Rhubarb to the rescue

ever had cooked rhubarb?

Lovely stuff!

… unless you forget to cook it with sugar!

Not much fun!

Furry teeth, curled up tongue and clenched butt-cheeks.

Which is exactly the same experience I just had when I reviewed “mailX“:


the anticipation of an awesome replacement for the monthly Aweber + ActiveCampaign charges was quickly replaced by “what the #$%&, someone forgot to add the sugar

(well, it was more like: no sugar, and managed to burn it …):

which brings me elegantly to the apology I owe:

the other day I made a video in which I was trying to highlight a very important principle of marketing (“one problem-one solution”) …

… and in the process I made some remarks about Paul Clifford’s “Designrr” which may (well) have been misconstrued as criticism of his product.

(he was not very pleased as you can see in his comment underneath the video)

… and after watching the video again, yeah, that’s probably how it came across.

So, apologies to Paul for that, that was not my intention.

Now, onto some email-marketing fun:

just talked to Kiril, and he told me he’d just picked up a massive 3000+ swipe-file of Matt Bacak’s emails:

I’ll be adding that to my weekend reading list – it’s basically like “spying” on marketing campaigns that work:

here you see what works … simply because over the years obviously Matt refines his approach and only sends out the type of emails that work.

A must for anyone who’s serious about email marketing!

Right, more email-marketing fun – and it’s in the vein of “what is bread ‘n butter for you may well be serious ninja-magic for others” (aka: focus on what you’re naturally good at):

Here’s an exercise for you:

go into your gmail inbox and look at the Promotions tab.

I’m willing to bet a pint of sugar-free rhubarb-compote that you’ll find a TON of big companies in there.

Because they’ve never figured out how to make sure they end up in the primary tab.

End-result: $bazillions in revenue lost, just because they’re not doing something that’s “bread ‘n butter” to me.

So, homework for this weekend:

look at your “bread’n butter” skills and ask yourself:

what would happen if I tried to do the things I do with my b&b skills … but didn’t have my ‘magic’?

then have a look around who is trying to do what you’re doing, but they’re doing it without your magic.

You’ll find a ton of people who need your help!



PS: that last bit was also a bit of an answer to Simon’s question “what am I best at?“.

Just the other day I had a good giggle when I heard that a developer of high-end software was showing my review videos to his team at development kickoff …

… not sure if that was as an inspiration “that level of detail, that’s what we want” or a threat “if you don’t create awesome code, Veit is going to rip you apart“.

Either way: it’s something I’m naturally good (heck, I’ll go full out, and I’m proud of it: GREAT) at, and that’s why I’m focusing on that – and I’m suggesting you find the same for you!

PPS: definitely better than Rhubard-sans-sucre:



  1. Mailx is just a rebranded version of codecanyon’s Mailwizz….They have great ratings sofar and are on the market for more than 2 years….absolutely strange that the software lacks the test feature and still gives you many errors using it….I was interested in buying but I think I’ll pass

    • oh man (thanks Judy for the heads-up btw) – yet another “let’s buy a dev-license on codecanyon and completely ignore the fact that you are NOT permitted to just re-brand”.

      When you buy a extended license it means you can use the software as the BASIS for a new development which must extend the old one SIGNIFICANTLY.

      if the guys on codecanyon knew what they’re doing, they could (and should) sue the asses of those feckin’ cowboys who steal other people’s IP and then re-sell it as their own


        • ah, so, that’s probably ‘borderline’ ok then: they’ve taken a version you have to install on your own system and turned it into a SaaS/cloud-based app.

          So, one could argue that there’s *significant* effort and a new functionality (and value: for those who don’t want to go through the whole install-it-yourself-process)

          ah well … it’s funny, just this morning I was thinking about something different, but with the same background: why don’t people just come out with the real truth and instead of hide, they emphasize the added value?

          Here it would’ve been: look at this, it has an awesome track-record, … however, it’s for geeky DIYers because it’s a PITA to set up.

          if you’d like to have massive value (and you value your own time) – here’s the cloud-based version, and it only costs half as much as the DIY version.

          ah well…

  2. I just created a long post that appeared to disappear… :(((

    I’ll wait & see if it comes back, then try later.

  3. I commented on Mark Deluisse & then said I think there is a better alternative to emails… namely PushResponse:


    I then pointed out this is not an affiliate link. I also said I don’t know if this new blend between an email & an mms/sms & push notification toy will survive. If it does I think it will help reach new people in new ways where they are happy to share more of their details & look at your ideas sooner.

    In the interests of fairness, I have included the body of Mark’s email in here. It may be too long for this post. Cheers Phil Tozer.

    “the Scam of MailX

    Hey everyone, this is a complete
    mo.ney grab for Radu and HanFan.

    So, these two shenanigans head on over
    to CodeCanyon.net and get a
    mail script called MailWhiz,
    extended license for $240.

    You can get regular license for
    MailWhiz for $47 for personal use.

    It is a SELFHOST mailer software.

    These types of softwares are a dime
    a dozen. A ton out there.

    Meaning, you upload the mailer
    software to your own server. You hook it
    into a SMTP like Sendgrid, Mailgun,
    Amazon, Mandrill, or even your
    own host.


    What do Han Fan and Radu do?

    They change a little in the
    dashboard (not a lot) of MailWhiz,
    rename it, and put the software
    on THEIR SERVER, where everyone
    has to login to, and launch on
    jvzoo for $27.

    Yep, you heard me right, it
    is on THEIR SERVER. What a scam
    if I ever heard one.

    And if you want Templates (which
    comes with MailWhiz), you have to
    get their OTO1 for another $47.

    You can get it SELF HOSTED (which
    is what you want), with
    TEMPLATES, with MailWhiz at

    What a scam….

    So here is the option:

    Option 1:
    MailX FE is $27
    OTO1 is $47 with templates
    It is hosted on their server.
    You still have to add a SMTP from
    sendgrid, or amazon, etc.

    Option 2:
    MailWhiz complete for $47
    With UPDATES and Support from creator

    Yours in knowledge,
    Mark Dulisse

    University Avenue, Charlottetown, PE, C1A 5J8”

    • Hi Phil,

      looks like Mark and I are of similar opinion.

      I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s a ‘better’ alternative, but certainly a great way of enhancing email.

      The one thing most people will get wrong is respecting the fact that push-notification have a MUCH higher open rate than email … and hence have to be treated with MUCH more respect – otherwise you’re uninstalled with the click of a button.


  4. Simon Richards says:

    Apparently there is a Test Email function in MailWhizz
    Agree with previous comments
    Perhaps we’ll have the usual flurry of copycat products so we have opportunity to buy multiple EMA solutions!

    • Simon,

      thanks for the heads-up – and yes, that’s exactly what I did in the review video: add template,save, then suddenly you can send … except after sending the test, the entire email is gone. So quite possibly they messed that part up when they ported it to their own servers.


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