SEO Done Right

In this in-depth “how to do SEO right” training, you’ll discover:

  1. real case-studies of sites that were hit hard by the Pingu-Panda-Google-zoo, with all the juicy details (including the backlinking used, the monetization used and so on), so you can make sure you never run into trouble with Google
  2. why the lure of “free” in “free SEO traffic” is about as evil as the ring in the Lord of the Rings – it leads 99% of website-owners down the wrong path! Discover the right way of doing SEO (from the ground up)
  3. the right way to use the Google Keyword tool (again, most people get this backwards, and the case-study in this training will bring tears to your eyes when you realize how much time and effort you’ve probably wasted in the past)
  4. The exact 3 criteria for evaluating any market/niche before entering it
  5. The 5-step process for building an evergreen income stream in any niche


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