so, as you may know we recently went to see ‘Oyster Mark’ and his wife Nikki in Southern France …

… and the welcome – as usual – couldn’t have been better after the long drive all the way from Germany: a cool beer and a BBQ.

Now, this time they also had another guest, Sedo from Senegal, who had brought along a local (Southern French) delicacy for the BBQ.

When he announced this, Nikki immediately replied:

of course you can put it on the BBQ, …. under these 2 conditions:

  • you put it on there AFTER everything else has been cooked, and
  • you eat it outside.”


… I thought…

Well, Sedo’s gem is called ‘andouillette’, and the Wikipedia definition (worth reading just for the ‘politics’ quote;-) may explain her reaction:

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

True andouillette is rarely seen outside France and has a strong, distinctive odour related to its intestinal origins and components. Although sometimes repellant to the uninitiated, this aspect of andouillette is prized by its devotees

Basically, it’s the lower intestines (as in: the colon), hacked into pieces and rolled into a sausage.

Yes, I tried it and …. well, let me put it this way, there’s something positive to the whole experience:

whenever I now cycle past a field that has fresh manure on it, I no longer think: “eek, manure“, but instead “yum, andouillette…“;-)

Now, all in all, there are countless marketing lessons in there, including:

  • devotees‘ … that’s what you really want. or
  • ‘what is one person’s dream come true, is another person’s … well, andouillette…’
  • you can make money with sh*t‘ (obviously;).

but the one I want to focus on right now is a not-so-obvious one:

The good ol’ RAS (reticular activating system), the bit of your brain that makes you pay attention to some stuff, and completely blank out pretty much everything else.

The very moment I learned about andouillette, it was everywhere.

I kid you not – suddenly it’s there on restaurant menus, in super-market fridges, at the local butchers, …

… even on our cycle up Mont Ventoux we came through a village where they had big signs offering their local version of andouillette.

Now, here’s the thing:

I used to live in Southern France for about a year and a half, … and I NEVER saw andouillette.

Not because it didn’t exist (it did), but because it simply wasn’t on my radar … I’d never learned the word, and therefore it didn’t exist.

Andouillette was only ‘everywhere’ simply because it now was ‘important’ to my RAS … (recent experience … of ‘interesting’ kind;-)

And that aspect of ‘important to your RAS’ is the reason …

… why most marketing smells like andouillette

you see, very few marketers ever make the effort to figure out where their prospects are in their ‘purchasing decision making’ cycle … so they can put a marketing message in front of them that’s appropriate for the individual stage:

If you already know that you want to buy a better sausage, you really (REAAAALLY) don’t need a ‘pain’ driven message that keeps highlighting the smell of andouillette.

If however you’re not even aware of your problem (“why do people tell me to go eat outside?“) … well, a gentle hint at the origin of the problem may be in order.

But, because most marketers ignore this, and use generic ‘buy my sausage NOW’ messages …

… they have to use more and more ‘sales-psychology’ (aka: make noise using hype, (fake) scarcity, and stupid bonuses (“yeah, get a free Weber grill when you buy a pack of my sausages….“)

And that plain STINKS!

This is how you come out smelling like a Nurnberger Bratwurst

Source: Flickr used under Creative Commons License

Source: Flickr used under Creative Commons License

well, obviously, it’s the opposite of what everybody else is doing:

RESPECT your prospects’ RAS … namely the stuff that’s hot on their minds.

And then only present content and marketing messages that are appropriate for THAT … and nothing else.

That way you eliminate almost all need for (dodgy) use of ‘sales-psychology’, scarcity, bonuses and so on … and instead effortlessly get your prospects to sit up and say “oh, that’s EXACTLY what I was looking for, tell me more

Now, if you’d like to do some effortless preselling that does NOT rely on made-up sob-stories, over-the-top use of hype, power-words, heck even ‘copywriting’ (in the sense of ‘persuasion-tool’) …

… then keep a look out for our upcoming ‘Content (P)Remarketing Blueprint’.

Which is about, well, effortless and ‘smelling like a Nurnberger Bratwurst’-style marketing so you no longer need to use lower-intestine-style marketing


PS: Sedo redeemed himself by cooking Mafe for us – and it was absolutely yummy! Even Nikki had a second helping;-)




  1. Matthew Newnham says:

    Great post as ever, Veit.

    Since I’ve sworn off red meat, I’m pretty confident that I won’t be eating Andouillette soon… or ever. So I’ll take your word for it that it’s actually not that bad.

    But you know what they say – horses for courses [a little French meat preference joke for you there!]

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