to rank any site or any video. It’s just that simple – and every SEO knows that.”

Debatable, to say the least! I guess we will cover that on the bonus webinar with Stephen as well.

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  1. If they can only afford FREE, then PBNs are definitely not for them…
    …and they still believe in the folly that SEO is ‘free’, whic it is NOT!
    SEO costs time, work effort and if it’s massive, then also money for linklists, tools, outsourcers etc.

    Cheers, Alex

  2. The whole problem is this. If these work so damn well, then why are they selling it for $20, $40, or ever $500? Why not rank and set up affiliate links for a site where they can make thousands of dollars a month or day? Ask yourself that question and answer it. Then you will find out why they are all ultimately are/// “_

    • Well, although there may be an element of truth in what you’re saying, if they know what they’re doing (and I believe they do), then the $20 item is simply the front end they use for lead generation.

      Countless affiliates promoting for them, sending them tons of traffic, these are all new buyers on the list!

  3. Trouble is looking at the video and pausing it on the generated content – it’s complete rubbish. I just cannot get my head around the fact that this will still come back at you in some way. I keep reading punting out rubbish content that fails to give any form of quality was yesteryear and we have to get with what the search engines want.

    • Grahame, although I am 100% with you when it comes to NOT using auto generated rubbish, fact is: that’s what people WANT.

      And rule number one of marketing is to give people what they WANT, not what you know they NEED. Sad, but true.

      In most cases, SEO is “traffic for sloppy marketers”, those who cannot/will not make the effort to build a highly converting sales funnel that works with paid traffic.

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