SEO is like making love – Interview with Ben Hunt

alrighty, lots of lovely take-aways for anyone who is struggling to establish a ‘real’ presence on the Internet.web design from scratch expert Ben Hunt

In today’s interview I’m speaking with Ben Hunt of about how he got started (and how he managed to get his site to 5000 daily visitors, all from free traffic).

You’ll particularly like his insights as to why SEO is like making love, and how building a business is pretty much like building a fire.

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(you can download the audio by right-clicking here)



PS: what are YOUR main takeaways? Leave a comment below!




  1. I’m listening to the interview and Ben is sounding good but every time Veit speaks it breaks up terribly, almost like he’s standing in a windstorm or something – do you think you should try a windscreen on your mic, get it further from your mouth, change the level you were recording at? Sorry to be picky – kaizen, ya know.

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