Profitable Marketing Systems

ok, ok, if that term in the title didn’t end up being an acronym with close to 39 million results in Google (and hence no chance of ranking), I’d trademark it right away.


Because that is the ONE and ONLY thing you need to develop when you’re doing online marketing.

Profitable Marketing Systems.

Whilst everybody else is complaining that they can’t afford traffic, or that they’re having to please the Google gods in order to get some page 1 listings, you, as the owner of a profitable marketing system, have a very simple equation:

$X in, $Y out.

Where as soon as Y > X, you’re profitable.

Does it take time to go from ‘marketing system’ to ‘profitable’?

Sure. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

But, the beauty is this:

you don’t need any particular talents or skills.

Simply try out different things until you hit the jackpot.

Then milk it as hard, fast and long as you can.

Once you have one of these, you know how much you can spend for each click.

And you’re no longer scared “I can’t afford that traffic”.

Now you can approach the top-dogs in your industry and put a nice juicy *proven*, high-EPC offer in front of them.

Now you can …

Btw, the above also explains why traffic sources like e.g. solo-ads are typically NOT a good idea, at least in the beginning:

not enough repeatable traffic of the same quality to test & optimize until you’re got a solid offer.

Just like SEO, solo-ads come at the END of the process!

But, most people get this back-to-front.

Good for the sellers of solo-ads, better for the sellers of SEO courses & services and of course awesome for the rest of us who do it the right way round.

Write this down in HUGE letters:

“My Job As An Internet Marketer Is To Develop Profitable Marketing Systems”

Now go and hang it up everywhere in your house!


PS: if you’re excited about the idea of profitable marketing systems, make sure to come back tomorrow, there’ll be something that’ll blow your socks off, guaranteed!



  1. Veit – profitable marketing systems – yeah that’s what I have been looking for.

    Got one?



  2. Veit, beautiful clarity.

  3. That’s what will be produced by lots of testing cycles… whatever funnek one is using.

    Even an AD -> CPA funnel will do if it’s well (and contantly) tested.
    Most funnels are longer and more complicated to implement, but a funnel that involves and educates people usually triples ROI, so you can afford much more costly traffic and ramp up profits…

    Cheers, Alex (Germany)

  4. Hey Veit,
    a simple and ‘to the point’ post. We all keep falling for the noise about SEO and the lure of ‘free’ traffic, but forget that we either pay with time or money. When we have a decent funnel in place, as you mentioned it’s then about testing and trying till you hit the jackpot. Love your concise posts and videos. 🙂

  5. Gosh you sound like my accountant! He says you can’t pay taxes if $x is > than $y.
    Are you my accountant?

    Please help me pay more taxes 😉

  6. When you say “try out different things,” what does that mean?

    I have a feeling that the next post will delve into this. 🙂

    If somebody would create a WSO for achieving the right mindset (the best tool), the money will follow. 🙂


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