Hey there,

thanks for checking out our coaching offer.

Here’s the deal:

No shenanigans.

No sales-hype, no features & benefits.

Just you and one of our coaches talking.

Qualifying each other.

Then, if we decide to work with each other, great, that’s what we’ll do.

If for whatever reasons not, that’s great too! And I guarantee, you will LOVE the questions we’ll be asking during out conversation.

Just to clarify one last time:

our time together is NOT free coaching, but instead us figuring out if we can help you get a massive ROI.

If that sounds like your cuppa tea, use this link:

to pay the $500 fully refundable deposit, and we’ll get in touch with you to arrange for our ‘qualifying chat’.



In case you’re wondering what other people think:


I have just completed my second session with Veit.

What has transpired so far has been very revealing to me!

I have found out things about my own thinking and ways of acting that are acting as a block to my success in this business.

Veit has made me feel ‘uncomfortable’ – which is actually a good thing since it means I am confronting my own stumbling blocks and he is not afraid of asking those questions which you may not have wanted to ask yourself.

Veit has also helped me to crystallise my goals in a clearer fashion and to reason on what it actually is I want to achieve.

I can’t wait for the subsequent sessions as we develop a business plan to get where I want to be in the near future.

David Woodford
Moate, Co. Westmeath, Ireland


Have a look at this conversation that took place before David became a coaching student of mine:


Hi Veit

Just wondering what was on offer in the coaching department.

Like many I’ve faffed around with this IM business chasing one shiny object after the other – with the ultimate result ( a nice round figure – i.e. in sales, not my own).

Everyone I’ve spoken to in the business says you have to have your own product – but I’ve no idea where to start .

I also lack a strategy to get me to the end result.

I’ve looked at various mentoring and coaching courses on offer and they are either to ‘woolly’ or too expensive (and in many cases, both!).

Just wondered what your coaching was about?




Hey David,

well, first of all let’s clear up what we both mean by ‘coaching’:

IMO what is sold on the WF (and generally in the IM space) is not coaching.
At most it’s “group training with feedback sessions thrown in”.

In a handful of cases it’s individual training, but it’s not coaching.

Coaching is helping you achieve your goals with whatever means and knowledge you have available to you right now.
That means helping you clarify your vision of what you actually want to achieve, helping you identify the real reasons for chasing shiny objects, helping you develop your own ways of overcoming obstacles, and so on.

Your perspective is very different from mine – so if all I do is tell you do A, then B, then C, most likely you’ll hit road-bump after road-bump after road-bump.

So, yes, I do offer training and advice, but it all starts off with proper coaching.

With most of my clients, it takes a couple of sessions until we’ve
gotten rid off all the buzz and excitement and suddenly a real
clarity of what they really want to do emerges.

Take e.g. your statement: “everybody says you should have your
own product” … well, first we need to figure out if having your own
product is right for you! (and if it is, yes, I’ve created tons of products,
both in and outside the IM niche).

But, if you’re not a product creator by nature, there’s no point
‘forcing’ you to create products – there are endless opportunities
to create value and get paid for it online, product creation is just
one of them.

Only then do we dive in and start coming up with an action plan
and start implementing.

So, roughly here’s what the process is:

  1. figure out what the right model is for you based on your
    personality type, your learning style, what you’re good at, what you
    hate doing, and what resources you have available to you now
  2. get a baseline reading on where you are, what has worked
    for you, what hasn’t worked, and why
  3. setting some real goals you can actually achieve (almost
    all goal-setting exercises I’ve ever seen suck big time. Including
    Stephen Covey’s “big hairy audacious goals” – that NEVER
    works for people who are stuck)
  4. come up with a strategic plan for achieving those goals
  5. I kick your backside (ok,and give you guidance;-) until we
    achieve those goals.

and as it’s real 1-on-1 coaching, not sending you to a download
page, it’s not cheap.

I usually charge [removed, but it really isn’t cheap], and I insist on a *minimum* of 3 sessions per month, 3 month commitment, each month paid up-front.

If you pay 3 months in advance, you can knock off 10%.

btw, a “session” is a session, there are no ‘half sessions’.
We do the work, we get you to where you need to be, that’s it.

which (IMO of course;-) is still a bloomin’ bargain compared to
those phony $5k ‘coaching’ offers all over the IM niche…

And that’s only if I feel that I can help you and that you’ve got
what it takes.

Not trying to sound negative, but if your prime motivation is to “make some money online, no matter how”, then we’re not a good fit.

Also, if you’re totally broke and have to spread the payments across
several credit-cards, again, not a good fit – you’ll be too stressed about making
money right away to really do the work and get the fundamentals right.

if that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then let’s get together on skype to see if we’re a good fit.



David & Veit

Here’s the next email from David, with my answers underneath each question:

Hi Veit,


Well I think in principle, we will go ahead with you on your suggestions and recommendations, and I fully understand the points you have made.

I just want to clarify a few things and make a couple of points, and once we are both happy with that then we will make arrangements to go ahead.

The first thing I’d like to know is how long are the sessions you talk about? Do they have a finite length or are they “piece of string” long?

yes, they are “piece of string” long.
Meaning: we keep going until you’ve got what you came for.
If we’re done after 15mins and you just want to get off the call so you can start implementing, awesome, I just got a raise;-)If it’s 45mins to an hour, that’s cool and to considered ‘normal’.If we need to go 90mins, then that’s ‘abnormal’ but may happen. If it happens too often it’s a sign that something isn’t quite right.

At what point would you aim to have reached with me by the end of the ninth lesson? I don’t mean how much will I be earning because I fully realise that’s not quantifiable, or maybe even achievable at that stage. What I mean is: do you expect to have helped me to have all the” tools” (mental and physical) I need to be able to build a sustainable business?

I was going to write “wrong questions”, but it’s not really wrong, it’s just something I cannot answer for you:
  1. it all depends on your background (where you’ve come from) and what your objective is (where you want to go to) – the more skills you can transfer from “where you’ve come from”, the faster you’ll get to where you want to go to. And finding out those 2 things is part of the first strategy session. Prescribing/promising outcomes without diagnosis would be nothing but quackery.
  2. it also depends on how much action you can and want to take. If you only have 30mins a day, your results will be different from someone who can spend 90mins a day – at the end of the day I enable, I help clarify, I can help with the whole tree-and-forest issue and in some cases show you the stuff you didn’t even know you’re supposed to know. But the action part is still done by you. (unless you want to hire me to do it for you of course)

What has been your experience with other people who you have trained? Or indeed what has been their experience? Do you have any I could talk to to see how successful they’ve been? Or testimonials?

If we go ahead, I’m quite prepared to pay the full nine sessions fee upfront as a token of my own commitment to you (and myself). However, do you think it would be a good idea to build in, for both of us, a “checkpoint” at say the halfway mark, so that if either of us feels the fit is not good we can go our separate ways amicably at that point? I do not anticipate that happening, but for both our sakes would that be a wise precaution?

absolutely! In practice, it *should* not be an issue, because in the initial strategy session we’ll get a good feel for our working styles, our expectations etc. It may sound selfish, but I only accept clients where I’m confident that they’ll have a successful outcome – I’ve made the mistake in the past of accepting those where I wasn’t 100% sure, and what a nightmare that was for everyone involved.
But, the focus is on ‘us helping each other’ to get the best possible outcome for you.
Meaning: if during/after the strategy session I tell you that I don’t feel that we’re a good fit, that’s not a reflection on you as a person, but simply my assessment of us together having a successful outcome for you.But, yes, half-way point, or even 2 checkpoints are absolutely fine – what you’ll find is that during our coaching sessions, there will always be a ‘half-way’ checkpoint to make sure you’re getting what you came for that day.


Once I have your thoughts on those points, and decide to go ahead, what I would do is put together a very informal CV about myself, so that by the time we get to the Skype stage, you’ll have a pretty good idea of who I am and whether we could work together or not.

sounds good, but if you decide to go ahead, let me know before crafting the informal CV, because I’ll then give you some questions that’ll help you clarify your thoughts.



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