SDA – The True Secret To Success

So, over the last few days my inbox is flooded with all kinds of “must have” offers, like yet another email autoresponder tool, another page-builder, another ecom-inspector to find the latest ‘hidden, undiscovered’ gem in the Aliexpress world, the latest this, that and the other.

So, here’s my wee lil’ rant:

stop dickin’ about (SDA), ignore pretty much all of that, and get going.

Here’s the recipe, in case you’re wondering: To succeed with online marketing you need

  1. landing pages. Get yourself a tool you’re comfortable with, spend a couple of hours actually going through the documentation. If the tool can do landing pages, and – added bonus – thank-you pages, that’s probably all you need.
    SDA with the latest & greatest – it’s just a distraction from your real job: figuring out what offers convert.
  2. an email autoresponder. Let me ask you this: do you truly believe that your email/subscriber list is your biggest and most important asset? If so, SDA with the latest & greatest self-hosted, or new cloud-hosted autoresponder service – that’s the equivalent of having unprotected sex with random strangers in the alley behind a seedy nightclub … usually doesn’t last long, and tends to come with all kinds of nasty surprises. Just get yourself one of the ‘big’ hosted providers, and be done with it.
  3. ‘traffic’: aka: visitors to your landing pages, so they can sign up to your email list. SDA with ‘free’ or low-cost strategies like SEO, solo-ads, penny-clicks etc. Low cost in almost all cases means: either nobody else has managed to make it work (and therefore it’s cheap), or it’s not cheap at all because it requires a ton of work (as is the case e.g. with SEO). Instead, set aside a few bucks for FB/YT/IG ads and be done with it.
  4. a great offer: SDA with the latest & greatest ‘research’, niche-identifier, ninja-hidden-gold BS tool. Reality: 99.999% of all ‘winners’ have already been discovered. Your job is to take one where you can provide value, then add your own unique positioning to it. And with that, you attract (via traffic that goes to your landing pages) prospective clients who then sign up to your email list … and if you keep providing value, you’ll live happily ever after. Especially, when you combine this strong offer with
  5. Digital Products: it’s all about ‘providing REAL value’, so SDA with PLR, hyped-up promises, or all kinds of tricks to get people to hand over their contact information, and later on hard-earned cash. A great offer works best when combined with a great digital product – no matter how big or small (in fact, for ‘capturing emails, it should be either extremely small (super-easy to consume), or extremely big (massive thud-factor)). Learn how to create fast ‘n easy, high-value digital products, and now you don’t only live happily ever after, you’re also loved happily ever after.

Once you have those tools, all you need to add is a healthy dose of “stick-with-it-iness”, and I guarantee, you will succeed!

The end


PS: If you want to know what I use:


  1. Walter Bayliss says:

    yep! 100% agreed.

  2. Simon Jones says:

    So true Veit.

  3. Email suddendly takes on a whole new meaning:

    an email autoresponder; equivalent of having unprotected sex with random strangers

    modify spelling: emale

    e = energetic, epic, elongated, everlasting (in your dreams!;))), effortless!! & my favourite EXCITABLE!!!

    Given the theme of your blog, I thought I would add value to the SDA idea:

    Sex Done Annomously Gosh I can’t wait to talk to Bindi about this!… 🙂

    I see a new blog coming on: Digital Captures & How to NOT Get Arrested Doing It.

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